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  1. Khaalid N****, what is wit the hate son, my game ain't weak. hey i stand by my belief these people are country as it gets, but i love my city, "America's finest". yeah!!1
  2. Dude wlc to So_Cal, where everythang is Right, now about SD females where you don't know is there is a one clan majority in diego and these females are counrty to the bone, basicaly if u not one of them they dis you. you better off with the Mexicans big belly girls.
  3. although i agree with the list, there is one more, ladies! please don't be offended, oh who cares!! and that is the HO !(my kind of women, at least for now) sorry but i love the no questions-ask-thing about 'em, lol (lord help me!!)
  4. :rolleyes: typical Somali nomads, where ever we DRAMA!!!!, even in OZ. i don't mean to change topic but i miss you Aussies, anybody from Melbourne? 93-98 here. Derbney Park Here, Kensington here. holla!! yeah.
  5. Originally posted by CHE': Mo_the_Mali rymes even better.......... brotha thanx, but it was a childhood name growning up in white society (Australia)and because there were other mohameds from other countries(Turkey, etc..) so it stuck.
  6. :rolleyes: :confused: wHAT THE HELL Is this, Lexus??? lexus great for a joyryde(i mean the vehicle, sis)
  7. WoooW!!! Much luv, much luv. I have been away for a while, you know livin' the Cali4ni'a life :cool: (joke)work :mad: , school :confused: finals, but my people what can i say, this more then a brotha can handle, especially my somali queens thanks 4 the luvin' ( you toofellas) , i get your jokes)
  8. Thank you!!! sista, for the warm welcome.
  9. Regardless of where or who we as a nation originate to, we as people have to eliminate this pschological disease tribilism. i do not understand the Somali diaspora who fueling this worthless machine. Obviously, this clan non-sense was a tool for the Europeans, then for Siyad Barre, and Ethiopians have use it last 25+ to divide the Somalis to its own likings. stronger Somalis means smaller Ethiopia, smaller Kenya.wake up and get your act together, quit being so weak. By the way, I'm a new member, so welcome.
  10. My brothers and sisters allow me to introduce my self to this wonderful somali web community. now, like true somalis, i want all you to show your true colors and shower me with your hospitality.