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  1. all- hail Malika's thoughts. i really do not want to speak of peoples secrets but this is where reality is concerned. Once there was a heinous crime where a man, who was the same tribe as his wife, raped her little niece. The people in his tribe were excusing his actions and sayng things like he was "drunk" and blah , blah. If this man was another tribe people would surely have slit his throught. but no. they even paid "bail for this man". qabilism is a from of racism, it makes you blind to jusitce, to lateral thinking and worst of all to your deen. It was sad to see some of these peoples response, most of them are called "muslims" but what kind of muslim are you when you can not defend or enjoin what is good because of your qabiil. Its funny, because i read a hadith once, i don'tknow know how sahih it was but it said that "if people dont enjoin what is good and forbid evil, they will be destroyed". maybe this is the essence of our ordeal, personally i lost hope after that day. People do forget humanity if they pay attention to qabiil. In this incident people forgot that this could happen to their daughters, or their little neices- they forgot that their defence in this case would make other people see this as a norm, they forgot all in the name of thier qabiil. :mad: qabiil is the root of all evil.
  2. TEA TEA TEA TEA TEA TEA TEA TEA TEA TEA TEA TEA TEA TEA TEA TEA yaaay,same here! (it has to have "heel iyo qorfe" i bet you i have more cups then you-!
  3. ^^^ i think this word needs to be defined, i always thought it was not much of a deal until i saw a brother get married to a girl he did not even like (forget about that he didnt even have a physical attraction to her). I dont want to demean a follow sista but this brother just married her merely because she was of that "miskiin" and "homebred" type. The ladies were like she is sooo miskiin "hadaa farahaa afgaa lagaa galiyow maa kuu qaniineyso". :mad: :mad: :eek: Our society is very crude and demeaning. period. and they abuse the word "raaliyow" mercilessly.
  4. i try my best to refelct on my beloved prophet everyday, not specifically. I remeber him when i read any hadith he said, when i am reading his autobiographical life. I try to equip the indisposable knowledge allah has given him everyday.i dont celebrate just his birthday, but everyday he was with us until he returned to his lord, and i like to believe that is true Aqidah.
  5. i don't know this guy had me hanging on a thin edge. just when i thought he hit the nail on the head, he lapses saying something quite contrary. example: We should understand the Quran from the Quran itself and not through an interpretation.” i agree with this, but isn't different interpretations needed in oder for critical views to be arrived at. Even in the modern world "thinkers" and ancient jurists are needed, to provide a base which can lead to progress. This is precisely what Muslims did during the time of their renaissance before the door of ijtihad was closed,” he said, referring to the act of revising Sharia law to allow Islam to adapt to contemporary times. this is true, but i also believe that it should be done by the right people, who are rightfully equipped. Our ancestors have done it right(like Hanbali etc) but in a time of prevailing ignorance how do you ask for radical change when many of us dont even know the quran itself? soon enough one would be too flexible and much arrive like him bits of pieces of accuracy but ultimately flawed. somewhat tooo lenient and modernasied. I think with this sort of thinking he is going to ask for the quran to be changed to adapt to this so called "contemporary times". The prevailing thinking is that to rejuvenate Islamic civilisation, the clock must be turned back and Muslims must reject the modernity brought by western countries. i wholly agree with this, but are we not running around in circles? how can you advocate "radical change" and progress to modernity when you are rejecting the very idea. Or is he calling for "muslim-modernity"?
  6. This goes for all you single guys (and girls) over the age of 21. Get on with it already. i am curious why over the age of 21, why not anybody who is physically and mentally ready or are everyone younger then 21 not taken seriously?
  7. 1. Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) 2. Nabi Yusuf (gosh the prophet had half of the beauty of the world) 3. Malcolm x 4. Martin luther King 5. Albert einstein
  8. we need an another hitler,,,,boy would he have a heart attack had he knowm what the world's hierachy today has become.
  9. oh, here i was thinking you were sublimely saying puntlands were shaydaamiin.
  10. i am much reminded of the saying, "ruux baa ii jecel aniiganah ruux kalaa baan jeclahey, ruuxaasnah ruux kalaa buu jecelyahey". well you get the picture
  11. typo... debacle was the word. dont know why i bothered to correct myself....but who knows blessed could be lurking anywhere
  12. NG, i think you you and your wife should go and "renew your vows". I say she will leave the love devacle for few years to come.
  13. Dear Editor, in order to give cabdiyo cabdi an effective reply i need to know whether this is a she or a he?
  14. Dear Editor, can you please tell oz that i was born in a western country- which means i have a physical evidence of my real age . plus i am not having a identity crisis by constently lying to myself about a age i am not and can fully embrace the ageing factor in its many phases. I am not old nor young but ripe with maturity if he is ever more insistent about my age, all he has to do is ask!(pm offcourse).
  15. ^^ taking you out of the equation. There is a 100% chance that at some point in time one of those good men had the hots for you. You were either too busy playing hard to get and he lost interest or you were too wrapped up in another fantasy and he lost interest.lol jk Afro-girl those are spme profound words.