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  1. Jumatatu thanks for the lovely picture of makah al mukarama qofkastoo soomaynah maanta ilaah ha uwada aqbalo kulu caamun wa'antum bilqaayr ciid wanaagsan dhamaantiin
  2. all of you sister and brother are devently right i made a huge mistake,but everything is if you do it by intention AND I DON'T THINK I DID it. maxaa yeela nabigeen naxariis iyo nabad galyo dushiisa ha ahaato said this ( INA MAL ACMAALU BINIYAATI) THEREFORE I DIDN'T TAKE GOOD LOOK OF THIS PART OF HIS SPEACH we will be able to speed up that day when all of God's children ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ORGILAQE YOU ARE RIGHT IT IS WRONG TO SAY THAT YOU CAN SAY THAT ADOO MADII ILAAHEEY THANKS GUYS FOR CORRECTING ME
  3. I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its life. "We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all somalis are created equal." I have a dream that one day on the red hills north of somalia the sons of reerwaqooye and the sons south of somalia will be able to sit down together at a table of brotherhood. I have a dream that one day even the state of somaliand, a desert state, sweltering with the heat of injustice and oppression, will be transformed into an oasis of freedom and justice. I have a dream that four point five clans will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. I have a dream today. I have a dream that one day the nation of africa, whose governor's lips are presently dripping with the words of interposition and nullification, will be transformed into a situation where little african boys and african girls will be able to join hands with little somlian boys and somlian girls and walk together as sisters and brothers. I have a dream today. I have a dream that one day every valley shall be exalted, every hill and mountain shall be made low, the rough places will be made plain, With this faith we will be able to work together, to pray together, to struggle together, to go to jail together, to stand up for freedom together, knowing that we will be free one day. This will be the day when all of God's children will be able to sing with a new meaning, "My country, somaalia 'tis of thee, sweet land of liberty, of thee I sing. Land where my fathers died, land of the pilgrim's pride, from every mountainside, let freedom ring." And if somalia is to be a great nation, this must become true. So let freedom ring from the prodigious hilltops of New boosaaso. Let freedom ring from the mighty mountains of muqadisho. Let freedom ring from the heightening Alleghenies of hargeeysa Let freedom ring from the snowcapped Rockies of marka cadeey Let freedom ring from the curvaceous peaks of kisamaayo But not only that; let freedom ring from Stone Mountain of xamarweeyne Let freedom ring from Lookout Mountain of baraawe Let freedom ring from every hill and every molehill of soomaalia. From every mountainside, let freedom ring. When we let freedom ring, when we let it ring from every village and every hamlet, from every (MAGAALO) and every CAASIMAD, we will be able to speed up that day when all of God's children, QABIIL XOGBADEN and QABIIL XOOGYARE will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old HALYEEYADII SOOMAALIYEED "NABAD UGUDAMBEEYNTII! NABAD UGUDAMBEEYNTII FREE AT LAST thank God Almighty, we are free at last!"
  4. waxaan aad uuga helay picturka hotel ka laga soo qaaday. I wonder what this people are selling infron of the hotel. muus cambo leen iyo yaaanyo i didn't know that you could found something like that in hargeysa.
  5. "How Somalian are you?" You scored a 70% on the "How Somalian are you?" Quizie! 594 people had a score lower than yours 253 people had a score higher than yours 39 people had a score the same as yours macquul ma ahan how came i scored 70 :mad: 253 people had a score higher than yours i think they are not somalis
  6. cabdi rashiid sheeq cali sharmaake alaha u naxariisto. waan is ka qarxiyay jawaabta sorry. wuxuu ahaa madax weeyne labo sano kaliya. marxuumka alaha unaxariisto ma uusan jecleen in la waar diyeeyo.
