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  1. Duuroow Nooloow libaaxii somalilandooow, jilibka hoose hoosena waa inaadeerkay
  2. a50 attendee countries, now see somaliland as a different country than somalia
  3. are these two websites the best somali/somaliland websites? and if yes which 1 do u think is more active in terms of somaliland news and entertainment!, i would go with OOdweyne news becoz is very active plus i like the Sawirka Maanta bit and Barnaamijka sawir gamceedka No wonder why it won the best somali website in 2011!
  4. i think this place has a big portion of oil, and two clans are fighting over it, the puntland clan and the somaliland clan, maakhir pple and khaatuumo pple waa iska maato!
  5. if There is 1 somalia 1 day , then i would say Hargeisa official Capital Boorame Education Capital Xamar Military and training capital (as the city is very expierenced with war) Laas caanood horse riding Capital Burco traditional and the Af soomaali capital together with the Life stock capital Laas Qoray fish capital Garoowe and Boosaaso twin cities as the Black market capital (very expirenced with Piracy). oOdweyne as the Caano Geel Capital ka warama this list lol
  6. this kid will definatly get a reply very soon, probably some hardliner kid from Burco will teach him a lesson!, he was funny though
  7. this is to khaatumo seeg people, even if Dahabshiil stops making money we have millions of other Billionaires, we will just buy Buuhoodle for half a million soon looool.
  8. oodweyne, caadi ma tihid, waamaxay af igirriisigan waaweeni, waar niyaw aniguna xagaa iyo oodweyne, ceel xume iyo laan mulaaxo ayaan ka imiyi, iskuul af ingiriisiya ma ka furanaaa meesha niyaw
  9. MoonLight1;782371 wrote: haaha, politics, ooh, politics, even Oodweyne is landing softly after 21 years of gliding. looool, these people never understand 21 years of ictiraaf searching is million times better that 21 years of chaos, piracy and isbaaro, mujahid silaanyo said it took us 80 years to get rid of colony, give it 100 years to get ictiraaf we dont mind is much better thatn the days of guumeysi, as long i can land in Berbera air[port safely and do some fishing there waa caadi
  10. General Duke;782522 wrote: Somalia is one country. It has one flag and one Capital. The secessionists are now weaker than at any time. The fact remains they are rattled and the transition is not even over. What will happen, when it ends? . somaliland is stronger than ever, trust me if we smell a threat we become more united, all clans and all politcal parties, all the parliment and all the guurti have the same view.
  11. i didnt knw xkeyse's the famous paltalker could write until i saw this this shows u that the daraawish wasnt from a single clan, but from all somaliland clans, even if it was from a single clan we re awlways pproud of them thts why the darawish history is taught in all somaliland schools together with the snm history
  12. and this bit goes to those brothers nabada Midnimo walaalnimo goobanimo islaanimo kugu salaanee samow samidiyo