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  1. Kamboni did not know and were not happy with the development. He has with him about 500 men, 10 battle wagons, 2 large transport, and booyad. Originally those who were fighting in the Kismaayo area commanded by him and Col Warfaa were prevented from entering the town and ordered to Ceel-waaq (Sector Three) to prevent clan clashes between them and Kamboni, then being empowered by Kenya. Clan clash did happen unfortunately between citizens and Kamboni. Cabaas his men are coming as part of the agreements reached in Garbahaaray Conference between them and IGAD. He will be followed by other divisions originally denied entrance into Kismaayo by the Kenyans. If Shabaab chose not to engage them sounds like smart military strategy. It was only shortly ago Al Shabaab and Ras Kamboni rode together to remove him from Kismaayo. If the Shabaab use a positive military objective in allowing Gedo military build-up in the town considering the friction that exists between them and the Kamboni... then can anyon blame Shabaab for getting out of their way?
  2. He is not the Governor although he has a habit of claiming it outside the region. Faray is right: he was the elected Governor and Mohamed Abdi Kalil was the Deputy Governor. When Shabaab took over the region, Faray fled to Nairobi while Kalil stayed and fought. After sometime he was asked to come back or risk impeachment. He did not so the people who elected him impeached him and gave Kalil the governorship. When the Kenyans took over Ceel-Waaq he came shortly afterward but found no one in the region who recognized his position. Now he shows up in Kismaayo and declares himself something he cannot in Gedo itself.
  3. On a visit to Shire Jama Ahmed Primary School in Caabudwaaq, Galgaduud students conveyed their needs and in fact the needs of all school children in the Somali Federal Republic. The Prime Minister, who came with his entourage and bearing gifts of school supplies, was humbled and touched by the articulation of the responsibility on him and the government he represents. He promised to work on the needs they verbalized. It is alo important to note the man the school is named after, Shire Jama Ahmed, is the man credited with standardizing the current orthography of the Somali language and himself a son of Caabudwaaq.
  4. Dhusa-Mareb hasn't really belonged to Sacid's clan for about 35 years now even during Barre days. Most of its original inhabitants left for Mogadishu and the south. The rest moved in land to Caabudwaaq which was merely a water rest stop just 25 years ago but is now the largest town in the Galgaduud region.
  5. It is not leaked at all. The Cabinet has long agreed to a progam where the Federal govt will name 5 month long interim administration in the newly freed regions before opening up the process of federal states ratification. Bay and Hiiraan were the first of these. Of these regions only the Gedo region's administration of governor and district commissioners was exempted having been the same administration which the region agreed upon before Shabab and has been functioning with legitimacy from the people since.
  6. Interesting that Oba is so versed. Suldaan Bashiir Madoobe Yaroow is the highest traditional leader of the Gedo clan in Kismaayo. The Sultan's family have one of the longest histories in the town and have many landmarks to their names including Hotel Xareed and Masjid Yaroow. The day before the elders of the clan at the Sultan's house in Kismaayo refused to attend the opening of the conference and here is the spokesman of the elders announcing why:****-oo-ka-hadlay-shirkii-maanta-ka-furmay-kismaayo/ Similarly the Garbahaaray has brought a major point of agreement that supports the elder's meeting in Kismaayo which says the land must be freed first and this conference is being rushed for ulterior reasons. Dhanaan asks why has the Prime Minister changed his mind so forcefully but they are not taking into consideration developments from major stakeholders who have caused the Prime Minister to politically put the breaks in order to give time so major issues will reach consensus. I don't believe it is the President so much, because his views were certainly present before, but rather developments from major stakeholders to reach consensus.
  7. The Prime Ministry's elders in the city of Kismaayo refused to participate yesterday in the opening ceremony. Similarly the Garbahaaray confer nce has still not yielded a unified position but rather a position against the currnt meeting. Th PM is bringing leverage to the position of major stakeholders in the Jubbaland State who have come out against the hasty conference which is supposed to coincide just before the next Kenyan elections.
