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  1. Maadeey si khalad ah ayasd ii fasirtay awoowe. Kismaayo lagamaa xigo laakin dab shidan lama afuufo adna holac baad la dan lahayd. Intaa keliya weeye xaalku.
  2. Umalayn maayo inaan meel kuu raaci lahaa. Bahal la yiraahdo fudaydnimaa tunka kugu dhagtay
  3. Maadeey- Adeer adigu mel laguu raaco maba lehid. Heblaayaa lasoo dayn iyo waxa caynka madasha ka ilaali. Xiin- Dib u garasho xeelad dagaal dhib malaha ee dhaarta adna iska ilaali. Somalia afaaraheeda in loo daayo waa arrin wanaagsane.
  4. IGAD heads of state communiqe: 1. Adopts the recommendations of IGAD mission 2. Asks Somali government to name interim regional admin 3. Asks SFG to finalize methodology of federalization at the national level 4. Asks SFG to hold a reconciliation conference for Jubbaland 5. Asks the SFG to draft a roadmap for a Jubbaland federal state Etc etc etc The Kenya Jubbaland project has essentially ben laid null and void and all the positions of the SFG has been accepted.
  5. Nuune- Xaaji horta adigu madaxwaynaheyga waadba tahay ilbiriqsi ayaanan kugu dooran lahaa laakiin xaal isii. Maxaad iiga xujayn IGAD inay Barre ictiraaftay iyo in kale adigoo turjumaan fiican ka bixiyay sababti kaliftay Barre oo aad iga dhuuxday? Barre waajibaadkiisi wadaninimo wuu gutay inti karaankiisa ahayd.
  6. Diplomatic offensive----Success Political offensive---halfway point Security overhaul---just beginning
  7. The SFG has received nothing short of a total victory on the Jubbaland IGAD project. Diplomatic parlance aside, IGAD accepted the strong challenges to the Jubbaland project and has surrendered to the very terms the SFG put forward in Kismaayo at the visit of the Prime Minister. IGAD has 1. Accepted the SFG and its organs representing the Somali people as the chief facilitators of state formation 2. Accepted the challenges to the current Jubbaland put forward by the SFG 3. Accepted the SFG's stabilization initiative for the Jubbaland regions unfolded by the PM durimg visit to Kismaayo -----A. The SFG will name interim 6-month admin -----B. The SFG will pursue a reconciliation conference -----C. The SFG will finalize a methodology of federalization in the interim period 4. Accepted the new political reality in Somalia of a government which is on the verge of taking full responsibility over its internal affairs What a comeback from the prospects even weeks ago faced by the SFG. The diplomatic offensive which was unveiled when I wrote of has borne fruits many of us did not believe possible even a little ago.
  8. Abtigiis- Qofka markaad goojinaysid, lama maago. I am not sure where your avowed sentiments are emanating from, but I will let you know you are overly sentimentalizing a pragmatic political expression verbalized by me in whatever capacity. You highlighted a number of points some of which are rooted in a realistic observation of my participation in this fora, I wil admit; nontheless you take much away from it in the politically expedient manner you attempted to (mis-) provide a rationale for my conduct. I think it is important to put your goojis in perspective. You and I come from the two communities most affected by the issue on a first person basis irrespective of the proportionality of impact we feel in whatever degree. In point, you are pro-IGAD project and I am not. Whenever you are of the mindset to critique me for any purpose on this issue, it must be understood in this overriding present context. You do not hold moral superiority over me, as acknowledged in what I thought was an honest injunction by Ngonge, but that we are on an equal plane both attempting to push a political narrative that on the surface seems at odds. Therefore, I will advise you to argue your narrative and push why you believe it is the right one on its own terms and merits rather than attempting to empower it at the expense of my narrative. With that said, I will address your points. 