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  1. ilaahow umadeena soomaaliyeed u gar gaar. Hopes and fears I have five children in all. The two youngest, who are boys, stay with my sister elsewhere in Mogadishu. Some of our cousins live in the top floor of this house. I really hope the new government which has been formed in Kenya will succeed but I fear it will collapse like the others. #2 Mortar attack Two years after my husband was killed, our house was hit by a mortar during fighting in Mogadishu. My eldest daughter Hibo, 16, lost a leg and my middle daughter Hibaq, 10, lost an eye. The doctors wanted to amputate Hibo's other leg, too but we refused. Her leg still hurts her but we think that's better than not having any legs. I am just able to afford to send both girls to school. #3 University Hibo "I really enjoy going to school, especially English and Arabic. I would like to teach Arabic but would need to go to university first. I am not sure if this will be possible without a government. I hope the government can make schools free. It's really embarrassing when teachers ask for money in the middle of class #4Sent home Hibaq, who lost her eye. My daughters have both been sent home from school because I could not pay the fees. Once I was unable to pay for a whole month. It costs $7 a month for each girl to go to their private, Somali-run school. Without a government, our school certificates are not recognised abroad. Even here, some schools don't accept certificates from rival education groups. # 5 Malaria is a big problem for us - that's why we sleep under mosquito nets but we still get bitten. If we do get sick, I try and avoid paying the $3 it costs to see a doctor at hospital. If it's malaria, I just go to the pharmacy and ask for drugs. If it's something else, sometimes I just ask for painkillers and hope that works. #6 Brothers and sisters Apart from the money we get from our relatives, our only income comes from selling tea on the street corner outside our house. We all take it in turns to work one evening after another. I urge all the warlords to support the new government. Somalis are all brothers and sisters from the same race. All we need is to be treated equally whatever clan we come from. Security We get water from some of our neighbours, who give it to us for free. They have a well. The first thing the new government must do is restore security. Then they can start rebuilding the infrastructure, like government buildings, the airport, the police force and the port. Forgiveness my youngest daughter, Mulki, 8. I don't think there should be an investigation into who did what during the war. There must be forgiveness for the past. But despite all our problems, we can still live together again. That happens all over the world. alot people argue we don't need peace couse we don't now who is suvring for this exsampl Qab qablayaasha they don't care who is deing and who want to live. to see the pictures and more stories about our poor nation go to this link
  2. Sida uu inoo sheegay Joornaaliiste Cali Midnimo oo degaankaas degan wiilka oo habeenkii uu aqal geli lahaa galabteedii cudurka daafka uu ku soo booday ayaa gabadhii uu la aqal geli lahaa diiday inay la aqal gasho Nin qaba daaf iyadoo ka baqeysa in uu qaadsiiyo cudurkaasi daafka. this is good one (breaking news daafka oo baajiyay arooska)
  3. baq baq baq bal balaa balaa. too much calaacal qudhac and his friends. sxb like sangub said (YAC) LOL the man did something we all know but he wasn't alone. we all have been saying lets get all of them. STOP PICKING AND CHOOSING. WE HAVE NO ENERGY TO LOOSE. LETS SEE WHAT THIS PEOPLE COULD GET OUT ABOUT THIS CASE. THE MAN HAVE ALOT PEOPLE SUPORTING HIM #1 SANGUB
  4. horaa waxaa loo yiri dagaal wiil kuma dhashtee wiilbaa kudhinta. and sxb kaay jum, his pointing out to see this army to fight aginat the government if they pring ciidamo nabad i laalin ah. jum sxb keey waxaa lagu jira sanad cusub umada soomaliyeed waa ay ka daashay dagaal, go ask the youngest one haduu rabo in uu arko dagaal kale ka dhaco soo maaliya. adigana hada hadladaada waxaa laga dhan dhan sankaraa nin u bisil in aa tahay dagaal. :confused:
  5. duka sxb i think this is great idea that the govenment moving to badio. one thing we all seen what happen to mr, mahdi, then qaasim. we don't want our nation to end up in cricle. i belive this time our beloved president is make a very good plane. .......................................... HORAA LOO YIRI GARI LABO QOF KAMA WAD QOSLISO
  6. Originally posted by Duke_Valantino: Our President meets heads in Abujaa yours is holed up in Cape Town making a silly business deal Originally posted by Qudhac but most analyst say that this so called government will split in two one going to baidabo and one to muqdisho then after that the comedy will probally start woow!!!! and if we are hargeysoland our government will get Official acceptance of the other national like isreal, britsh, and Cape Town. where mr reyoole recently visted.