  8. I merely encapsulated what Aw-Libaax's deputy said, however some problems have arisen after the spokesman of one of the camps refuted it. The conference has not ended and it seems discussions are ongoing. I will refrain from commentary until they officially remark on their agreements. The main problem is not the idea of Jubbaland itself but when it is appropriate the begin the initiative. The Gedo governor's side believes the land must be totally freed. He rightfully observes two districts of Gedo, all of middle Jubba, and barely 10 kms of Kismaayo are all Shabaab are occupied and they must be liberated first.
  9. In Garbahaaray we have had Aw-Libaax, the chairman of the group of signatories to the IGAD Jubbaland project meeting with Mohamud Sayid Adan, Mohamed Abdi Kalil (current governor of Gedo), the current mayors of Beled-Xaawo, Luuq, Dollow, Ceel-Waaq, and Garbahaaray districts (the districts of Baardheere and Buurdhuubo are still Al Shabaab held), traditional leaders, businessmen, and politicians and military officers. The conference has ended in a unified support for the Jubbaland convention slated to open on the 28th of February. Mohamed Codweyne, the spokesman of the southern Ahlu Sunnah movement and the spokesman of the conference speaks from Garbahaaray outlining: -Politicians and military officers of all factions will give loyalty -There will be total and complete participation -The representatives from Gedo to the ratification process are ready and flying out -Traditional elders have prepared Jubbaland legislature seats awarded to the clan -The Supreme traditional leader, the Ugas, will be departing from Mogadishu enroute to Kismaayo to reflect the legitimacy Dhagayso:- Shirkii ka socday degmada Garbahaareey oo la isku Afgartay iyo Ergadii Shirka ka Qayb gali lahayd oo dhawaan u duulaya Kismaayo Waxaa Sadexdii Maalin ee ugu danbeeyay ka soconayay degmada Garbahaareey ee gobolka Gedo Shir balaaran oo looga hadlayay Mustaqbalka gobolka Gedo ee koonfurta Soomaaliya, iyo sidoo kale ka qayb qaadasha howlaha Maamulka loogu samaynta deeganadaasi ee ka soconaya degmada Kismaayo ee Xarunta gobolka Jubbada Hoose. Shirka oo kasoo qayb galeen Masuuliyiinta ugu saraysa gobolka Gedo sida uu furintaankii Shirka u xaqiijiyay Warbaahinta Saadaal media, Afhayeen Sheekh Maxamed Daa’uud Codwayne oo la hadlay Saadaal media ayaa sheegay Shirka inuu marayo meel gabo gabo ah isla markaana ay isku afgarteen waxyaabihii ay isla soo qaadeen. Sheekh Maxamed Daa’uud Codwayne ayaan wax ka waydiine Shirka waxa kasoo baxay Xiligi ay Kismaayo ku laabanayaan. Iyo arimo kale oo Xasaasi ah. Khadka Telefoonka Garbahaareey ayuu ugu waramay Axmednuur oo ka tirsan Howl wadeenada Saadaal Media
  10. Oodweyne- Gedo boys are not in disagreement over federalism or the outline of the espoused Jubbaland state. This is a position they share with the Kamboni and the Puntland boys. Their former SNF leaders as well as even SNF/SRRC leaders are today in the midst of a unifying conference in Garbahaaray with the pro-Jubbaland conference signatories. In Garbahaaray we have Aw-Libaax, the chairman of the group of signatories to the IGAD Jubbaland project meeting with Mohamud Sayid Adan (former SNF/SRRC chairman), Mohamed Abdi Kalil (current governor of Gedo), the current mayors of Beled-Xaawo, Luuq, Dollow, Ceel-Waaq, and Garbahaaray districts (the districts of Baardheere and Buurdhuubo are still Al Shabaab held) and other interested businessmen and political/military officers. There is no disagreement on federalism or the idea of Jubbaland as it is espouse. In fact, you could say they have pushed the idea before the political impetus that is before us. You take 90's era calculations which are no longer relavant to form a misunderstanding about the nature of their political vision or demote it by hypothesizing the office of Somali President through the office of Somali Prime Minister can "buy" them out. I have it that Shirdoon himself is a proponent of the idea but is serving as a leverage under the political radars. It is not that they are looking to be empowered by him but that he is looking to be empowered by a unified and politically enforced position they take that makes him as respecting the will of a majority. Of issues of disagreement being worked out in Garbahaaray are: 1. When is it most approprite to participate, i.e before or after all the land has been liberated from Shabab 2. To what extent can the idea of federalism and Jubbaland be facilitated while holding goodwill with the elected government of the land 3. To what extent is Kenya playing a role and how to bring equitable guarantees that reflect the reality and not a forced hand if political legitimacy is bestowed through active participation Those are the main three issues and they all deal with strategy not objective. The objective of realizing federalism and Jubbaland is widely shared. The on-going Garbahaaray conference scheduled to conclude in the next couple days will outline the political trajectory of the Gedo boys with regards the current project and not anything that can come out of Villa Somalia. As for the "JVA" of yesteryears, the former Mayor of Kismaayo under the JVA Col Yasin Nuur Gaas "Raadeer", is the deputy chairman of the current interim administration headed by Ahmed Madoobe.