1. It cannot be judged as a "twist" if I highlight the elephant in the room. Kenya and IGAD is that elephant. It would be exceptionally dishonest to argue otherwise. I am not of the theory this clan can defeat that clan or vice versa or this clan can chase that clan or not. With all do respect, your observation of that as my overriding motive is one which I disagree with. It is true, I do feel the current circumstance does disproportionately empower some and disproportionately unempower some. Even so, the nature of that circumstance is a secondary issue that reflects itself in a symptomatic occurrence of a greater problem. Discussing and addressing that greater problem is not a denial of the historical long-runnning civil war wrangling over Kismaayo. No; one does not negate the other but both most be analyzed in separate terms without diminishing the Importance of either. We have wikileaks and exposed diplomatic cables. We have news reports and diplomatic testimony to go of off. My friend, Kenya through IGAD has explicit grand designs in a predatory patronship that is not mutually beneficial to the primary partners involved in the mold of Somalia and Kenya nor the secondary partners in the mold of Somalia and Jubbaland and neither in the tertiary partners involved in the mold of the various special interest groups in Jubbaland. In short, recognition of this existenting overriding reality is not one that attempts to provide a denial of the long-standing and systematically problematic political fissure that Kismaayo has witnessed. 2. I am for Jubbaland. I support the unmistakable reality that attempts to reflect the political understanding in the area wishing to espouse itself in a federal union of the three trans-Jubba regions. It is not accurate to argue there is a conditonality to my and many other's political acquisition of that reality in that there is a placement of acceptance or refusal based on mitigating factors that are within our scope of interest. If I have ever given that impression, and I realize some may have derived that from some of my more lax commentary, then it is one which I apologize for. My position is clear and has been clear even when I have been accused of militarily, politically, or otherwise encouraging the actions taken by my own special interest group. It is not about waking up the morning with one mindset and ending my afternoon with one. It is about enouraging a sustainable end to the protracted problem thereby faciliating a durable peace, good neighborliness, and a secure environment that leads to mature and independent political partnership that boosts the confidence the parties involved and forcasts a sense of ownership irrespective of the mold and appearance of any leadership now or tomorrow. IGAD's project does nothing to aid or even contribute to that socio-political vision for the contested area and that has been my position. Ironically, the recent selection we witnessed actually substracts from that dream. 3. It is not appropriate for my person to comment on the nature of my "open-mindedness" as you had leveled against me in that context. It is relevant for me to simply say I disagree with the basis of that argument being mindful of the fact it exists in a parameter of your controlling. I am not for war. I find it commendable that armed methods of solving the situation has not been attempted. Even if one remarks that the mandate of Kenyan troops under the helmet of AMISOM has contributed to a force multiplication of the peaceful nature of the political disagreement, as a keen observer of this issue it is my conclusion there is a form of political maturity that has been shown by the parties involved. Essentially, the parties involved have taken heed of past experiences in the region and calculated the sustainability of a political solution being derived from force as not being particularly encouraging. For that, they all are commendable and they have my confidence in that perspective. Again, I am not entirely sure where one factor is analyzed at the expense of the other. It is completely without reason for you to imply, I disagree with the IGAD project so therefore I wish for conflict and because that conflict unnecessarily empowers the Shabaab that I am then a proponent of Shabaab resurgence. Is that really a mature and honest conjuncture for me to respond to? I am of the opinion it is not and kindly call you to stop thinking in either or and really for that matter employ judicial judgement that does not attempt to trivialize the basis of the argument in a holistic capacity as well as independent factoring. Abtigiis, we are not in agreement on some of the issues but there is a lot of room for growth that we can both empower and capatilize on. My personal advise to you is try to rise above political expediency and discontinue seeking aid from subjective demonizations used as a vehicle of which to ride on the back of for a short-term calcultion of political triumph and moral superiority as you had visualized. With that said, I appreciate your earnest response and will accept your advise and goodwill equally in the hopes of capatalizing, as I said, on the tremendous room for growth between our positions.
