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  1. Sharky mate you are a dickhead! We have also had 2 other Somali girls go recently bal maxaa wado oo ka galay carab is cuneyso! Who are these kids talking to? What possess a child from a war-torn country to go and fight in another people's war and cause a headache/heartache for their families, as well as creating unfavourable media attention for the wider Somali community. We are not getting good press at the moment thanks to these scambugs!. What's more tragic is that I have not heard of a single Arab girl leaving the western world, whilst we hear on daily basis countless Somali girls and boys leaving to fight in foreign wars.
  2. The territorial integrity and Sovereignty of the Somali state is enshrined under both national and international laws, so the notion that Silaanyo and his drenched and deluled folks have a right to secede from the rest of Somalia is incomprehensible and frankly laughable.
  3. Meeshaan afkii hooyo ayaa kawaanka la saaray oo si aan caadi aheyn loogu tuntay.Wariyahaa ka daray oo wuxuu yiri Idileey adna maxaad u carareysaa the fundamental problem with direct translation. This is a stark reminder that I shall make sure insha'Allah my future kids will speak fluently in their native language.
  4. I like the fact you want a Somali guy first. May Allah swt give you all you desire and more. I see so many Somali girls constantly belittle Somali men and ONLY desire an Ajanabi.
  5. So, how did the crowd of three date go? Also, am I the only confused about how he knows she is gorgeous with her niqab? Slightly confused, please shed light on on the matter.
  6. Lord have mercy on all of us. I could NEVER see myself with an ajanabi just the thought of it sends shivers down my spine.
  7. kickz;962999 wrote: Sxb the deen tells us that 3 things must not be delayed 1. The salaat that is fardh. 2. The funeral prayers of a deceased person who's body is present. 3. And marriage. If one is financially able they should marry as soon as possible, so really this "wait until 30s" is foolishness. If one's parents can help him financially then marry even while still studying in school. The Prophet himself married and also encouraged others to marry. This means marrying when the partner is found and not delaying it for too long. It doesn't mean marrying when you are young. Marriage is not based on age.
  8. Some of the Somali people have been marrying outside the race for years both in Somalia and outside Somalia, I don't believe its a controversial subject I think 'some' of us are more self-hating than others and believe marrying outside the race is some sort of a privilege and something to be admired when in fact its far from it. I have been raised in the west and I could never see myself with an ajanabi unfortunately I can't say the same for many of our 'righteous' sisters, and it is always a white convert never a Nigerian convert. Perhaps we greatly admire the white skin. I no longer think the Somali race is a PROUD race.
  9. Safferz-- The assertion that Somalis were enslaved as people is fallacy and far from any available emperical evidence. Yes, I could agree that some Somalis may have been captured or taken as prisoners in one of the many conflicts that Somalis were involved in with our European or African adversaries over the last 2-3 centuries, however that alone can hardly classify the ethnic Somali race as being enslaved neither can it be construed to constitute the image that "enslavement" conjures up in most people's rational mind. I could also agree that the bantu people who live in the riverine regions of southern Somali (and are considered as citizens of Somalia) have indeed been brought to Somalia as slaves, and I personally met some of them who have retained their zigua language and culture (they are referred often to as mushunguli). After the collapse of the Somali state in1991, some of them were successfully resettled in Tanzania, as this was their historical homeland.
  10. MashaAllah! Laakin nothing I would wear not a dirac girl, I have a soft spot of guntiino.
  11. A woman should respect her husband and equally the husband should respect his wife, I absolutely don't see anything wrong with that. I will IA get around to listening this lecture.
  12. Safferz;931079 wrote: The best: Love it Love it! Its rather disturbing laakiin to see so-called religious Somali girls say no to music but they are happy to get down to an Islamic nasheed that mentions Allah name and his beloved prophet.
  13. I feel sorry for 'us' unsuspecting Somali women for having to deal with such cayaal suuqiin. war dee isku xishooda oo saqajaannimadiina banaanka hasoo dhigina. Alloow ceeb astur. I would advise my fellow Somali sisters to scrutinize their future spouse and make sure to get them tested for STDs. I cant help but notice the double standards of the Somali culture regarding boys and girls, I cannot imagine what the reaction would be if a Xaliimo dared to mention her ex cadaan boyfriend in SOL.. I am really sick of the hypocrisy and the double-standards of the Somali culture when it comes to upbringing boys and girls. I have observed that boys can play around and sleep around but the girls are expected to be pure and perfect.