  11. Abwaan;921784 wrote: MMA ayaantaan xaggee jirey? adigu intaad Gabbal iska fiirineysid Mooge iyo The Zack yeysan ku boobin. Gabbal is harmless sxb. Niman la yiraahdo Sarmalay oo haykal dawladeedoo taagan keligood ah baa jiraan oo bururo hadal mar uusan u cuntamin. Iyaga ka war sug
  12. Oodweyne- Xaalka waynu kaa sugi doonaa awoowe.
  13. Xiin- I am on record supporting the Jubbaland initiative. Despite what you feel I favor peace, brotherhood, and I also believe in devolved government whose responsibilities are shared in the Federalist espoused model. I just find your recent cusade unfortunate and also sense you might be taking advantage of this in an unproductive manner for politically partisan expedient manner. It is important for you to understand we differ on strategy not the end goal. Zack- You are still running around with websites hosted in diaspora basements. Labo-Garle is not a militia leader. He is a businessman who has a farm near Kismaayo. The ambush he suffered going about his daily routine is what lead to that unfortunate clash. This is my last response to you on this issue young man. I find your engagement very unsuitable.
  14. Where is Xiin and his anti-government cantarabaqash that started on the day when his "stakeholder" group didn't get the PM position. They have been misusing the Jubbaland issue to wage an inappropriate and hyper-partisan war of delegitimacy against the new government. Now we have the top two stakeholders of the Jubbaland conference, Aw-Libaax of Gedo and Madoobe of Dhooblay, blaming Saxardiid of Af-Madoow for starting a clan clash which is exactly what I and other people with xog of the issue have been saying. They said 18 men paid by Mogadishu or disruption sponsored by Mogadishu was the problem when the issue was and is about Af-Madoow oriented troops going into Guulwade neighborhood of Kismaayo and kidnapping and beating up a Gedo man by the name of Labo Garle under a false guise of being a Shabaab strongman. The police station was taken over by Gedo boys, their men freed, and the Af-Madoow boys that came for reinforcement beimg chased to the outskirts of town towards AMISOM base. They are now sitting to calm the issue and make sure an issue of this nature does not arise again. It is telling Ahmed Madoobe says this in a Gedo-oriented hotel Tawakal that functions as a political meeting point of the Gedo boys. Waa raganimo. I am glad these men have taken ownership of the issue from the misuse and hostility sowing rhetoric of the Xiins and Mooges of this world.
  15. Walle waaladi kolkay so dhawaato qofka wuu is qaawiyaan maqlay. Xiin what government fired what? Two Puntland sites sourcing two Kamboni sites (literally and Kismaayonews) are the ones making a fabricated and coffee shop type talk something to print. Si xun wax u sheeg sixir ka daran baan maqli jiray. Walaalow xishood yeelo, iimaankana adkayso. The Kamboni wrong abused, kidnapped, and robbed a man of Gedo they accused of being Shabaab. About 50 men went to the Prison, broke him out, and when the ensuing second clash the entire Gedo citizenry brandished their weapons and taught a lesson they have been wanting to teach since the Kenyans with great bias attempted to empower Kamboni during the beginning of Kismaayo capture. These are the words and explanation of a person in a position of great importance in the Jubbaland Technical Committee whose name you misuse.