  7. caaqil you devently right bal ila fiiriya abaawka weey wuxuu ka dhahay qaadka. this was long time ago horaa loo yiri soomali been weey sheektaa been kuma maah maado ama ku ma gabaydo QAADKA Abshir Nuuur Faarax (Bacadle) Qayil oo cun reerkiina qadi qaadow adigaa leh Qashin iyo qashaabiir qurmuun qaadow adigaa leh Qatar caafimaad oo qarsoon qaadow adigaa leh Qalbi olol mar qabo oo qaniin qaadow adigaa leh Qaraabo iyo ehel aan latabin qaadow adigaa leh Qayrkaa shaxaad hana qajilin qaadow adigaa leh Jirkoo qaasha nadarkoo qayiran qaadow adigaa leh Qalbi guban sigaar lagu qanciyo qaadow adigaa leh Macdan qubta hawshoon laqaban qaadow adigaa leh Hurda qarow ah soojeed qam qama qaadow adigaa leh Iska qaado qaantana ha bixin qaadow adigaa leh Xubna qaadiwaa sida qof qalan qaadow adigaa leh Qabiltu jaanka aadmiga ku qabo qaadow adigaa leh Dubaab lagu qarwoo kugu qulqula qaadow adigaa leh Bisad ku quustay dabadeeda qabo qaadow adigaa leh
  8. waqtiyar see in aad in dhahaaga ku aragtid dhibaatada ee kujirto samsam ahmed ducaale Haybadii Iyo Xishoodkii Hog Miyaa Lagu Hubsaday Samsam Axmed Ducaale
  9. lets wait and see what the next step will be for the government. one step down. will it be baydabo or mogadishu? ....................
  10. Somaliland = Somali People + Their Land: There is nothing to be curious about! - Wednesday, January 12, 2005 at 05:24 Mr. Richard Rahn’s recent article about “Curious case of Somaliland†on Washington Times contained many inaccuracies about Somaliland and its relationship to Somalia, which needs to be addressed. First and foremost, I too celebrate the democratic successes that Somaliland has had in recent years However, Somaliland’s recent democratic successes of its own, should not come at the expense of Somali Sovereignty, which Mr. Rahn completely ignores in his article. It should be noted that, Somaliland was never intended to be “independent†from Somalia. The British, who controlled Northwestern Somalia (known as Somaliland), and the Italians, who controlled Northeastern Somalia (know as Puntland) including the southern part of Somalia, both agreed to grant independence on the same date July 1, 1960. In-order to facilitate the merging of the two areas into one Somalia. The British, for their own particular “British†reasons of wanting to claim they gave independence first, jumped the gun to give independence to Somaliland by four days ahead of the Italians. Nonetheless, the two areas were quickly merged reflecting the desires of the people of both areas to be one country. Now, a great number within Somali Landers strongly oppose the succession of Somaliland. The desires of the people from both areas to be one nation makes perfect sense when one understands the Clan ties between the people of Somaliland and Somalia. In addition, the ties continue to be close when one understands that the current president of Puntland State adjacent to Somaliland is from Somaliland and the Current government of Somalia has provided 61 seats in its parliament for the *** Clan, which is the ruling, Clan in Somaliland. In fact, some members of *** clan are pushing for independence from Somalia. In that regard, from a Clan perspective, independence makes sense. Nation-wide, internationally, and culturally it makes no sense at all and it is probably one of the reasons why no one is or should move to recognize a Somaliland State. It is also important to note that Somaliland is not comparable to Yugoslavia or the Baltic states as Mr. Rahn states. Yugoslavia was separated due to the historical irreconcilable religious differences and extreme hatred therein. The Baltic States have distinct languages, religions, and ethnic ties from each other. More importantly, the Baltic States were independent in 1918 and only lost that independence through Soviet aggression. Somaliland and Somalia are one in culture, language and religion . It is also very bothersome that Mr. Rahn’s has attempted to equate the current government of Somalia with the Siad Barre regime in the 70’s and 80’s The current president of Somalia, who was elected to that position on October 10th, 2004, Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed, was imprisoned by and fought against Siad Barre for years. President Yusuf, as president of Puntland also fought terrorism throughout the 90’s in and around Puntland. Without President Yusef’s help, Somaliland would not have had the democratic opportunities it has today. It is un-fortunate that you have not read the well-known history of Dahir Riyale Kahin who is the current president of Somaliland and his relations with the dictator Siad Bare Regime. He was one of few most trusted people by the dictator for 21 years. He headed the national security force in the Northern division (Somaliland), which was the most oppressive force that helped the brutal dictator to prolong his regime against the will of the Somali people. There are charges filled against him in Europe and the United States by committing human rights violations against his owned citizens during Siad Bare Regime. It is not true that the entire Somalia is in Chaos. Somalia has made great strides in the last year in reconstituting its government for the first time since 1991. It has an elected parliament, which is inclusive of all the major and minor clans including the members of the ruling clan in Somaliland. The Parliament has selected the President, Speaker of the Parliament and the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister has put his cabinet together and has presented his plan of governance to the Parliament. It is currently working to establish itself in Somalia and should do so in the next month. Most importantly to the United States, the Government of Somalia is very aggressive in supporting western standards in all phases of governance, economic development and fighting terrorism. Somalia is strategically located, has the strategic resources, and desire to become a great friend to the United States and Europe. A year from now, even greater strides will be made and the world will appreciate the opportunity of Somalia. Accordingly, Somalia can no longer be described in terms that Mr. Rahn used in his article and because of this, when the time is right, Somalia and Somaliland will be as they were, one nation under one God. Shirwac Jama what is going on???? the world is changin in to adifferent direction..