  9. Abtigiis- What I posted is a reflection of the superficiality I have witnessed from you. It is not my intention to personalize a discussion---although I must say the entire rationale for your penmanship was obviously to strike against those who expressed reservations toward Kenya's concoctions on this land. If you had cared to notice, my twist of irony at the expense of your small legitimacy was precisely designed to make you aware I do not disagree with much of what you said, but rather that I am not impressed with who said it. Essentially, that you visualize yourself to stand on concrete, when you are on really nothing more than a sinkhole. It was not once, nor twice, nor thrice you excessively displayed, what you described as, the peculiarities of the Somali opining amidst the trials of modern accessibility; you, my friend, took note of yourself in the mirror is my gist. Why must you attempt to excuse away your deficiencies in that scope rather than take ownership? Macsaro discourse is an apt case study on the nature of the Abtigiis I have periodically observed and so you, with all due respect,, should stop playing for the gallery as is your constant habit, and take the nature of your illegitimacy, at least in so far as the frowning disciplinarian you have chanced to air, to task before you lecture the rest of the good people out there in the universe. With respect to my person; you mention clans, not I. You speak of clans in powers, not I. Imagine you label me a detractor for theorizing my consternation results from my clan not being in a favorable circumstance, as you said, while you chastise the President and myself (no less! ) for theorizing your clan is in a favorable circumstance, as you said. This all was implied by you. I am not sure whether to call this chutzpah or as one man said long ago moogane, war mooga. Let me make this clear to you. I am not motivated by what your clan has or does not have. I am also of the opinion the President is the same. The issue here is not what you believe of our motivations; although I must say your superficiality knows no bounds once again. The issue here concerns the state resurgence of a failed society required to lay the foundations of sustainable peace and security. What has been taking place in Kismaayo, under the auspices of IGAD and the covert and overt influence of Kenya, is not about Madoobe nor is it about your clan. If the premise you derive that from is my support to one Barre Aden Shire, pay attention very well. I do not expect Barre to build a Jubbaland State in the manner this has arisen. I do not expect the Somali government to ever recognize it in that scope. I do not expect the IGAD project leaders to acquiesce to him for any reason. Barre did what no one else could have---he stopped the momentum. He has men, weapons, and support at his disposal. He used his personal capital in name recognition and stature, infamous or otherwise whichever is to your preference, to bring about the political setback and even beginning of serious delegitimization of what should have been a heralding coronation for IGAD'S project. If you had any confusion, that is the extent, as well as the limits, of my personal glee. Unlike you, motivated by a really incredulous worldview that espouses this being about the eminence, as you implied, of a small, hungry, and war beaten clan materializing on the backs of an illiterate former Shabaab infantryman, for me this has been and will continue to be, before and after Barre, mitigating the undue negative influence and predatory patronship of a foreign neighboring country on the newly resurging Somali State in general and the area where my family calls home in particular. Above all, I support the government's stabilization initiative. I support setting up temporary administrations while the methods, modes, and protocol of federalizing the country in an universally legitimate way is reached through consensus in the legislating body of the newly resurgent state. I do not and will not share your immature, trivial, and politically retrograde rants about "HAG". I do not see the President as a man who embodies the spirit of the USC henchmen. I do not see this as "D" vs. "H". Period. Full stop // If I could not have been any more clear; I simply do not subscribe to any of the bankrupt infantile arguments you have become infamous for, at least in so far as my observations are concerned, on this issue in this board. I attempted to remind you in an easier spirit and if the reaction warranted was an admission of "awkwardness", my question will continue to to examine the overriding causes of that emotive response as still being on display. Why display awkwardness when you are still of the same opinion? Admonition is easy to throw around Abtigisioow; superficiality is hard to acknowledge to oneself and since the first time I have read your commentaries, that has always been my impression.
  10. What the mouth says, the ear fails to hear. A period of self-reflection might go to some length helping you to reorient your individual constitution. You, my self-declared Ethiopian national of a friend, are empty shrill and predictable posturing. It would be something if you were grounded in a consistent personal philosophy; Alas, your admonitions are, as always, as empty as your convictions. Enjoy.
  11. Well AMISOM has spoken for itself asserting its right to speak for itself from those who have attempted to insinuate AMISOM in Kismaayo is the hired help of partisan political bickering.
  12. I have no desire, never had any, nor ever will ever have any desire to exclude Xiin from anywhere, much less Kismaayo. There is no reason to deny we do not share the same political positions on some things. Yaanan isku fogaan.
