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  1. I shall see you lots after taraawiix. Salaamaat
  2. Originally posted by juxa: lol@sue, result at last. about the job, be calm. faheema cunadeeda magalada dhan baa isku sheegtay How unfair! the poor African Queen is complaining lack of cooking skills and here Faheem has abundance of the skill. Bal Faheema, gabadha wax ka sii - jaaniska guurkeeda ha kordhee
  3. Today i felt walking away from my work...
  4. ^^^ unless her unusual taste....
  5. I think the kid (Gael Kakuta) is very talented as long as Chelsea nurture him. What is going on Oz?
  6. ^^^ How is NZ? am sure it is better than that dungeon called London Hello trollers
  7. Originally posted by Wing Wizard: @Legend of Zoro, Anyway, is it common or am I just totally wrong and its the mods who are the joke? Ok Dude, I have already two strikes against your name - One) getting my name wrong. Two) saying the Mods are jokes. So if I were you, I'll will try to be under the Mods Radar for a while. Don't say I haven't warned you [nin kuu digay kuma dilin] Salaamaat
  8. ^^^^^ Dude, I am an Arsenal fan through and through and certainly i feel the change in wind at the Emirates. I would say it is going to be very very close this year. But here are my predictions:- 1st Chelsea/Arsenal 2nd Chelsea/Arsenal 3rd is Man U 4Th is Liverpool I think Chelsea will struggle after Drogba goes to African Championship in Jan next year and that is critical part of the campaign.... I think that is when we will get the edge. Sorry Mate, cant be a football critic
  9. Don't you hate when you are in a boring training and you keep falling asleep no matter what you do? and then when you open your eyes, you see the instructor focusing on you to get your full attention and then your eyes tell you they wanna go back to sleep and you fight...fight fight...and you finaly give up and let them go!
  10. Ha ha ha...that should be even worse - dragging.com If anything I would have complained about missing a day and have written a letter of complaint! Unless you are in whole week training then you are in for one hellava loong week. [edit] Hi Lily
  11. Yeah, just that she brought it to the attention of media outlets doesn't make her sell out and she is writing a novel after all; some writers use contraversy as part of their marketing plan' I wanted to say something about the movie but i will refrain from it. Salaamaat
  12. ^^^ To the contrary... I have no idea what happened to the week? Thanks Ibti
  13. ^^^^ And Ciyaal lambar 4 to some Welcome Mate, No wands allowed! Oh you meant you are Comp wiz....still not allowed anything that is remotely close to wizardy. SO Act Dump and then give good advise when Xaliimos have issues with their PC Salaamaat
  14. ^^^ Waa runta niyow, internationals are boring... Can't wait Man City and Arsenal game
  15. ^^^^ Allow Yaa Dooligan afka kaaga gura oo weliba iskoobe kugula juqjuqeeya ilaad aad matagaaga ku hafato!
  16. WingA...The Ref refused to give us a clear penalty and didn't punish Fletcher simple! to make things worse how have they treated Arsene? it was like 'inay ciil noo qabeen' No one is disputing the Penalty (although it was soft compared to ours) and Diaby's OG...it is what it is. As I said we came out from that game knowing we were the better team!
  17. For this month...I've stopped going to the gym. I need to forget about me for a month eh! keeping up with the tarawiix is enough concern for me than weight gain/loss. Ibti, waaba haddii lagula tashto...starvation was her solution no wonder she is falling apart. Eat balanced food..you know, am sure you have heard of them like "protiens, fats, carb vitamins etc" Salaamaat
  18. Well..Well..Well... to be honest we had ManU in a corner unfortunate for us the 12th man aka the Reff gave them the three points, add that to Almunia who threw himself at Rooney like a olympic diver while he was going nowhere. on the other hand about the second goal - we have seen great defenders scoring own goal. I'd say to Abou Diaby "you poor bugger"... he played well overall. I think on the weekend we have proved we are the best team so far playing in the EPL and we can only get better (ok am baised here but prove me wrong). I think the Ref had the Eduardo farce in his head when he clearly denied us a penalty and then gave Manu a crapy penalty in the second half. I am not sure if Chelsea/Liverpool have the refs on their side so most likely we will chew them Am happy with the way we played...now bring it on Man City and Ade money buyor. Cheers
  19. ^^^ Adiga ma Ramadaankaa ku helay, laguu waayeye maxaa dhacay?
  20. ^^^ You started it Juxa.... I heard they even laugh the same way....
  21. Thanks Juxa and Malika, I have to admit..Ngonge is on the mark this time
  22. ^^^^ They too close ma aragtay, koley anigu waan shakiyey!
  23. ello Trollers, am i too late? is everyone gone?
  24. Juxa, LoooL naga sii hormar, markaan carradaa iyo dhulkii aan usii socdo ayaan ku soo mari doonaa oo aad i marti gelin doontaa! Ibti, Fu Fu waa confiyuusedh NG, means you serve