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  1. Naxar You wont be disappointed then. The ocean and the sea are un-corrupted, as beautiful and majestic as God created them. Camels with shimmering coats and elegant long necks roam the landscape.
  2. Alpha Blondy;906821 wrote: i doubt you ever lived in hargeisa and you're in NO position to make up stories. Why are you in denial yareeo? Go into Goljano with your female friend and report back. (After sundown). I
  3. Jacpher: LOL You've clearly not been back home them. Your duaa would very different. Oba: Why not, go for it.
  4. somalee;906768 wrote: That's not true. Rape is rife and ubiquitous in Somalia but it's actually underreported. It was very frightening when I found out how rampant rape is even in a relatively peaceful city like Hargeysa. Young men who are armed with knives and swords roam around the city at night robbing men and gang raping women. They're called ''dabaajiir'' by the locals and largely ignored. I absolutely agree rape is rife and Somalis (as is evident in this very thread) are in complete denial over it. 'It is ugly and something gaalo do'. Well here is the newsflash we have some sick immoral and lawless individuals roaming the streets and they commit this hideous crime. This report is the first one to report this, Xawo Aden has been talking on this case for many years now. Al- Couple of summers ago in Hargisa a girl from my xaafad was texted by a guy she was shukaansi(ing) and he gave her a location to meet him. The poor ***** went alone and it turn-out it was a gang rape feast he organized and gained money from. The girl was raped by 6 guys. Till this day she can't speak about it. She is stigmatized and verbally abused by her family because of the lost of her innocence. Wallahi I can pull so many cases and I know that city very well. Go visit the Sexual health center in Hargiesa Main hospital you will meet many victims.
  5. Ducaysane: Waxan ahaya waxan ma ku kurdimiyaso- computer magac ban haya. Al- I am sentimental, lakin think. Your home country for the first time!, you must of had some expectations? You know in Hargeisa I've been to many aroos and not one live music or dancing. In fact the place I found something close to live music was Burco and they mixed it up with alot of calacal English tunes like Maria Carey and Spice girls lol Apophis: Yeh the dress sense is bad, but anything else beside perving on women? lol Wadani: Where was that? I think it's been buried and left to rest long time ago sxb. There is no culture after the brutality of Arabism and now the desperate need to copy reer qurbah and TV. It's sad, even in schools they don't teach Somali poetry anymore preferring English and Arabic. In the west I think our parents's romanticism of a great free poetic Somalia is non-existence and they lied lol.
  6. Imagine you're going to Somalia for the first time or as an adult. What would you most like to see? I grew up with reewayado and classical qaarami instrumental songs. Watch my parents dance around the house heeso qaaday. And was I disappointed when I first went to Somalia/Land and saw NO MUSIC anywhere. So i got into my head that I'd actually see live rewayado and hear musicians. (I was 17) No-one knew anyone that played ud, and sadly no Omar Dhules . Disappointed. So what would you like to see and do?
  7. NGONGE;906735 wrote: I actually believe this is the highlight of the thread. LOl Plus SOL has got too many high expectations/standards that it never meets! Imaginary forum.
  8. I want an Ethiopian coffee ceremony - Anyone got a girga and salolo, I have the coffee beans.
  9. Who's Daqane? You'll be there summer too? I am hoping to escape family and explore the coastline. (Praying I don't meet the beard crew)
  10. I am there next summer. Any recommendations Oba?
  11. Blackflash;905547 wrote: Don't whites make up 72.4% of the United States' population? Making the 70% number unremarkable? The fact they're all men is more concerning. Haha. CNN trying to appear intellectual.
  12. Asda, it's closer. Mayo or Ketchup?
  13. Wadani;905626 wrote: Fair enough walaal. I know that some thing are difficult to share even in an anonymous venue. This postmodernist nonsense of relativity and the absence of right/wrong and absolute truth has eroded the moral fabric of the West. Y do u think the favourite quote of young ppl is 'only God can judge me'. We have been stripped of our moral agency, and it can be utterly suffocating at times. It is not only suffocating its distorting our ability know right from wrong. Apophis: I remember that but do you also remember the Christian Orphanage that was threatened with closure and funding cuts because they believed that homosexual couples couldn't adopt? How far can we go with this contradictory applying of laws and public opinion on others simple because they have their own different value and belief system? I don't think your race cards applies here mate.
  14. Money. It's tangible. Monopoly or Chess?
  15. Wadani: I would rather not walal, simply because I will get a little aggressive and negative if I attempt to describe it. However my biggest issue is how others have responded to my stance and this branding of 'intolerant' and 'judgmental' on my person. Why must I be passive with my beliefs so as not to 'judge' another. Walle this whole 'relativism' notion of impartiality and meekly accepting wrong ideas and lifestyle simple to appease another is sickening. It is making the statement 'there is no truth' stronger.
  16. Xabad: You want any example? I am sure you can come-up with your own.
  17. Shoes. Bags all look the same to me and they don't add anything to my outfit. Caano geel or goat milk?
  18. Jerry. Simply because Tom appears ******. Apple or PC.
  19. Apophis;905590 wrote: It all comes down to this: do you have the right to force your believes on others? If yes, then they have the right to do it back to you. I knew some genius would say this. Let's just say I wouldn't want to force my beliefs on others and vise-vice however I darn-right will not passively accept something I believe is wrong and I will not avoid confrontation in letting them know they are wrong. What I don't like and will not support is this idea of accept it. No!
  20. I truly appreciate your consideration Al. (Complete sarcasm intended) Wadani: Will me answering you justify anything?
  21. A recent occurrence has made me take a closer look at this 'beautiful' and 'praiseworthy' word: 'Tolerance'. And I've come to the conclusion that it is an act of cowardice and it is a vice. An evil vice that turns our morals into ash and makes us weak. In order to grant another his or her individual autonomy and grant them their 'right' to lifestyle and choice we must put aside our own beliefs of what is right and wrong. What makes this even worst is you are painted as 'judgmental' and 'narrow-minded' when you object and demand your right to not tolerate something that is clearly wrong! Or you fall into the paradox of tolerating the intolerable! So inorder to be 'open-minded' and 'liberal' place any real virtues and beliefs you may have and follow the crowd and baa as a choir. I know I am ranting folks and I know we live in testing times and we standby as our basic human capacity to follow our own conscious decision is stripped away. However it's a different matter when this 'detached indifference' approach we take is towards 'others' and when suddenly its family and friends. Maybe I am wrong.
  22. Apophis;903410 wrote: Lets talk royalties sxb and the title of the novel. I'm thinking: "40 shades of grey" (you can translate it to Somali). It's a well known name and will appeal to a younger demographic I'll fax you the papers! I absolutely abhor the name and the fame it is gathering in the UK. I am disapointed with the Brits, they are even making a movie about it! Dumbing down of the nation. Lol Great read Aptigis. I particularly like the honest friendship between Abeb and Sahal.
  23. Reeyo

    Run Hide Fight

    How useful. I guess Americans do need to be TOLD to run and hide when confronted with a gun.