  13. Xiin- I know what pains you. It is inappropriate for me to remind but I will say this^ 1. No on brings you up for PPresident, nor Vice, nor deputy, no even secretary. 2. The last time an admin was announced (by Abdullahi Yusuf following ICU defeat) days after the Ethiopians vacated, those men were never to be seen again in the vicinity. You can cheerlead now all you want but neither is this farce politically legitimate nor does it have politic sustainability. GIVE ME AN A, GIVE M A B.......Xiin , continue the job you do best---it is the most you will ever hope for.
  14. Jubbe elders know what is in their interest. Similarly the leadership of Gedo has already spoken in favor of President Barre. In this interview, the Gedo administration labels Mr. Madoobe Al Shabaab who broke ranks with them because of administrative reasons and promise his day is coming. The Gedo admin which has resisted the Kenyan-led farce, also announce their support for Jubbaland and its president Barre Adan Shire, promising to do everything they can to prop up his authority.
  15. Xiin- Your job has been relegated to being a cheerleader. It is a reflection of your future. Like, I said have some decency.
  16. The Gedo administration has to decided to back up the authority of President Barre. Ciidamo fara badan oo ka tagay Gedo ayaa ku sii jeeda Kismaayo, si ay u taageeraan Col. Barre Hiiraale Ciidamo fara badan oo ka tirsan kuwa dowladda ayaa saacadihii u dambeeyay ka ambabaxay deegaano ka tirsan Gobolka Gedo, iyadoo ciidamadan la sheegayo inay taageerayaan Col. Barre Hiiraale oo loo doortay Madaxweynaha Jubaland. Afhayeen u hadlay Maamulka Gedo ayaa sheegay inay soo dhoweynayaan doorashada Barre Hiiraale loo doortay Madaxweynaha Jubaland, isla markaana nasiib u yeeshay in mar kale noqdo hogaanka deegaanada Jubooyinka iyo Gedo. Wararka qaar ayaa sheegaya in ciidamo ka baxay deegaanka Ceelwaaq iyo deegaano kale ay mareen deegaano ka tirsan Jubada Hoose, si ay ugu sii gudbaan magaalada Kismaayo. Ciidamadan ayaa ah qeybtii labaad ciidamo horay u gaaray magaalada Kismaayo oo halkaas dowladda sheegtay in loo wareejiyay, waxayna ka tirsan yihiin Guutada labaad ee ciidamada xooga dalka. Xiisada ka taagan magaalada Kismaayo ayaa aheyd mid mudaba sii xoogeysaneysay, markii dhinacyada isku haya maamulka magaalada mid walba loo doortay Madaxweyne. Dadka ku dhaqan magaalada Kismaayo ayaa ka cabsi qaba dagaalo lagu hoobta oo ka dhaca magaalada, mar hadii magaalada ka jirto saan saan colaadeed.15-kii bishan ayay aheyd markii siyaabo kala duwan magaalada Kismaayo Madaxweynayaal loogu doortay Axmed Madoobe iyo Col. Barre Hiiraale.
  17. See you? My God, thank you for providing me comedy. I have ownership over half the districts of the said region and the main Somali power in the city of Kismaayo as I have proven time and time again. You are not seen nor even mentioned in this land except when you interject yourselves over the airwaves thousands of miles away. You have not a village for goodnesssake. Not onky are you shameless but you are bordering on delusion. The reason why anyone would "see" is because you pen 100 topics a day on the subject and are everywhere flailing around like and insane asylum patient. Have some decency for heaven's sake.
