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  1. ^^^^ No need to envy him. You can join him right now. Originally posted by Umal Zamzam2211: Who said I have not joined the Holy war Cyber jihaad does not count.
  2. ^^^^^ I didn't "write" it for anyone. The symptoms listed were from an American psychiatric journal that had no knowledge of Somalis or immigrants. What I did notice after reading those symptoms is how prevalent they were in our community. And few knew what to do about them. Normally, you'd feel one or more of those symptoms during the course of life but only for short periods and they go away by themselves. But if you have 1 or more of them for an extended period of time, it's time to get help (and that does not include SOL)
  3. ^^^ lol. It's his mental health he's wondering about. Mise if it doesn't bleed it's not a problem. Bloody maryooley. I'm surprised no one suggested drinking taxliil (the spit) from some fake wadaads.
  4. ^^^^ Enough with the fake nonsense. Somalis worship clan above all else. Islam is a distant second.
  5. ^^^^^ It's universally applicable. No matter who, when or where.
  6. ^^^^^ Be sure to read the Feeling Blue thread while you ponder on the feet and the shoes. Originally posted by NGONGE: ^^ It's the type of complaint you would hear from a child, saaxib. "I can't stand it, it's too much" and then "pray for me". Pray for what? Did he break a nail? Did he discover he has cancer? Is it about that travel card thing? Still, he might be in trouble and may benefit from your depression thread. You take nonsense too seriously it disgusts me. p.s. Be a good sport and tell him if it's xalaal or xaraam to make online duca. Who said B isn't a child? Compared to you, everyone here is a child. Happy early birthday grandpa. Online duas are certainly xalaal. I hope. I've been dishing them out for years.
  7. Originally posted by NGONGE: Jump off that bridge and take all those praying for you with you. :mad: You can't stand it when someone else gets attention, eh? Bloody toddler. Castro lol@not on someone shoulder.. Reer nuurku beer adkaa [big Grin] Reer nuurku would chop a toe off just to get rid of an itch. lol. But I'm not reer nuur.
  8. B, here's something I wrote years ago. It's all about awareness atheer.
  9. Originally posted by Gheelle.T: I would advice you go to someone very close to you(family member or friend) and let it out dude(even cry on their shoulder if you have to.) OK, that's über gay. No need to cry B. Take care of business. Cry if you must but not on someone's shoulder
  10. Forgot to add, stop using granny passes and find a woman to marry you. Bribe her, if you must.
  11. Originally posted by Shaakirullaah: Reportedly, they have even deployed them along clan lines as a result of this disagreement. Tells you all you need to know about the so-called Islamic movements in Somalia. General Duke was right all along, I must admit.
  12. B, move to a sunny place. And stop smoking weed.
  13. ^^^^ The UN is only important when it has something negative to say about Somalia but when it ignores you like the province you are within Somalia, it's worthless. Make up your mind.
  14. ^^^^ 3 cents? That was more like 12 dollars.
  15. ^^^^ I see that you like to ride ponies. lol.
  16. Originally posted by Eng.Cadde: quote:Originally posted by Lychee: Four pages of utter twaddle. How men who aren’t virgins themselves yet have the impudence to have a chaste woman as a future wife high on their list makes me laugh. So much B.S You dont have to blame cadde if some dude tricked you into losing your virginity,i know virginity lost is a real transformation from girlhood to womanhood and if a wrong guy did that its your fault. It's time you were shown the door.
  17. Originally posted by Eng.Cadde: I want my 5 min of reading this garbage back! It took you five minutes to read 20 lines? Pervs are rare but an illiterate one? Hooked on phonics
  18. The Day The Niggaz Took Over Dr. Dre
  19. ^^^^ Of course not. You were busy playing Nintendo in Abu Dhabi. Funny how from there you came to be a separatist. lol. Indoctrinated waaxid.
  20. I thought it was Riyaale who was bought. NGONGE just got sick of being the odd man out in all the family gatherings. The price was just too high to pay for Somalinimo so he dropped it and got with the program. It makes life easier with the social network.
  21. Originally posted by NGONGE: ^^ It's like when mothers tell their young girls to keep their virtue for the day when an eligible man would come and marry them. Some girls say, "Hoyo, no one is contemplating marrying us. No One. It's all in your head". We in SL, choose to be like the good girls and keep ourselves in a condition that will appeal to any eligible 'recognisers'. You on the other hand want us to marry our disabled cousin. So no more two flags under the mattress? Saaxib you ain't no girl waiting to be married. You're already married but want to break it off coz your old man is temporarily, shall I say, indisposed. Cala kuli xaal, this has been beaten to death except for the part where you've officially identified yourself as a separatist. I didn't get the earlier memo. Nice coming out party.
  22. Recognition by Israel, you mean? lol. Atheer, no one is contemplating recognition of the separatist region. No one. It's all in your heads.