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  1. blessed haa waa saqajaan, laaking saqajaans run the world. Honestly there is nothing wrong with looking out for number one.
  2. The man is just looking out for he's interests and well being, nothing wrong with that. Naga jooji the gossiping, it's a female trait.
  3. Originally posted by Naden: 57. A slave's running away from his master Nice to see that the slave owners' association can lobby their way into a major sins' list. Slavery of non muslims is permissible in islam although the prophet(pbuh) encouraged to free slaves and treat them right.
  4. Originally posted by Malika: Saqajaan, Astagfirullah,waar iga taag saqajaan yahow! *off to repeant* well at least you recognize your faults and you want to repent. Good girl.
  5. I'm always serious. You don't have to agree with my opinion, but thats probably how people feel in that part of the world. Also, a girl doesn't pass on your family/tribal name, so she isn't as useful in that sense either. That's the mentality of the people there, and i happen to agree with it.
  6. I can't really blame them, in that part of the world, girls are nothing more than a drain to your resources and wealth. In islam a father is obligated to take care of he's daughters if he cannot give her away to a man for her to marry. So if the daughters happen to be ugly and cannot be givin away, you are basically stuck with her and must feed and shelter her forever since most of them don't/can't work. I can empathize with that family for wanting sons.
  7. Malika These are you're crimes. 53. Offending and abusing Muslims (myself) 60. Arguing and disputing violently 46. Believing in fortune-tellers and astrologers (african unity and the other nonsense you believe is as ludicrous as believing in fortune tellers)
  8. Originally posted by NGONGE: Stuff and nonsense. Major sins are stuff and nonsense? are you a kafir?
  9. 47. A woman's bad conduct towards her husband Also good advice here ladies, I hope you know it's a major sin not to respect, and obey your husbands.
  10. The best slaves are jareers, african san blaaran were made for slavery. They can handle it, especially good at working in farms. Somali's used to have a lot of gosha, bantu slaves in shabelle and all over somalia in 19th and 20th centuries. The jareers might very well be the best resource the lazy somali have, better than oil, livestock. I don't think they can enslaved anymore though, most of them are muslim. But there needs to some sort of agreement for them to work the farms and they get payed meagerly but enough to sustain them.
  11. "57. A slave's running away from his master " All slaves should heed this advice.
  12. What are you, the official cyber propagandist for the Ethiopian proxy state known as somaliland? There is really no elections, whoever has the most support from the clan elders, will be the godfather. Riyaale will mostly likely cheat and win again. You will never be recognized.
  13. afr0 girl aniga qofna aswad igu ma dihin. maybe it's you, perhaps it's the afro wig? in which case, you deserve the aswad label for mimicking jareers.
  14. Originally posted by Afr0 GirL: quote:Originally posted by Saqajaan: Malika Besides somali's are closer to arabs than africans daqan wise, religion wise and everything else. CARABTA MARKE ADO KALE ARKAAN" yaa ASWAD TACAAAL BEEY KU YIRAAHDAN Is there a point to this? The prophet(pbuh) was arab, what is wrong with wanting to associate with the great arab people?
  15. Nephthys and Rahima Let's get past the quote, it was more for my amusement than anything else. A mothers purpose in life is to raise her children and take care of the home, if her home is dirty and not taken care she will be blamed. By that same token, if her children turn out to be failure she will get majority of the blame because it's her duty to raise them right. A father's purpose is to provide, if he does not do this, he also get some of the blame. But it's the mother that has the greatest amount of influence on her children, she alone can counteract the influences of MTV, jareer music and other bad influences. Very simple.