  11. i hope i didn't couse alot people to have un heart attack. that is onething . people like libaax sankataabte, old news. old lies. sxb you can't cover anthing that is why i am going to renew the letter. jumatut Damn what a coincidence Aliseleeban, cause I happen to have found one similar to it but of different author, may be you could help in identifying it sxb homeboy cover your eyes alot of this letter is coooooooooooming sooooon. bari_nomad This should be deleted. wiilhooyo are you the head of somaliaonline administrative ? or you used to be An official governer of nomads :rolleyes:
  12. Subject: Liberty: Somaliland: Letter: From Pres Mohamed I. Egal to PM Rabin ____________________________________________________________________________ __ __________ _ _______ ______ / |/ / __/ _ | / |/ / __/ | /| / / __/ / /|_/ / / __ |/ / _/ | |/ |/ / /_/ /_/___/_/ |_/_/|_/___/ |__/|__/___/ Support MSANEWS, a project of learning and enlightenment "A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste" [ see footer for contact and other pertinent information ] ____________________________________________________________________________ Source: Liberty For the Muslim World Date: Thu, 12 Dec 1996 15:54:57 +0000 Email: Title: Liberty: Somalia Report: From Pres Mohamed Ibrahim Egal to PM Rabin TEXT: Liberty For the Muslim World, Postal Address: BM Freedom, London WC1N 3XX, U.K. Tel: 0181-4526210 Fax: 0181-4502019 Mob: 0468298219 Text of the letter sent by fax to former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin by President of the Republic of Somaliland Mohamed Ibrahim Egal. Republic of Somaliland The Presidency Our Ref: SLR/PO/ISPMI/7/95 Your Ref: ....................... 3 July 1995 Hargeisa His Excellency The Prime Minister of Israel Mr Yitshak Rabin Hakirya, Fax No. 972 2 513 950 Jerusalem, Israel. Your Excellency Establishing Strategic Partnership with the State of Israel In my capacity as the President of the Republic of Somaliland, an admirer of the state of Israel and the courage of its people, please accept my compliments and my people's profound felicitations to you, your Government, President and the people of Israel for their tenacity, strength and resourcefulness which had finally constrained its adversaries to make peace with the State of Israel. I have the honour of representing the people of Somaliland and its nascent state in this opportunity for seeking to establish amiable and strategic links with the State of Israel. It is important to note that our two nations have had strong links since time immemorial. Indicative of such historical links, stretching well before the advent of Islam to this date, is the influence of the Hebrew culture in Somaliland and how Jewish legends and their mystical powers are widely acknowledged and homage paid to them. In addition, the people of Somaliland are appreciative as they have an indelible memory of the fact that Israel was among the first three countries who recognised Somaliland after it declared its independence from Britain on 26th June 1960, alas, that independence lasted no more than four days as Somaliland entered into a voluntary union with the UN Trust Territory of Somalia on 1st July 1960, in the hope of creating Greater Somalia. Exactly, thirty five years later, the dreams of Greater Somalia are discredited and disavowed. It was under the union with Somalia that Somaliland found itself a pathetic captive within a ruthless, destructive and hostile state. Indeed, it was this union whose culmination was the tyrannous and repressive regime of the late Siyad Barre which brought about the enormous suffering, starvation and destruction in which the world had witnessed and came to notice, too well, during the past five years or so. The people of Somaliland have renounced such a union in May 1991 and reclaimed their independent sovereign entity, and nothing will make them reverse the decision to extricate themselves from the captivity of Somalia. The vice-president and the Foreign Minister of Somaliland have, recently, paid an official visit to Eritrea and while there met H.E. Ariel Kerem, the Ambassador of Israel in Eritrea, who furnished them with valuable advice and suggested that I, the President of Somaliland, should write to your Excellency, as the Prime Minister of Israel, in person, informing you about Somaliland's eagerness to establish an ex parte relationship based on strategic partnership with the State of Israel and sharing