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  1. Lol @ Chimera- Didn't work for you? That's the most creepiest way to pick up girls.
  2. I've always liked that old Egyptian building near the Governmental buildings as an ideal place for a library. But that places looks good too Alpha. Knock down some walls and let in some light if you are able.
  3. It sounds complicated Oba, How was your day anyho?
  4. Apophis;942710 wrote: Correct me if I'm wrong but as I understand it, if a Muslim man fulfils and can continue to fulfill certain (pragmatic ) obligations, the religion allows him to take a second, third and a fourth wife. And those obligations do not include heart related matters (going by C&B's quote). The conditions CB mentions are they all must be treated equally and fairly- His source goes on to specify: Economical, social and physical needs. Now that for me includes emotional/heart needs, because you can't separate it from the above needs. Plus in stating social, that ties it the current social standards, and we live in a very individualistic and emotional based society.
  5. I don't think I did one. But there is one, a long one somewhere. But there is nothing wrong with looking at what everyone is reading or listening to. Gives you a general idea of who they are.
  6. Serenity by that logic that makes almost 90% of Somali secondary marriages xaram, as it has resulted in the first household being destroyed/wrecked. I say 90 (generalizing) but you the get drift? Majority of first wives and households object to a second wife. Maybe we should make a poster of this and place it in all Somali communities. (Wait would that be considered as a fatwa?) :? .
  7. Wad, Are you serious? You want the population to explore their feelings and how they have been victimized by hebal hebal? As SP mentioned, it's for the poets and intellectuals to start the narrative and discourse, Soon you'll realize we won't need fear and hate to determine our cause of history.
  8. underdog;942390 wrote: Al, calm down. I think you should run down to the local clinic and get your Testosterone levels checked because that rant sound awfully similar to PMS induced rage. Just an observation, LOL. Mean
  9. I think Al is jealous Safferz. Poor thing you'v added to his injured heart. He was just recovering from with the public break-up with Oba.
  10. Safferz;942657 wrote: Neutral history does not exist, and I find the idea oppressive. An open confrontation of our recent past and the hearing out of each other's grievances is the only way to rebuild trust in one another as Somalis and move forward. This sounds like we need Jeremy Kyle to put us all in his studio while we take turns airing our grievances. Saf, that is ridicules. Emotional hysteria will occur and we will be black in the little black box of fear. Plus it so limiting and short-lived.
  11. SP-Exactly it would never work if it was a policy or proposed by a non democratic government. To be honest I don't expect anything of the current governments. National identity and pride can't be created by force. My concern is with those you've just listed and are having this same discuss across the globe. I've seen this conversation a thousand times and it always revolves around this 'he said she said' cycle of shifting blame and presenting corrupt clan histories and repeating the same solutions. Very limiting and backward solutions. Well it's needs to stop on the individual level and focus should be on how can we first start the process of analytically synthesizing our narratives to form a collective. Then we start by being open and educating each other and our kids. Hopefully we should be able to mature from there on.
  12. Haatu;942634 wrote: reeyo, only for the established elite eh SP, wadani is a love-sick puppy who has a sense of entitlement. He has an old name (allegedly) you see. A bit like the Cali-Dalal fiasco in that book. I see things are heating up! Wadani I suggest you refute this. Nimankan iska ceeli
  13. Some good ideas but I am firmly against the 'victim' notions and the 'apology' or xala giving. Ideologically we need to raise above poor ideals like that. Open dialogue yes and integration of clans- But a better focus should be on building a national identity and a neutral recognition of history. We should be working on establishing our shared values and not be petting old wounds like a sick jew with no sense of direction but to complain about Hitler decades later. Ignorance and licking of old wounds can only last for so long. Sh!t happened, time to get over it and focus on the bigger picture, the future. The only that can be done is for everyone to accept a neutral history, open a discourse and each person equipped with some tools to create an National Somali identity.
  14. Oh no that thread is exclusive club waayee. You have earn 10 years on the forum to be welcomed there lol
  15. malistar2012;942580 wrote: Congrats to Amina very impressive resumed, great opportunity for Somalia That's what I was thinking, I pray one day she realizes she'd make a good leader across the boarder. May she be a great success.
  16. Safferz;942588 wrote: I have no time to read for pleasure anymore Everything is either assigned for a class, on a reading list for the four fields I'm being examined on next year, or directly related to a paper I'm working on. Averaging about 4-5 books a week right now, last semester it was a book a day. Aaah to be a student again and read and be given TIME to raid the library... I am reading something some put into my kindle 'The Blade itself'- Joe Abercrombie I have little time for it though so keep losing the plot every time I go back to it.
  17. Ok, so what's on the agenda? Al's thread always bores me because it focus on his ego. Lakin liking the romance (SP and Sf) and the civil chatter. Kudos Oba
  18. Warya don't assume to get between I and Oba's SOL friendship!
  19. Haatu;940738 wrote: I hope this doesn't include me. I have no part in these kiddy games. (btw I think this is the first time I've ever addressed you ) Alpha, you seem like a depressed hermit sxb In that case I feel honored. And no I don't included you, mainly the scavengers that used my name in vain. Oz, my bets are on the scousers, it'll make a good game.
  20. UNICEF in Somaliland? Nonsense. They don't know the difference between an interview and questionnaire.
  21. Lol, deluded waaye Alpha, don't mind them. Happy Sunday afternoon.
  22. Alpha Blondy;940070 wrote: Reeyo, thanks for the welcomes. it's been long overdue. H-town is ok........but i reckon if you were here, all my days will be illuminated. Aw, look at you being nice. Have a good night, enjoy your movie.