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  1. Alpha Blondy;986654 wrote: i will create my own Nomad of the year thread. this list is flawed. it's bias. it's BS. i've officially boycotted this thread. thanks. Al. 3 pages later... Alpha Blondy;987224 wrote: this would've been more interesting if i were a candidate. shame. maybe it's not too late to launch my candidacy. Alpha Blondy;991062 wrote: can you please explain why Alpha was excluded from this year's ceremony?
  2. ^ You have no idea what you are talking about. Where did you get that $5 million number from? Did you hear it from someone? Please do not comment on things you have no idea about. "I will rather see Atom in Bosaso", please.
  3. magicbird;990483 wrote: Bro, this is got nothing to do with a budget. The guy is a dhaalim, faasiq, theif, you name it. Giving ONLF to the Ethiopians, stealing money, a scumbag, him and his sons. Ask any person from Bosaso to Qardho, everybody will tell you why the place is messed up and they all say Farole and his sons. May Allah destroy the gaaloraac. Insha'allah one day Bari and all of Somalia will be free from scumbags like him. Puntland does not need your kind of people, frothing in the mouth on garbage they have heard at their local cafe. People like yourself are a disgrace to Somali's everywhere and only exist to further the chaos that have engulfed the rest of Somalia for the past 20 years.
  4. ^ Please... First of all, Farole was never a taxi driver, even if he was, there is no shame in working for your family to pay the bills, it beats asking for handouts from the tax payers. Also Its one thing to advocate for your favourite city to get infrastructure & investment, and another to prefer Atom over Farole. My advice, do some research and learn more about Puntland's budget and how it's divided and stop commenting in the politics section again before people dismiss you as an *****.
  5. I guess Farole was right all along. It seems he was the only voicing this nonsense called "The Somali Way".
  6. What a disgrace. What is more important to this president? He is flying every day asking (kissing ***) for money, and he doesn't have time to speak to the head of the Central Bank and listen to her concerns?
  7. What is going on in here?
  8. Malistar, perhaps she contacted her cousin for advice? And he advices her to contact the press? Honestly It's pretty simple, you supply an invoice of sorts and the bank supplies the funds. It's basic accounting. In her case people were knocking the door and handing over bank account details to transfer X amount etc. Furthermore as she is the newly appointed head she can certainly refuse & cancel any shady contracts (currently existing or not) she finds under her watch (including law firms). The biggest question here is, who threaten her?
  9. I agree with oodweyn, this is just shameful.
  10. Dalmar1;983632 wrote: To all landers no-offence, but I prefer not speaking to you guys due to my experience that you guys are always clouded by emotions rather than facts on the ground!,.... so for this alone I'll be ignoring you guys here! Dalmar, i think you are on to something here.
  11. Is that a giant? No wonder they are winning.