  7. nasiib daro waxaa maanta isku dhacaday labo beel oo walaalo ah iyadoo maantan aay is kugu soo baxeen soo dhaweeyntii uugu weeyneed ee la soo dhaweeyo dowlad in tii kadanbeeysay midii lagu guuleesan waaye ee TNG abdiqaasim. arintaan oo dadban oo reer muqdisha ka xanaajisay. sawirka laga bixin karo. Muqdisho: Dagaalka Dhacay Boondheere iyo Wafdida Dawlada oo Muqdisho Laga Sugayo - Sunday, February 06, 2005 at 12:08 Muqdisho: Dagaalka Dhacay Boondheere Muqdisho (AllPuntland)- Ugu yaraan Shan Ruux ayaa la xaqiijiyay in uu dhaawac kasoo gaaray iska hor imaad laba Maleeshiyo ku dhex maray degmada Boodheere ee magaalada Muqdisho Saakay, iyadoo si aad ah looga maqlayay hareeraha degmadaasi rasaas aad u culus oo ka dhacda qoryaha Boobaha loo yaqaan. Iska Hor Imaadka ayaa waxuu u dhaxeeyaa Maleeshiyo taageersan C/qaadir Beebe iyo kuwa kasoo hor jeeda lacag y warsadeen Kuwa Beebe oo iyagu waayadanba howlo Canshuur Urruurin ka qorsheynayay Deehaaanada Boondheere iyo Shibis. Qasaaraha Dagaalkaasi ayey suura gal tahay inuu sii baaho hadaanay xal dag dag ah laga helin wax garadka deegaanadaasi iyadoo ilaa iyo imminka aysan jirrin wax dadaal ah oo lagu doonayo in lagu qaboojiyo xasaradaasi. Abshir Cali Gabre Muqdisho WAXAAN U MALEEYNAYAA XUSEEN CAYDIID IYO QANYAR BILAASH U MA AYSAN AQBALIN IN CIIDAMO LAKEENO DALKA. WAXAAN U MALEEYNAYAA WAXEEY O GAAYEEN DHACDADAAN OO KALE OO AYSAN WAXBA KA QABAN KARIN
  8. Muse is counting on these guys...that is why he does not need foreign troops ..I think... I fail to meet the hopes you have for mr. yalaxoooow to make peace in mugadishu where he can't secure his village in madiina. cumar finish was the one who score one goal ground by kicking yalaxoow. by the way can he assure the safety, of his people i don't think so. one more thing ( nafsadaada been ha usheegin sawiradadan yay kusirin) yalaxoow had 14 years of chance he couldn't take advantage of that. no one is going to listen. one more think xuseen caydiid was the one who had the same strong idea with yalaxoow. and today he voted for. ...................... baq baq badanaaaaaaaaaa
  9. alle-ubaahane Dowlad kusheega Hargeysa waxyaabaha ay ku caan baxday waxaa ka mid ah inay marwalba Amxaarada u dhiibto Dagaalyanahada O-g-a-d-e-n-ya u dhashay. Waxaa dhacday dhowr jeer inay culimo kasoo jeedo dhanka koonfur somaliya ay Amxaaro u dhiibeen, hadii runta laga hadlayana Hargeysa waa gobol soomaaliyeed oo ay Amxaaro naga qabsatay dagaalkii sokeeye kadib. sxb you got that right. i heard that alot times the government of burco or should i say hargeysland. they use hostile power of force gainst their brother in islam.