with you about my government's concerns and fears vis-a-vis the alarming menace emanating from the expansion of Islamic influence in our strategic region. As I am sure you are aware, at the height of the cold war Somalia's strategic geographical location was acknowledged by both sides (East/West). Today, however, although the West had won the cold war and the threat of communism appears to be vanishing in many parts of the world, we, in the Horn of Africa, are being threatened by a more sinister and pernicious enemy in the form of encroaching Islamic influence. It would be true to say that the State of Israel and its people are, perhaps, more aware and alert of such threats than most other countries, and know how perilous and pestilential the spread of Islamic influence would mean for the entire region. The political upheavals which have been taking place in the Horn of Africa and the lack of stability in the region could be aggravated further if the influence of Islamic Fundamentalism is not curtailed or contained very soon. Somaliland's concern is reinforced by the growing influence of the Saudis and the pro-Islamic Yemen, particularly ever since it had crushed and defeated the South Yemeni's courageous attempt to forsake or renounce its union with the north. Discovering that Eritrea is not interested [in] to act as an Arab satellite, both Sana' and Riyadh, as well as Khartoum (not to mention how pariah states like Iran and Libya are meddling into the internal affairs of my country), are now directing their efforts to force Somaliland to forfeit or withdraw its independence with the intention of installing a pro-Islamic Somali state (under a federal Somalia). This will most definitely render the control of both the north and southern coasts of the Red Sea to pro-Islamic regimes, with the exception of Eritrea and the miniature state of Djibouti which has no significance leaving the whole region to become a bed-rock for Islamic influence. Your Excellency, my government firmly believes that owing to this region's strategic geopolitical importance as a result of its propinquity to the oil routes and the narrow Babul-Mendeb entrance, as well as its proximity to the Gulf, the Middle East and the access to the Indian Ocean, it will be highly deleterious if such a strategic region falls almost entirely under the dominion of pro-Islamic regimes. Needless to say that this should be a portentous eventuality which will in turn adversely affect the national security of the State of Israel, and that of other countries in the Horn of Africa who are trying to recover from years, if not decades, of both man-made and natural disasters i.e. civil wars, military coups, draughts and famines, etc. In addition, since countries in the region are not politically stable the encroachment of Islamic influence will most certainly have a destabilising effect. For instance, in Ethiopia with its various nationalities and particularly with its large Muslim population, the expansion of pro-Islamists in the region would act as a tinder-box with the potential to enflame the entire region. Although the people of Somaliland are over 98% Muslims, they are, nevertheless, averse to adopt an antiquated Islamic Sharia Law as their way of living and governance. In contrast my government intends to make Somaliland a beacon of democracy and oasis for stability in this region of upheavals and turmoil. But this is unlikely to happen in the present climate, as we are ranged against by strong and powerful Islamic proxies whose primary aim is to put out such an illume of hope. A foretaste of what will happen if dark forces of Islamists will succeed in their pursuit of bringing in a passé or an out-moded system, could be seen in Mogadishu today, where a de facto administration from a coalition of Islamic proxies and minority tribal groups headed by not so long ago UN/International fugitive warlord General Aideed, where Islamic surrogates have been infringing people's human rights with impunity; people are being stoned to death for committing no crime other than fornication; and limbs are being chopped off for petty crimes such as mugging and burglary in a barbaric inhuman and uncivilised manner. My government has, in lieu of imposing Sharia Law on our people, just completed the draft of a new secular Constitution which is very liberal and mundane, for I am conscious that Sharia Law does not reflect the needs of my people who are aspiring to become a