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  1. FuFu majengona xay ahayd? Lily....I asked this question while back. The fear of change and a sense of responsability have stopped me. So if you have nothing to lose i say go for it!
  2. Torobo fuurbo iyo luuqada noocaas ah! LoL NG, been there done that dheh!
  3. ^^^ adiga xageed ku baratay "Torobo waxaas"
  4. ^^^ LoooL...what a coincidence! I do not understand is he saying all religions are illusions/false/prod uct of imagination or just Islam?
  5. You are kidding yeah? how can we be happy with a point? it is home game and Celtic will go for all. So we shall try to score early to kill the game and later in the game withdraw Song and other important players like Arshavin and RVP. even though i think RvP will start on the bench. This will be our lineup Arshavin Bendtner Eduardo Denilson Song Diaby Glichy Var Gallas Sagna So You heard it from Me....someone closer to Arsene told me Cheers
  6. WingA admit it, deep inside your are seduced by the way Arsenal is playing now - your committment to ManU won't let you say it loud. it is ok! Oz, were you here few days ago? I was meant to call you back but kinda slipped from my mind after the start of Ramadan. Will give you a buzz soon. Salaamaat
  7. ^^ Am not worried about City and Celtic... We will send a message to everyone after beating ManU
  8. ^^^ Don't get excited the Chelski are doing a rusty job! so far it has been Drogba's force that kept them going! As for Liverpool, what can I say!!! Have already lost two games!! Arsenal, I think our spirit is too high...and I believe the boys are not scared anymore, you could see the change in attitude, the belief and strength of our physicality is higher than it used to be. In the past we could have been intimidated by strong/physical teams, not anymore. Going to Celtic and winning there is almost impossible even for great teams like the Milan of the past (with Kaka being on form then) and Man U who won the CL could not master a win there. And for the Spurs (it is what you call early season form) unlike Arsenal! where it is a transformation Cheers
  9. Salaams, I was thinking after talking few people about this month and how everyone of us has a good deed that they do consisently this month. while we should not show off our good deeds however i thought this topic could be a platform where we learn from each other and follow each other from qudwatul xassanah perspective... Please share and let others learn from you!
  10. ^^^ Yes Sxb...No Doubt...keep a copy of this if you want
  11. Thiery - xidiga arsenal waa in lagaa jaraa. This year the EPL title belongs to Arsenal
  12. Isn't that the black gangsta gay show? or something along those lines? Whaddaheeel!
  13. Liverpool waa is ceebeeyeen, Chelsea seems to be running out of ideas...while Gunners have shown a great belief and maturity...bring it on Man U.
  14. Well...well...well.. . I am quite unhappy that I still don't have enough time to bragg and say "what did I say, i told you so" but to proof more doubters wrong and give the doubters a chance to repent... I will hold off and wait until we meet Man U at the end of the month, what say you DOUBTERS!
  15. ^^^ waar niman yahow maxaa idin indha tiray - Xaliimos all the way. BTW Somalis are second in the poll so i suggest you vote Cheers
  16. Lol Malika...Takes the hat off to say "Hatujambo Shikamoo Mrembo" Waar ciida anagaa ku baaba'nay oo ay intaan naga soo reebtay iska ilaali. Waxaan lahaa niman baa iga xaday ra'yigii aan ku dhici lahaa jewel shopka. i was about to ask if you like to be my wingman
  17. waar niyoow..maanta shaqa ma aanan aadin, dee calooshaa caraysan adiguse bal waran?
  18. Wax reer troll ah oo meelaha mar maraya miyeey jiraan?
  19. I see Arsenal haters are taking the piss... let me assure you "you will eat your words" I shall be back with my full analysis and comments on why the biggest threat to ManU for the Champ'ship is Arsenal.
  20. ^^ ma daawan, ee waan iska qiyaasay - Ibti thinks smile on a camera is crime - again another qiyaas.
  21. ^^^ So what sort of adventurous wedding do you think is Faheema planning - according to MARX?
  22. ^^^ ha gubto inkaar hellaha dheh! waan kugu raacay - bal yaa yiri balanqaad waxaadan awoodin ama naag shidan hunguri ka raadi! Cheers
  23. ^^^^ LooooL, imagine that...and this time, she will smile and wipe off the angrty face!
  24. Haye - hadde weekend wcan baan kuu rajeeyey. Sariir meeshaan baa i leh "waar legenoow bal iskala bixi" wa salaam