  10. We do not need more AIDS and other diseases they carry." very unprofessional behavior to say that. and look at the title he is carrying (minister of commerce in a Transitional Federal Government)
  11. Eventually WE 'll have as many States as the number of letters in the word Somalia(maybe more). CHE, HOMEBOY YOU GOT THAT RIGHT WE COULD HAVE. S= STATE O= STATE M= STATE A= STATE L= STATE I= STATE A= STATE
  12. Is that the army that'll secure Somaliland's eastern border - all the way to (dare I say it?) Garoowe? WIND.TALKER
  14. good new miskiinta hadaan xaaladeeda laga deerin lets see, waxii kasoo baxa xalkeeda.
  15. I fail to understand why people buy whatever they hear from the media. 1. get a real proof of what the abwaan said? 2. soomaali waxeey ku maah maah daa ( keebaa daran bisada aamusan iyo mida qeeylada badan.) if the man said "YAC" which i don't know the meaning is realy wrong. waxaan leeyahay haloo cudur daaro abwaanka. seriously if sangub said, it was good to bomb hargeeysa, which i don't think ( qof wax garad ah inuusan dheheen sidaas gaar ahaan meel cad why don't the other media report this news. :confused:
  16. you got this right " you were not speeding? are you calling me a liar?" runaway^virgin howe monay times did it hapen to you.
  17. I DID COMMENTED IT! IT SEEMS THE ADMIN IS LITTLE BIT BIASED TOWARDS HIS CLANSMEN AND CAN'T TAKE CRITICISM. again waayeel you are breaking the ruls. Nn another take, this site is owned by a guy who hails from puntland and is relative of another famous Warlord -Ina Yeey - newly crowned ****** president. phone him to protest and to educate him that once you set up a forum, it has to be free of censorship and biases. 6 - Privacy: respect the privacy of others. Do not post other's phone numbers, addresses, pictures, etc., without their permission. in this case i don't know why you are still allowed to use the site of what you posted. look all the ruls you broke. - Trolling: don't make posts that are inflammatory just to annoy people. here you are annoying everybad 6 - Privacy: respect the privacy of others. Do not post other's phone numbers, addresses, pictures, etc., without their permission. well, i don't know if you seen this. 8 - Pornography: no pornographic, sexually offensive, or sexually explicit talk will be tolerated. This includes suggestive images, graphics, and comments. QUDHAC: i admire your persistance - but let us also expose all who worked for the late Said Barre'regime including Riyaale - ( He was an NSS stooge too ) and deserves to be also charged and investigated like the rest. :confused: 10 - Posting: you may have your post deleted if you post in the wrong forum! Please post on the right forum. 11 - Subjects: use descriptive topic subject. This will help others find what they want to read. Topics with bad Topic subjects WILL be deleted! this was one of the reason that was delated. 12 - Spamming: no spamming. No commercial posts or flooding the forum with useless content. waxaa fiican in aan lagu fara galin adim shaqadiisa. waayeel :confused: qudhac :confused:
  18. my fellow somalis is not bad to talk about the criminals like ali samatar, ina cige and RIYAALE and all the criminals including the current CRIMINALS. BUT WHAT HAPPEN TO SAMSAM AHMED DUCAALE? WHERE IS SHE NOW? THESE ARE THE ANSWER. Sam Sam Axmed Ducaale Oo La La'yahay Meel Ay Jaan Iyo Cidhib Dhigtay Kadib Markii Xabsiga Lagala Baxay Posted to the Web Feb 01, 10:49 Hargeysa :- Waxaa la la'ayahay meeshii la geeyey Gabadhii u dhalatay Deegaanka Puntland Sam Sam Axmed Ducaale ee lagu haystay xabsiga Magaalada Hargeysa kadib markii ay xabsiga kala baxeen xubno kamid ah Ciidamada CID-da Maamulka goosadka