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  1. All these memories being dished out has made me sad, I think I am going to cry *goes off to her corner* Only thing i remember about Somali is drinking vimto and eating peanuts in the back of my dad's car. They were wrapped tightly in a paper... cone-like-shaped paper that still amazes me, considering the fact that later on in my life i witnessed my Ayeeyo spit in a similar shaped paper lol Oh, oh and nac-nac lubaani, i always loved how the girls selling them chanted in the streets of "wardigley" i know that is no way near the actual spelling of it. That is all i have, will come back if i miraculously remember something
  2. Originally posted by Sayid*Somal: which brings me to the question - do these wives not have male relatives who protect them from abuse?? Xaaji iis qaaboji, NOT every woman needs a Knight in Shining Armor, ever heard of Madea? HELLOER!!!
  3. Lol it was a knee jerk reaction, clearly this was stated for comical reasons, but living on the east-coast I get asked that a lot :mad: . The consumption of alcohol is not regional nor is it only reserved for folks that are way too "assimilated” in the diasporas. If anything dadka who are confused and trying way too hard to assimilate, masa dadka nolosha ka qasantahay result to this.
  4. "Hadey kugu qaasabto, iney ku qaaribto bey rabta ee daawo baa ii socoto deh ilaahya amarkiis!" Lmao funny staff... I must say, i highly disagree with the generalization of the “intellectual women” consuming alcohol like a fish.
  5. Side Note: The wackiest debate i'v ever witnessed... Jimmy McMillan is HILARIOUS, "listen a child's stomach just growled, did you hear it?!? gotta listen like me"
  6. His response... :rolleyes:
  7. Qaxooti Resume (this is what boredom leads to) < !-- blog body --> Resume eh.......well waa kan resumekeyga: Khadijo Xaaji Xassan Xumo1432 Jokoriye Istreet Abaramenti 14JuqJuqow City, Somalia 15874 Objective: To get my isbonsar, i mean to get a sip of dat corporate shaah noh, do what i do noh, Education: Dhimbil High School Class of 67' Afgooye, Somalia Dhambas Community College Major: Xan Minor: Sixir 1989 Gaariso, Kenya Digfir Hustlin' Iskool: Certified to hustle uunsi, bir canjeero, and gofernmenti cheese 1996 Colombus, Ohiyo Employment: Xaawo Hambo House of Malawax: Salis Associate: i makis malawax, and shaah Dhoodle Dhigaag and Buskut: Kastumar Rebresentatif: Assisti in salis of buskut Jak iyo Jan Dhooli Riffin' Faktory: Head Dhooli Riffer: I riffis dhooli Selfi Employmenti since 1997; i sellis daah iyo carpeti, i sellis dirac iyo guntiino, i sellis sabuun iyo saliid mac saro; i am whole sale saller, you know, i gif it to you like ta firsti of the month noh Hobbies: Watchin' aroos video's, blayin' gariir behind eedo's guri, mackin xaaji's at the ceyr office, blayin' turub at the marfish shopis Reference: Afar Indhood: knowis me for sadax yearis we rif dhooli together Tel: 2869574 Tufax Ekisbaration: She my subervisarad fromis Xaawo Hambo house of Malawax: i knowis her for 6 yearis Tele: She no hafi telefonis you isbot her at the aroos blace. I am ferry qualified womanis, i am hardi worker, i hafi hook up in 24 countries; i knowis i am fly i gotis wings like balambaalis :cool:
  8. Women?!? Even a lamp is not safe w/you men!!! :rolleyes:
  9. *shaking me head* Men :rolleyes:
  10. Abwaan-- Oumou Sangare is incredible, i had this song for gods how long on my ipod and i never knew she was from Mali lol Som@li-- I am starting to see a lot Mali fans, i wasn't expecting this. Bob-- LOOOOOL @ the guditaan, wilka niyada haka jabin
  11. There are certain things somalians are not meant for, and Video blogging is one of them. My first Vlog to come across was this wonderful lady struglling with Qosal miiran!!!
  12. This laac-laac conversation deserves its own thread titled "Calool xanuun inducing recipes" *Skips away*
  13. What a long link, you could have just easily'ed that sucka to make it easier, better yet more visible (You want us to work for it, i understand) Timbuktu eh? care to explain...
  14. I have a new obsession with this country Mali, everything about it is riveting. My obsession started when I came across this movie and I literally had Goosebumps. There aren't a lot of West African countries that intrigue me to the point of complete fixation, but this is truly an exception