  16. Xiin- Bulsho! I would closer call the malls of Minnesota then wait on Mooge with better grasp of English. Abwaan- There is a reason the Mooges of Puntland never mention the word "Jubbaland." You would think this is 1996 and Morgan's false presence in Kismaayo sustained on the back of SNF was in the equation. Kismaayo iyo wax ka sheegashadeed mar hadii la dhaafo, Jubbaland yaab ayay nin kaasoo kale ku noqotaa inuu soo hadal qaado. Laakin dhib badan maleh, meel kalaad sheegtaye Mooge haduu diyaar yahay anaa hada boos kasiinayo Beled-Xaawo lafteed.
  17. Mooge- Waad iga qoslisay lakin waxay tahayba waa caynkaas sxb.
  18. Waaba dad waalan dhalaankaan. Latest update: both sides have been moved away from their frontlines and peace has returned. Inshallah it becomes sustaining.
  19. Awoowe so the BBC and all other non-affiliated information portals are saying one thing and somehow a small tribal site is to be taken seriously? On that note, just spoke with Kismaayo this morning time for them. The Gedo boys are fully in control of saldhiga, Xaafada Calanlay and Faanoole and the other places where the fighting took place. Ras Kamboni was chased out to the outskirts of the town heading towards the airport and AMISOM base. Currently both groups are positioned where they left off yesterday, AMISOM/Kenya has formed a physical barrier between them, and elders/politicians are working on addressing grievances which led to the clash. KDF forces this morning asked the Gedo boys to vacate the Central Police station (saldhiga) but the AMISOM head of mission based in Mogadishu warned them "strongly" against interfering politically and instead ordered them to form a physical barrier between the two groups. AMISOM head of mission recognized the issue as a political one and not a military one under the guidlines of the mandate.
  20. Mooge- Gone are the days when Kamboni and Ahmed Madoobe prance around Kismaayo with Kenyan muscles. Kismaayo's phone lines are wide open awoowe. Nimankaas waydii where they are now after they sprayed bullets on the Gedo boys who came to see their men. The bullet they fired brought them down and removed their Kenyan backed forces from everywhere the fighting touched. Kolay hada waa lagu dhex jiraa but something tells me at least the Kenyans have woken up to their folly of early political interference in Kismaayo. Wasallam.
  21. Mooge- Maqaaxidaada iska fadhi oo kofey iska cab awoowe, hawl kaleba ma hayside. You are right Kismaayo has long changed and done are the days when Morgan and his boys would be relevant anywhere in Jubbaland. As for dispersed, I am not sure you understand who showed who clarified the situation for the world when Kenyan troops are removed from the equation. With that said, I call for peace.
  22. Xiin- Your tone is not one that advances national reconciliation. Even if you are in favor of current events, some humility is not without rationale. The issue of federalism in the south, I am sure you understand, is touchy for practical reasons.
  23. Nuune- The Defense Minister visited Garbahaaray twice and in one setting payed some of the expenses used to fight Shabaab. He was brought back as Defense Minsiter because he takes his job seriously.
  24. I am against the lifting of the arms embargo as well as the bilateral exchange of aid funds without independent oversight because of a simple reason; the national state mechanisms governing the rebuilding of state institutions have not yet been fully drafted through proper legislation and implementation is yet to be pursued. The government should concentrate on codification of law in all levels federal vs. state, civil, municipal, etc. I have heard the top leaders speak on this issue and the President spoke about a future conference where lawyers, law makers, and constitution experts would meticulously outline the process and management of rebuilding the state institutions including the armed forces. As I see it the government with support from AMISOM and various partners has made admirable security gains. Before opening the state to the floodgates of widespread procurement of arms through the relaxation of the arms embargo, the government should solidfy the ways and means of proper running of state institutions not least of all the security sectors. I believe the current government is led by honest and good men. This is not enough. Trust and confidence in government and state should only be derved through accountability steming from law and codes. This is how state institutions will be held accountable by the Somali people and fears, mistrust, and hesitation will be alleviated. Is the Liqaye accused in this topic my old friend who once reminisced to me about Beled-Xaawo?