  14. I hate Somali people with foreign names. Names like Edna no wonder the one woman I know with that name sucks up to gaalo very ironic. Akhas!!!
  15. I have learned so much just by looking at Nin-yabans desktop. His name (Mohamed) and his line of work something to do applied physical sciences.
  16. Alpha please refer to the white dress topic in the Women's section. I'm certain it will not be hard to identify them.
  17. Alpha---there are quit a few on SOL that are ajanabi loving and anti-Somali.
  18. Lord have Mercy, I am more than certain if Aly was a Somali man the sister would never have put up with all the abuse the whole clan would have been on his back but of course if the man in question is an ajanabi the Somali sisters tend to tolerate a whole lot and put up with all the abuse from non-Somali men!!!
  19. ^^ Get lost sore loser... Soomaaliya ha noolaato saqiirkana yaan lagu aakhiro seegin ee sida hala isudhaamo, Sland is dead and cremated, SOMALIA is back where it rightly belongs. I think it is pretty low and pathetic to use innocent kids to get across a political point, shame on the likes of you who find such act funny. PS: these kids appear far brighter and know what they are doing, I wonder what you were like at such age, if as an adult you cannot comprehend how wrong and evil it is to drag children into the political domain.
  20. ^^ This is not acting or funny in anyway. It is a new form of child abuse and I cannot fathom as a father you could condone such callous and calculated abuse of little innocent kids to further a political agenda. I think this is deplorable and despicable act and is against common decency . There's nothing funny about this clip. Poisoning the minds of innocent children with hate to make a political statement and cheap propaganda is pretty low. shame on you JB, as usual I am not surprised you posted such tasteless and toxic topic.
  21. Coofle;914887 wrote: A milder form of NORTH KOREA... Shiites are preparing for the wrong enemy (Sunnah) but being attacked by the right enemy (The west) Coofle your world view is similar to those wicked Wahabbis, western-loving sheikhdoms who were exposed by Wikileaks whispering into the ears of their Western masters "would you please bomb the Islamic Republic of Iran coz they are Persians and we are Arabs".
  22. Narniah;914947 wrote: Lol you sound like one bitter woman who got some deep issues. Jump in bed? You sound disturbed and somewhat jealous. Why do you care if they are in bed with their husbands? I'm sure your safely tucked in with your khat chewing 3 times divorced, deadbeat dad taxi driving Somali husband, no? I find it funny how you you can comment on my private life when you hardly know me, this just proves how shallow minded and ****** woman you truly are. oops.. didnt realise I hit a raw nerve but I cant help exposing the Ajanabi-loving somali-hating like you. Narniah;914947 wrote: Btw It's also perfectly possible to love your people/culture and marry an ajnabie. Won't make them less of Somalis. Again you show your shallow-mindedness, this has to be the dumbest statement I have ever heard.. what a contradictory and callous statement. I am sure no self-respecting Somali would ever contemplate marrying Ajanabi. Narniah;914947 wrote: ]Maybe I will marry a highly educated loving righteous man who Is a revert There's no need for you to say I'm a closet 'revert lover' I have always said I'm totally open to the idea on this forum so It's no secret. I don't see anything wrong with it and vice versa. I always wondered why are some Dhoocilo like you self-hating. I probably think the Somali brothers can see your ugly character, personality, and low grade intelligence therefore your only hope of ever getting married is to try your luck with a former criminal who has recently converted. I recall one of the brothers on this forum, I think it was you Che once saying that it is always the ugly Somali chicks who end up marrying outside their race, the reason being they are rejects and left-overs, so I have no doubt you fall into this category quite perfectly. This further underscores and underlines why you so vigorously, viciously and shamelessly advocating for the Ajanabi-loving anti-Somali agenda.
  23. somalee;914620 wrote: How can a sane Somali woman with an iota of self-respect ever marry an ajnabi? Waxaas waa filth, naag cadaan u hooyatay waa ish iyo uff. Wallahi dhaqankeena markii la eego, naagta ajnabi guursata waa naag dhimatay. Haduu doono ajnabigu wadaad ha ahaadee. Nasabiyadu waa qaali, wixii qudhun ah unbaa nasabiyada ka gudba. Somalee I couldnt agree more, so thank you for saying it like it is.