ah ee la magac baxay Somaliland. Lama yaqaan illaa iyo hada meesha la geeyey gabadhani waxaana laga warhelay Saacado kadib Sabtidii lasoo dhaafay kadib markii Hooyadeed ay booqatay xabsigii Gabadha lagu hayey, iyadoo loo sheegay in gabadha halkaasi laga saaray. Ciidamada Xabsiga Hargeysa ayaa lagu soo waramayaa in ay jirdil u gaysteen Sam Sam Hooyadeed kadib markii ay halkaa isku af dhaafeen. :confused: Ehelada Sam Sam Axmed, Qareemada iyo Ururadii kale ee arrintan la socday ayaan waxba lala socodsiin ayagoo ka warhelay arrintan kadib markii gabadha Hooyadeed aflagaado iyo jirdil loogu gaystay xabsiga Magaalada Hargeysa. Warar kala duwan oo la xariira meesha ay ku sugan tahay gabadha ayaa soo baxay ayadoo ay isa soo tarayaan wararka sheegaya in gabadha xabsiga laga saaray si markaa looga qariyo wafdi ka socda Qaramada Midoobay ee dhanka xuquuqul insaanka oo lagu soo waramayo in ay booqan doonaan xabsiyada Hargeysa. Sam Sam Axmed Ducaale ayey Maxkamada Hargeysa ku xukuntay 5 sano ayadoo oo uu Madaxweyne kuxigeenka maamulka goosanka ahi uu ku eedeeyey gabadhan arrimo la xariira argagaxisnimo. Sam Sam Axmed ayaa ayadu racfaan ka qaadatay go'aanka maxkamada, balse dib loo dhigay Maxkamada racfaanka ah kadib markii uu arrintaasi codsaday Madaxweyne kuxigeenka maamulka Hargaysa Ahmed Yusuf Yassin. Sam Sam Axmed Ducaale waa gabadh 16 jir ah laguna xiray Magaalada Hargeysa Bishii Agoosto ee sanadkii 2004 ee lasoo dhaafay, ayadoo u socota Abtigeed. Gabadhan ayey jirdil iyo Kufsi u gaysteen Ciidamada Booliiska iyo kuwa CID-da ee Maamulka Soomaliland kadib markii Madaxweyne kuxigeenka maamulkaasi ku amray in gabadhaasi Xabsiga la dhigo. Liibaan Jaamac Hargeysa, J.F.Soomaaliya Saaxiibkaa u *** Daabaco Qormadan
  19. walaa xawla walaa quwata ilaa bilaahi cadiim. waa arin naxdin leh gabara soomaaliyeed oo loogubay lacag lagu lahaa. ee bal eeg hadaa wax tari kartid ilaaheey dartiis. this is the link
  20. mohamed nuur. Yeah, Italy occupied somalia too. did you ever see any somali saying they are but of the italy nation, no. we moved on, somali like you should be put to death. not because they said what you said but they should be put to death because they bring anything to but failure to the nation. well said sxb . about a weak ago one of my classmates was ask what is the different between north of somlia and south of somalia. there was the answer, couse north of somalia was occupied britsh. so now we are happy, couse we were slaves of italy and britsh. alot people are very happy becouse britsh occupied them :confused:
  21. Duka sxb horaa waxaa loo yiri runta dadka waay kanaxisaa the truth hurts thanks for the news Not at all bro, but for the sake of your business, get something profitable. Something like Zamzam's; I know you made quite a fortune out of that. freedom of speach
  22. looooooooool US Democratic Senator John Kerry says a video message from Osama Bin Laden sealed his defeat in a presidential race dominated by the 9/11 attacks.
  23. meesha hadeey tahay meel islaamka ubaahanyahay waa ay banaanthay in la isticmaalo. diinteena waa ay dhigeeysaa in hadii meesha laga dhigaayo masaajid ay banaantahay. ninka gaalkaha malaha xuquuda islaamka uu leeyahay oo kale. waxa kaliya oo ay dadkaan qaladaka ku sameeyeen waxaa waaye in ay lafihii kutuureen banaanka waxaa fiicneed in ay asturaan. lakiin walaahi dhib uma arko meesha hadii laga dhigaayo meel ilaah lagu caabudaayo. qaladka waxaa waaye sidee wax u sameeyeen.
  24. horta runtii wax qalad ah uma arko meesha hadeey tahay
  25. aslaamu calaykum maxaay idinlatahay in meeshaas laga dhigo masaajid? oo umadeena soomaaliyee wax ku bartaan. halkaan kafiirso. muxaadaradii iyo sawiro laga soo qaaday