modern society. Pro-Islamists are hell bent on spreading their influence & version of Islam in the region, and are exploiting the plight of the people of Somaliland. Islamists are the kind of people inspired by a boundless hate who could even exculpate and excuse the crimes of the Holocaust. They have scant regard of the dire needs of the Somali people. All they are interested in is to have their way and are pouring arms and funds to set-up a pro-Islamic regime in our country and establish more Islamic proxies throughout the region. Their modus operandi is to take advantage of people's predicament and impose unsuitable Islamic regimes upon and unsuspecting people. Somalila nd is doing all it can to be a bulwark against the spread of Islamic fundamentalism and sees this as an international issue, thus would appreciate it if your Excellency would use your good offices & enormous influence in the West, particularly in the US, to alert them about the portentous/ominous situation developing in this region, so that they would not remain hapless on-lookers while their national/international interests are being threatened. I am absolutely certain that those Arab countries noted above, as well as Iran, will whip-up Islamic/Arab passion against Somaliland establishing amiable & strategic partnership with the State of Israel and thus could use this as a pretext to exacerbate our situation further both inside and outside Somaliland. However, those countries need to know that my government is not playing with empty emotions, as they often do, but playing pragmatism and real politick for the best interest of its people and country. The people of Somaliland have a daunting and onerous task to overcome their Islamist adversaries and contain the encroachment of Islamic influence, considering their strength, however, we are like David facing Goliath, but then there were an overwhelming odds against Israel when it defeated Arabs in three major wars. In order to surmount such an onerous task my government needs the support and assistance of the State of Israel, not only to defend our nascent state from the menace of pro-Islamist dark forces, but also in terms of relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction of this devastated country. In this regard my government has a number of priority areas where your Excellency's assistance is pivotal to the people of Somaliland, among these are: First, military equipment and counter insurgency experts. Second, conducting plebiscite on the issue of independence at the end of next year 1996 or early 1997. Third, relief and rehabilitation aid as well as development advisers, petroleum and mineral exploitation expertise. The people of Somaliland have full confidence in their government and are absolutely behind me in this historic decision of establishing strategic partnership with the state of Israel and I am determined to see it come into fruition. Shalom, I have the honour to remain, Your Obedient Servant Mohamed Ibrahim Egal President .................................................. Marka hore ilaah ha u naxariisto inta dhimatay oo muslim ah dadku waxeey dhahaan taariiqdu waa wax lama iloo waan ah. histroy always goes down. Republic of Somaliland
  13. india Juma, Old habits die hard, these lot are so belinded by thier support for in yay that they will even dare to call a spade a diamond. Hypocracy at all new heights here on sol. How bloody sad! now: lets just observe how much insults and accusations get hurled at me. My sister Dusty or India Yes, I and the brothers you mentioned support the Somali government. Yes we are concerned for Juma, who normally is a stand up guy. No we will not insult you even though we dont agree with the selfish clan based ideology that you cover up as Somalilandnimo. For you are a Somali sister. Duke, well done sxb the way you respected your sister. "A" and "B" i don't see where "C" comes from. Soomalia needs all the help it can get. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<,<< HOOSHOON LAQABAN MACDAN QUBATO QAADOOW ADIGAA LEH. QAADKAN QAADO QAANTANA HABIXIN QAADOW ADIGAA LEH QOSAL BADAN IYO QAMUUNYO ISKUXIGTA QAADOOW ADIGAA LEH.
