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  1. ^^^LoooL. you have just opened a can of worms. good luck with the A&T's comeback
  2. Bluelicious;893340 wrote: Lool what a awkward situation to be in. Considering the woman is happy about her man being away for a year and going by her tone and invading your personal space it probably was an invite to be her toy boy lool Toy boy? he would be an old toy boy then
  3. The crappy translation puts people off and most likely would make the article unreadable.... I'm sure with bit more research you can find an english one....
  4. Wouldn't the thick glasses magnify the hungry eyes hence becoming the devouring eyes?
  5. ^^^^ No wonder the whole article reads funny.... it was Google translated.... can't you find an english one?
  6. I'm with Ngonge on this one. Besides a lot of articles regarding women in Saudi Arabia are flying around and most of them are not true and have been twisted to suit an agenda. For example we were told there are not female presenters in the Saudi TV... Nonsense..... they have and they are not wearing the Burqa
  7. ^^^ the comparison is not the societal structure but more on the issue of a society suffering and their political elites rising to the occasion. For me, the key question is "can this tragedy ultimately lead into a better future and what does it take to turn it into the catalyst we need for a better future?" Cheers
  8. Only in A & T world do you see an oday complaining about why teenagers didn't hit on him Salaam Juxa Depends.... NG, Malika has pure thoughts unlike You and A&T... she was nearly corrupted by SOL if it wasn't the Islamic Section Salaam all...
  9. Juxa wlc bck. you are back safe and sound, waa ilaahay mahaddii. Hadde wixii lagaa dhowraa waa masawiro iyo aqbaartooda!
  10. Malika;889307 wrote: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xZ-oYNHXHA Now - What wedding is without music? What is up with the Somali singers and auto-tunes? They all sound the same now!
  11. Abtigiis;889325 wrote: , xabaasuud, malab iyo alaabahaas organic ka ahna odayga hadaad ku aragtid waa caadi oo dantaadu ka sheeynayaa e ogoloow ku dheh. Classic! Congrats... I await Blue with her Kal any minute!
  12. Everything in Eastleigh is Chinese cheap, no?
  13. I will always cheer when Arsenal are playing, regardless. I have just given up on the title unless we buy world class midfielder, a keeper and Falcao the atl mar striker. Until then i'm happy to finish above the spurs and Liverpool. Thanks for the welcome though.
  14. Coofle;888528 wrote: I was in KSA 6 years ago......an Experience I would repeat only in Haj Inshalah....Hot as hell, Rude people and 'Mohamed's' everywhere. Spot on
  15. Qamiis is awesome dude! It all depends on the wearer though.
  16. Arsenal used to fade around March but this team fades in October. Walee anagaba iyo Arsene war baa na kala haysta. He thinks we have a chance of winning the title. Wax dheh! I'm one of the last supporters he has and I'm giving up on him.
  17. Somalicentric;886920 wrote: Me, myself, and I... & my handy dandy mirror So many things are wrong with that statement
  18. Having degrees and leadership are not synonymous, no? He can have as much degrees as he wants, can he steer Somalia back to a functioning government? can he inspire the Somali people to unite? or get the Somali people to believe in governmental institutions? So far, he looks bit one dimensional, the dude made Shiekh Shariif a politician, no? Just thoughts...
  19. Will Liverpool finish in 9th position? one position worse off than NORF predicted! I hope we beat West Brom.... Annoying team.... 3rd is ours to lose....
  20. Waar dadkii Alpha gabar siiyey miyey waalnaayeen, mise wuu qalday reeraha? wallee ilaahay ha u saqiro gabadhaa Soomaaliyeed... Kax Kax Kax
  21. LoooL We are not scared of Drogba anymore... he has gotten old.. we have Vermalean and Kolsci, they are both tough nutters...
  22. Very tough match against Chelsea, especially after they've beaten Barca and we lost Arteta....
  23. I like Andy Carrol to be honest... he hasn't been used to the best of his ability... if you will give him to us for free, we may take it off from your hands...