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  1. Maya Sxb...Weli ahlul qabuur kuma darsamine. markey teeda dhaamato kolay inaan ku darsami doono waa hubaal.
  2. Salaams Biibol. how is everyone doing? it felt like i have been away for eons.
  3. Fergie was there so you expect to get the Ref to help him with the points! it wa scandalous!
  4. ^^^^ I hope not. am not that confident but given how Arsene was talking I'm hoping we are ready to nullify the threat of Suarez and Carrol tonight! Big Game! Arsenal to wib 2:0 Cheers
  5. Liverpoool will lose this weekend.... Arsene ayaa teleefan ii soo diray.... Great game...we can't afford to lose or draw. it is a str8 win for us... Cheers Go Gunners!
  6. Bal ukaadsha. waa qoloma dadkan aad meesha noogu soo taxdeen. so reera malaha saynisyahaniintani? LoL jokes aside... Walaahi it is fantastic we always hear how our community are not studing and doing all sorts of bad things. it is great to hear the good stuff that we also do! Well done Chimera
  7. Walee rag meeshaan waxbaa sugi.... :D waar nuunoow bal rag meeshaan ah u fur dugsi
  8. They are in mourning state.... NG, I think they put too much pressure on him, Also I feel some resentment from the Chelsea primadonnas. they are kinda of siding with Drogba and not welcoming him enough to make him feel that he is part of the team. besides, Chelsea bought him without too much thought on how he is going to fit in the team. you can see he is trying but things are not going for him and certainly Anceloti is no Wenger! (a coach who supports his players no matter what and he hates the pressure as well) Torres would have been a great fit for Arsenal I tell you... Cheers
  9. ^ who do they need to get rid off?
  10. LooooL NORF. the right score but the wrong winner! Seriously I still can't understand how they are still in all major trophies, despite of their so called lack of technical ability. Wonder eh?
  11. Let's be honest the ladies in the group are sizzling! they have my support
  12. Both are crap if you ask me looool. Llet's be honest though... Gerrard can carry a whole team on his shoulders compare that to Lampard who can only play if he is surrounded by better players (Makelele and Essien). the man who really carried Chelsea in the past few seasons is Drogba. so I don't know how someone can say "let's compare Gerrard to Lampard". Steve G is the better player! Cheers
  13. Nuune..sxb waxaan joogaa dhulkaa ay leeyihiin oowstareeliya. waxay inoo tahay 10 habeenimo. Juxa, haaheey. winds of hope and change baa na garaacaya! alhamdullilaahi kolka iska warama maxaa iga danbeeyey?
  14. ^^^Waar labadiina maxaa meesha idin dhigay? siiba midkan leh waa ii saq dhexe.
  15. globalisation as in? that is a term usedvery loosely these days.....So you have to be bit more specific to get a reasonable answer. For example, from Telcom prespective, Somalia had benefited alot from the competing multinational corporations as they can now have access to various competing services at a cost they can afford. Perhaps you need to be more specific with your question and i believe you may get some real answers et=ither from this forum or outside of this forum. Cheers
  16. Salaam trollers..... hmmmm i feel the cold breeze and the freshness of the winds of change! gotta love it. Malika, you're not in London? Juxa, Hi
  17. Lool Tuujiye... tacbaan yahoo markaan Arsenal taageere u ahaa adiga al falaax aa kuu xirnaa! loooool. Odayga Wenger anaa ku kacsan sxb let alone the other gooners!. am 100% Arsenal fan 1st and Arsene 2nd. but Arsene has disappointed me this year knowing that this team are not kids anymore and capable of great things, a big disappointed, specially when we all know that with little additions and good squad players, we could have easily dominated the EPL and become a real challengers for CL. odayga madax adeyg aa intaas ka soo reebay> Lets talk in the next couple of weeks...and see where we all end up.
  18. waa wareey. mad skills! Blake waa la ceebeeyey!