  14. General Samatar Waxaa Markhaati Ugu Filan Taariikhdiisa By Dr Ahmed Said Ali Posted to the web 08-01-2005, 21:38:28 London:-Waxaa doonayaa inaan ka hadlo arrin todobadyadan la hadal hayey oo ah dacwada madani ah oo uu soo qaban qaabanqaabiyey ururka la yiraahdo Center of Justice and Accountability oo isagu ugaarsada madaxda ajnibiga ah ee soo degta ama soo booqata Maraykanka isagoo kaashanaya dad dhib sheeganaya una dhashay dalkii ay madaxdaasi ka talin jireen. Uruku oo hadda kaashanayaa nin sheegtay in la yiraahdo Baashe Abdi Yusuf iyo dhowr qof oo kale oo magacyadooda qariyey wuxuuna doonayaa in dadkaasi magdhow looga qaado Maxamed Cali Samantar oo ka mid ahaa madaxda sare ee dawladii Soomaaliya. Markii aan arrintaasi akhriyey ayaa waxaa durbadiiba maskaxdeyda ku soo dhacdey su'aasha ah Bashe iyo saxiibadiisa isqariyey ee ku doodaya in la xiray, in jir dil lagu sammeeyey,in la kufsadey iyo in xadgudubyo loo geystey miyey aqoon u lahayn sida dawladii Soomaaliya maamul ahaan u shaqeyn jirtey ama dawladiba u shaqeyso? miyeysan hore u maqal xilalkii uu dawladaa ka hayey mudane Maxamed Cali Samatar? Si aan su'aalahaasi uga jawaabno aan wax yar ka sheego waxqabad socoday muddo ka badan 40 sano oo mudane Maxamed Cali Samantar ku leehay taariikhda Soomaalida. General Samanatar wuxuu bilaabey inuu xil u qabto ummada Soomaaliyeed isagoo jira 25 sano markaasi oo uu taliya ka noqday Saldhiga Degmada Marka isagoo xiddigle ah oo ka soo qalin jibiyey kuliyad militri oo ku taala dalka Talyaniga, wuxuuna ka mid noqday saraakiishii dhalinyarada ahyd ee muujiyey karti ay ku hanana karaan sugida ammaanka dhulkooda taasi oo gummeystihii Talyaniga ku kaliftay inuu ogaalaado inay gcanta ku dhigaan maamulka amnigooda. Waxaa iyana xusid mudan in 1Luulyo 1960 habeenkii calanka Soomaalida la saarayey uu general Samantar ahaa taliyihii watay ee dalbanayey cutubyadii calanka salaanta siinayey wuxuuna Samatar markaasi ahaa taliye xiggeenka ciidanka gobolka Banaadir Waxaa iyana aan la iloobi Karin kaalintii uu ka qaatey dagaalkii 1964tii ee Ethiopian ku soo qaadeen dawladii da'da yareyd ee Soomaaliya.General Maxamed Cali Samantar wuxuu ka daagaal galay aagga Togwajaale halkaasi oo ciidankii uu watey ka muujiyeen geesinimo dalkana ka difaceen ciidamadii Ethiopia wuxuuna ku muteystey bilad iyo dalacaad General Samanatar oo ah Askari loo tababarey difaaca dalka una dhaartey inuu xilkaasi si daacadnimo ah u guto ayaa waxaan taariikhdiisa lagu xusuustaa dhismahii xoogga dalka Soomaaliyeed intii uu ahaa wasiirka gaashaandhiga isagoo gaarsiiyey heer ay Soomaliya yeelato ciidanka ugu tayo sareyeeya Afrika marka laga reebo dawaldii cadaanka ahayd ee konfur afrika.ciidankaasi oo hantey difaaca dalka Soomaaliya. Waxaa kaloo dunida oo dhami ku baratey General Maxamed Cali Samanatar hogaamintii ciidamadii Soomaaliya ee cududa ku muquuniyey ciidamadii Ethiopia ee lagu tilmami jirey libaaxa Afrika sannadkii 1977 iyo dagaalgelintii uu u dejiyey dagaalkaasi oo ka mid noqotay duruusta lagu barto dugsiya staratijiyada dagaalka ee aduunka. Samantar oo ah nin qaran doorkiisu kuma ekeyn difaaca dalka oo keliya ee wuxuu horseed ka noqday hawlihii deblomasiyad soomalida ee waqtigii dagaalkii qaboobaa ka jirey dunida wuxuuna doorweyn ka qaatey meelmarinta siyaasaddii Soomaalida isaga oo ah nin si weyn looga soo dhoweeyo dalkii Midowga Sifooyi iyo dalka Mareykan kaba Waxaa taariikhdaa inooga cad in General samantar uu ahaa nin Somali ah oo aad u naxariis badan muddo dheerna ka mid ahaa madaxdii dawladii soomaliya marnan aan lagu eedeyn ama lagu xaman ficil xun ama dibindaabyo binaadam wuxuuna ka mid yahay madaxd Soomaliyeed ee fara ku tiriska ah ee ku can baxay akhalaaaq wanaaga iyo hogaaminta toosan taasi oo ay ka markhaati ka kacayaan inta badan ummmada Soomaliyeed ama dadka si dhab ah u yaqaan Maxamed Cali Samantar. Hadaba maxaa keenay in baashe iyo saaxiibadii ay ku eedeeyaan Maxamed Cali Samanatar inuu xadgudubyo u geystey inagoo wada og inaan marna General Samantar masuul ka noqon xafiiska laga maamulo xabsiyad iyo nabad sugid toona? Waxaa hubaal ah in Baashe iyo saaxiibadiis garanayaa ninkii xiray, ninkii amarka xariga bixiyey iyo weliba kuwii xadgudubayada u geystey, balse ay ka mid yihiin koox aaminsan in Soomaaliya la googooyo oo aysan marnaba midoobin, in la gubo calanka Soomaaliyeed ee astaanta u ah jiritaanka ummada Soomaaliyeed iyo in la ugaarsado, meelna looga dhaca sharafta iyo haybada dadka magaca iyo qadarinta ku leh ummada soomaliyeed ee aamisan jiritaanka iyo midnimida ummada inay tahay muqadus sida General Maxamed Cali samantar Ummada soomaliyyed waxay leedahay taariikh aan iloobin wadaniyiinta iyo madaxda naftooda, xoogooda iyo maskaxdooda u hura sida General Maxamed Cali Samantar. Taariikhdu waa marag waa jiri markhaatileh.