  18. Elders from the many different clans of Jubbaland defend their choice of President in a free and fair poll without foreign interference. Leadership Dispute Threatens Stability, Peace in Jubaland May 16, 2013 The Somali port city of Kismayo is in political crisis as two former warlords are both claiming to be president of the newly created Jubaland region of southern Somalia. Fears are growing that the rivalry could lead to an outbreak of violence. The Somali government still maintains it doesn’t recognize the two leaders. The political division in southern Somalia still continues after more than six months of negotiations to elect local authorities to govern the regions of Gedo, Middle and Lower Juba. On Wednesday, 495 delegates meeting in Kismayo elected Ras Kamboni militia leader Ahmed Madobe as the president of Jubaland, over four other candidates. But another former warlord, Barre Hirale, who controlled Kismayo for close to nine years, has said he was elected at a separate conference of elders. “In a conference, which was going on for some time, I was elected as the president of Jubaland,” said Hirale. "In that conference 600 delegates attended and 500 voted for me. Because of that I have become the president of Jubaland.” Returning warlord Hirale was chased out of Kismayo by al-Shabab militants - when Ahmed Madobe was a top commander in the group. He returned to Kismayo last month by sea with dozens of loyal soldiers. Abdi Mohamed Yarow is an elder with the ****** clan, which is in the minority in Kismayo. He was present at the swearing-in ceremony and told VOA the elders had appointed Hirale as their president.**“Today we were at the swearing-in ceremony of the president of Jubaland state Barre Hirale,' Yarow said. "We have decided to make him [Hirale] our president and we have just done that, he is the president of Jubaland. ”Some sections of the Somali population have expressed concerns over the recent threats of violence in the city and its environs concerning this dispute over who should be president. Seeking solutions Ahmed Soliman, Horn of Africa researcher at Chatham House, a foreign policy institute in London, said to avoid a return of violence in the region, both militias from the two rival camps need to be integrated into the Somali national army.*“What we are talking about is eventually, militia being reintegrated into Somali national force. That’s a way of stemming potential conflict in the future, but it very much has to come off the back of political process and I do see political process is in complete and it would continue,” said Soliman. He also said that after months of negotiations, people can’t be too impatient. Soliman noted the process will take time, and he said that expressing fears is not the right way forward.“I think there is need to take time, and to asses and to negotiate properly with all the stakeholders. It does seem to me there are a lot of stakeholders involved, and that’s a good thing, and that means it takes longer to achieve consensus,” he said. The government in Mogadishu has expressed concerns about the roles played in Jubaland by some stakeholders, particularly by the Kenyan government. Kenya has been accused of backing the Ras Kamboni leader, Ahmed Madobe, who helped Kenyan forces to liberate Kismayo last year. The Somali federal government has refused to recognize any leadership appointments in Jubaland, deeming the process unconstitutional. A sixteen-member committee appointed by the prime minister to look into the Jubaland issue arrived Thursday in Kismayo.
  19. They couldn't have come at a better time. The one time in this entire saga when their false project has been shown to be with legitimacy and skeleton.
  20. What do you know about shame Xiin? You wouldn't know it if it hit you in the face My President is Barre, my land is Jubbaland. You have no stakes in Jubbaland to be as emotionally involved as you are.
  21. How is Gedo separable from Kismaayo? In any case from Kismaayo to Dollow, the legitimate President of Jubbaland thus far is Pres Barre Adan Shire.
  22. It was a grassroots organization and as I have heard the fear was Kenya would do everything to stop it if it was publicized. The rationale went, once the deed was done there would be enough public pressure to put Kenya politically in her place from sabotaging the will of the people in favor of her political puppeteering. In the inauguration you can see some well known tranditional leaders like the long time Sultan of the Gedo Waamo clan and the well known Sultan of the Camel Lovers.
  23. Who is more legitimate? Jubbaland is composed of three regions. One of those regions is fully occupied. In one region's capital, President Barre has been elected and nominated and in the other region's capital, he is the only one to have received loyalty and support for that title. Who's is a more legitimate head of Jubbaland than President Barre?
  24. Saalax- The election by the Jubbaland congress of clans and elders was yesterday. This is the inauguration of President Barre.
  25. The mayor says pro-Jubbaland President Barre marches took place in Luuq amd Ceel-waaq districts of Jubbaland and tomorrow says more districts will be following celebrating the inauguration of Jubbaland's new president. Audio interview: Dhagayso:- Banaanbax Balaaran oo lagu Taageerayo Coll Barre Hiiraale oo Maanta ka dhacay Gedo