  19. raali ahaada... laba berri ayeey naga jajabtay all over sudden Tuujiye wuxuu la soo boodaa, we will be above Arsenal....walee inaad banooni aqoon. Arsenal will win the PL.... Arsene is the problem now. his stuborness and outright refusal to buy in january is costing us for the 2nd year running. he needs to clear out the rubish we have as for back up players....Denilson, Almunia, Rosickly, Bendtner etc.... i'll give Diaby one more year..... If I know him though, Arsene will refuse to buy CB next year because we have varmelean, djourou, and the 2 french dudes (but the four of them are never fit, are they?) ....so he will claim we don't need more.... but he definitely needs to buy a defensive midfielder (anyone wil be better than Denilson as back up) and top class striker... will he do it....never! Cheers
  20. Seriously I didn't bother watching the second half.... We could not put two passes together. We missed walcot and Song badly. the only one who was in for the fight was Wilshere. Fab was tormented dunno why. Van didn't get any service at all. Diaby and Rosickly seriously! these two against Barca midfield. Arsene was saying before the game how we will attack, what a crock of shit? he was planning to not concede too many goals in the first half and play the second half and hope that we will get a couple of goals. what a genius? Arsene knows he won't have anymore excuse, either win the EPL (the minimum) or clear out the rubbish we have and buy world class players. but we are stil better than Chelsea, Liverpool and Man U put together! Cheers
  21. Seriously, we keep getting life line after life line. it is embarrassing! hope we make something out of it. and I hope when we play our game in hand that we will have Van the Man leading the strike force. BOB, see it is not too bad.... karma, Alex can't win it even if the refs are in his pocket! What daglish Said before the game: http://soccernet.espn.go.com/news/story/_/id/890150/kenny-dalglish-worried-sir-alex-ferguson-will-influence-officials?cc=3436
  22. Sxb Wenger, got it wrong many times no doubt... specially when he doesn't buy to strengthen the team. I agree, without Van P, our chances are slim (the crock he is and all). BOB, today the Ref handed the points to Sunderland, how come the arshavin goal was off site? how come the penalty was not given? you could sense the last five mins the ref wanted to give Sunderland the win... until Samir Nasri got angry and he was yellow carded, WTF? Over all, we were unlucky but you can't blame the team. i thought defense was good, I have no idea how Denilson still plays for us... he is only going backwards....he should go period. Diaby has alot of potential but rosicky has passed it. there must be some summer clearance to let this team reach their potential. Tuujka, I have ben Arsenal fan since my childhood.... (was fan even before Wenger) Cheers
  23. Tuujka, you know beating Barca at Nou Camp is not easy actually it is almost impossible. however, we will beat United and Liv erpool no doubt. the game against Sunderland is bit tricky. this is the team who beat Chelsea (while they were in form) at the bridge. So am cautious about games like this. we don't have a choice other than to beat them if we want to win the title. Arsene is saying he is obsessed with this game than the Barca that tells me he thinks the Sunderland game is more impotant than the Barca game because he is expecting a loss/draw in Barcelona. he has realised his team is not ready yet to win the CL. So the focus is the EPL that I agree with him. we have to win the EPL before the CL. Cheers BOB keep the faith....(i know it is wearing thin even for us the hardline gunners). i believe if they don't win anything it will be the end of project Youth.
  24. Tuujiye;699435 wrote: ^^ Zu, losses make you guys Gooners that you are not stronger. What we see with Arsenal is something we have been witnessing god know how long so stop this calaacal sxb. We had injuries too and bad form and thats why we are where we are today but the difference between Chelsea and the Gooners is that we know how to win the big games and even if we loose, we loose in a close game and learn from our mistakes. You guys had the same style and system for the past 6 years lool and is so easy to predict your game. I still think Man U will win this because Arsenal will never win anything and this time they will loose even with our help. I think you guys will drop some points in the next few games too.... Wareer Badanaa!!! LoooL Tuujiye, you have a very short memory... i have proof that you used to wear Number 14 arsenal shirt with henry name on it and sometimes Pires....stop tacbaanimada. we know how to win big games kulahaa.....as if we don't.... We have beaten Chelsea 3 -1, Man City 3-0, and Barca 2 -1. any bigger games than that? five years ago, Wilshere was cunug, fab was learning how to play in premier league and we have won the whole season undefeated.... yaa ku baraayo hee.. meeshaana dhako weyn tahay. i tell you...we will talk at the end of the season.... simple!
  25. NG and company maba xishoonaayaan miyaa... Here is the logic: the Somaliland people sat together in 1991 and said we want to be independent from Somali Weyn. Fast forward 2009, SSC people sat together and they said "we want to be independent" (mind you they are not seeking independence from SL) they are just saying " they don't want to be ruled by the so autonomous administrations. Somaliland, the seeker of all that is holly and “aayaheena anaga ayaa u tashanayna”, says to SSC " no you can't separate from us “ that is Nabadiidnimo” the Unity of SL is sacred…blah blah blah. Once one group secede, expect others to do the same until nations become fiefdoms. BTW, my personal view is Somalia ha kala qayb qayb santo – let every group decide their future and progress by their own pace. This whole Somali weyn, am not buying it! Cheers