  15. Beel yahay gadoodayoo go’daydoo gabar ku ciil beeshay Oo inan yaroo guri gashay ay kaga gariirsiisay Oo garan waayay wuxu waa gabaraan wax idin gaarsiinin Ma weydnaan gabdhaha sharaf u hayn garasho yeelkeede >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> i couldn't say it better. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< the best line for me. oo inan yaroo guri gashay ay kaga gariirsiisay oo garan waayay wuxu waa gabaraan wax idin gaarsiinin :eek: lets leave like that, a babygril who came to your house us gust i don't now why you harm it where she never harm you. :confused: oh i forget, she is from puntland. she was going to kill the vice presdent. easy she will scream and he will die no wait she didn't have weapan how will she do it. she paid the tax driver to hide the weapons for her this was how the court in hargeys people saying to each other. finaly 16 years gril who was there at court said that doesn't make sence, where are the CIA. they didn't do their job. :eek: lol this is the past case that i have ever seen it
  16. very simpl i would shoot him in the head. no, no, and again that doesn't work because ( adiino nasteexa.) i don't know if you guys remembar nabigeena muxamed naxariis iyo nabad galyo dushiisa ha ahaato. waxaa m,aalin qabsaday asagoo ku jira masaajid ka waxaa soo gaalay nin reerbaadiye ah oo aan diin laheen waxuu kudhex kaadiye masaajid iyadoo asxaabto wadafadhiso iyo nabigeena ba scw. asxaabta markeey damceen iyo ay qoorta kajaraan asagii oo kaadinayo ayuu nabiga yir ukaadiya hadhameeso hoowshiisa markaas kaduibna si tar tiib ah ayuu uu la hadlay ninkii. markaas ayuu ninkii intuu naxay yir ilaahoo aniga iyo nabi maxamed noo naxariiso not the rest of them. lol nabiga wuxuu uu gu jabaabay naxariista eebe la iskuma yareeyo . anyhow hadaa diinteen eegto waa very simple and easy waa waxi i loo dhahay adiinu nasteexa ninkaas waxaan uu la hadli lahaa si aad iyo aad u wanaagsan cashona waan geeyn lahaa ama gurigeeyaga ayaan ku martiqaad lahaa si aan uu ga dhaadhac siiyo diinta saaxiib wanaagsan waan la noqon lahaa ilaa uu iska badalo. so simply people like that need no violent. i am sorry those folks who can't read soomali.
  17. very simpl i would shoot him in the head. no, no, and again that doesn't work because ( adiino nasteexa.) i don't know if you guys remembar nabigeena muxamed naxariis iyo nabad galyo dushiisa ha ahaato. waxaa m,aalin qabsaday asagoo ku jira masaajid ka waxaa soo gaalay nin reerbaadiye ah oo aan diin laheen waxuu kudhex kaadiye masaajid iyadoo asxaabto wadafadhiso iyo nabigeena ba scw. asxaabta markeey damceen iyo ay qoorta kajaraan asagii oo kaadinayo ayuu nabiga yir ukaadiya hadhameeso hoowshiisa markaas kaduibna si tar tiib ah ayuu uu la hadlay ninkii. markaas ayuu ninkii intuu naxay yir ilaahoo aniga iyo nabi maxamed noo naxariiso not the rest of them. lol nabiga wuxuu uu gu jabaabay naxariista eebe la iskuma yareeyo . anyhow hadaa diinteen eegto waa very simple and easy waa waxi i loo dhahay adiinu nasteexo ninkaas waxaan uu la hadli lahaa si aad iyo aad u wanaagsan cashona waan geeyn lahaa ama gurigeeyaga ayaan ku martiqaad i lahaa si aan uu ga dhaadhac siiyo diinta . so simply people like that need no violent. i am sorry those my folks who
  19. Fuad Aadan Cade is in sool lets wait what happens. are we gone see another cross -country champion. Warar qaarkood ayaa sheegaya in Fuaad oo horay u saluugsanaa wasaarada uu ka hayay maamulka Somalidiidka ah ayaa waxaa soo baxay warar sheegay in uu maamulaha magaalada Hargeysa Riyaale kaahin qorsheeynayo in xilkaasi laga qaado laguna wadad in lagu badalo wasaaradaasi ninkale maadama ay maalmaha suuqayada laysala Dhex maryay in uu riyaale wado is bedel uu ku sameeynayo maamulkiisa taasin ay ku kaliftay Fuad in uu isaga soo baxsado Magaalada Hargeyso Nayruus mush macquul he is good guy why are they doing this to him isbadal aa awootooy
