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  1. ^^^ Saas baa la lahaa, inkastoo dad aan aqaan loo xiiray - weliba dad shaqo badan oo inteligent ah ayaa la cunay... marka mar marka qaarkood maha wax ku xiran kartidaada ee waa xaalada suuqa dhaqaalaha!
  2. ^^ - hey stick thin ma dhihin waa good, fit baan iri. healthy kuus kuusana waan amaanay. yaa raba gabar neef tuurta markay laba talaabo is daba dhigto!
  3. ^^waves back... qasacado ayaa ku baaba'ay dheh - war tanoo kale! Baruur bad - fit good caato like model bad - healthy kuus kuusan good
  4. Er' one more thing - Congratulation - wiil/gabar caafimaad iyo cheese - Ilaahay nabad ha idinku kala keeno. Cheers
  5. He (someone) accidently gives KK a cup filled with flamable liquid (that looks like water) and accidently passes a lighter to her - BOOM! Koolo, haddaan laguu qubaynin cabaadka jooji - Islaanta ku dheh -"I'll have a barbie this weekend, do you wanna come?" Cheers
  6. ^^^^ Do not be so defensive - say you're proud healthy eater and freak in her own way How you've been?
  7. ^^^ Sxb, NG and other haters are just bs-ing us. let me see if I understand this - ManU was weakened by the loss of Ron; Liverpool are going into a shaky period - possibly losing Xavi and Mascherano; Chelsea have aging squad without strong signings and on top of that a new coach - and here we are to believe that we will lose our spot to Everton, Man Citi and Villa? Is that a joke? The Man Citi is the only team who had good new signings and yet two out of their new signings are some of the few players who let us down end of last year!!!! I tell you - Arsene have found his balance - he cleared out the lazy players - soon Eboue and Senderos will go and the loss of last year to ManU (CL semi) have taught him a good lesson. I have information that we will sign De Rosi and David Villa within the next few days. Only time will tell! Be excited Gunners and this year the Prem League is ours!!!!
  8. What are hitting each other (maxaa isku dhacaaya)
  9. ^^^ I'll concur with Ngonge here - you are a busy body :cool:
  10. Ibti, it seems you have too much time on your hand, isn't there any protests or something like that going on? it is summer - time for demos i say anyways, wz new?
  11. Inaa Lilaahi wa inaa ilayhi raajicuun. Akhi Sabar iyo iimaan Allaha idinka siiyo, asagana Ilaahay janadiisa ha ku soo dhaweeyo, qabriga dhibkiisa Allaha ka koriyo.
  12. ^^^ these days the cillins are the in. as long as you are shorter than him it is all ok. So why do you want models?
  13. Oh and Ibti, you want a male model go after Nuune. So maxaa isku dhacaayo here?
  14. Ibti, Juxa is former Model...ask Lily
  15. ^^^Liverpool won't win anything - i predict injury to Gerard and there goes your season Arsenal ManU Villa City
  16. ^^^ Good pick up. but i am not sure if Fabs is ready to forgive (asxaabul cijli) or complete the lesson for the rest of us i.e in case of Harun AS.
  17. ^^^ Do not believe the hype man - - - we're getting rid of shit players If Man City is taking anyone's position they will take Chelsea's position. I think Chelsea is slowing down, reminds me of the Milan of last few seasons and that was despite having Kaka... and what a coincidence - anceloti was there and now is here! Cheers
  18. ^^^ we will get into the characters - we are all skiny and am sure the visual effects dudes can do some work on us, na'mean! Paragon, well back in the days - playing filim filimeey in the streets of Waberi - helped me finetune my laadaro skills! i tell yuh - amjad khan has nothing on me
  19. ^^ waxba --- waaba joognaa w'endka... haddaa maanta ka saarti berri waa Arbaco, Arbaco maxaa xiga khamiis, jimcona waaba we'nd billowgiis..marka waaba joognaa. See tahay adiga bal?
  20. ^^ I was being sarcastic when i said it was hard am sure you got that! and about the rumours - i have already told Rudy! expect some PM's
  21. ^^^ I like what is happening here. I'll just a rumour !he ton eb yam D:
  22. ^^^ it is not that you are well liked..so i say go for it. what can Sayid do that you have not seen so far?
  23. ^^^ So hard to figure out your secret system... tell us what did you say? Ibti has said things about you - a wasp told me!
  24. May be I shall try acting, yep i made my decision, ok Dan and Co cast me in... I wanna be the bad guy who ultimately kills Dan - I mean teh character of course -(no pun intended) i just like to have the last say! Cheers