  20. Xiisad ka taagan Hargeysa, kadib markii la dilay laba nin oo ay isku heyb yihiin wasiirka arrimaha gudaha maamulka Somaliland Hargeysa Wararka naga soo gaaraya magaalada Hargeysa ee xarunta u ah maamulka la baxay Somaliland, ayaa waxey sheegayaan in halkaasi lagu dilay laba nin oo ay isku heyb yihiin wasiirka arrimaha gudaha Somaliland Ismaaciil Aadan Cusmaan, waxaana la sheegay in dilkaasi uu geystay askari ka tirsan booliska Somaliland kaasoo lagu xiray xabsiga dhexe. Dad careysan oo reer Hargeysa ah ayaa ku xoomay isbitalka Hargeysa halkaasoo la dhigay meydadka labadii Marxuum, kuwaasoo shalay lagu aasay magaaladaasi. Sababta keentay dilka nimankaasi ayaa la sheegay in ay la xiriirto kadib markii ay isku dayeen in ay dhistaan dhul sharci darro ah oo ay ku baaqday wasaarada howlaha guud ee maamulkaasi in aan la dhisan karin, iyadoo dhinaca kalena wararku sheegayaan in dilka nimankaasi uu ka dambeeyey mid ka mid ah ilaalada wasiirka howlaha guud & guriyeynta maamulka Somaliland Siciid Shirwac wararka qaar ayaa waxeey sheegayaan in xaalada hargeeysa ee hada faraku jirin. wixii faah faahin oo dheerad ah waan idinla soo socod siin doonaa Cabdishakuur Cilmi Xasan ,Dayniile Muqdisho webmaster@dayniile.
  21. what president, ow u mean the hotel president, wow ballerz. no he is the president of hargeysa no, he is the president of goni ugoosadland, no he is the former president of puntland the counter that contorlls LASANO WITH POWER AND (MURUQ) WITHOUT HIS APROVEL BURCOLAND WILL GO NOWHERE he is the president of SOMALIA. HE IS THE ONE WHO STRTED THE WOR AND HE WILL BE THE ONE THAT WILL BRING PEACE TO SOMALIA LIKE HE MENTION HE FIRST SPEACH.
  22. It is funny how naive ppl seem. At least this guy can afford it and his wives have accepted his proposal and he's taking care of his children, which is most of what is required of him. dawaco slow down sis if you can afford, you don't need to play human life. this guy is doing too mutch and he needs ppl that can tell him to stop it. he is doing something alaah hates and alaah hates divorce. i belive this guy get married to those women becouse of fame and get attention from society. as muslim man you are allowed to be married to four wifes and to treat them with respect. it is clear that this man spent more time in court for divorce settlement then making his marriages work. i can see this man wants to live the typical arab man legend, wich is to take many number of wives. i belive for me two wive is enough for me if i can afford then
  24. Aslaamu calaykum w. wb. those of you who haven't seen MR sameter i recently met him in a wedding in washington dc. the guy forget if he knows his own kids, he doesn't remembar if you were talking to him 5 minute ago ANYHOW LIKE WAS SAID BEFORE ISLAAM IS ALL ABOUT FOR GIVNESS . walaahi we are still doing the samething we were doing when we had the government. the low geos after those who aren't from strong clan. why don't we go after those who we know that they cumitted the same crime. RIYAALE, MORGAN, SHAN DAQIIQO, GUULEED KAARSHE, AND MANY MORE MOST OF THEM LIVE IN THE US. why don't we star from kenya were the kings of crimes live coommmm people lests stay together. we all know what happen in somalia, but we know only those who we can run fater them. those are the massakin. YAXYE DAFLE NO ONE KNOWS HIM EVEN WHAT HE DID IN THE NORTH AND HE STILL LIVE IN THE US HE USED TO BE THE (KABIIR) OF THE CRIMERS. :eek: ARE WE HERE TALKING ABOUT THE TRUTH OR WE JUST SAYING WHAT WE WANT COOMMM LEST SAY THE TRUTH. EVERYBADY FELT THE PAIN. WHEN ONE OF MY FRIEND TOLD ME WHAT HAPPEN IN NORTH OF SOMALIA WERE SHE WAS PREST AT THAT TIME TEARS COME TO MY EYES :confused:
  25. slow down guys you only hear us somalis talk loud because you understand the meaning of what your people are talking about. but can you tell when the other talking loud. that is the point. anyhow we bron to talk loude. becase when we are brone ( dhagaha ayaa na looga adimaa) warayaaaaaaaaa maxaaa tiri kor uhadal ma ku maqli. i belive somalis have the best manners i love to talk loud waaaaaaaa wareeeeeeeeeey