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  1. waan idin salaamey reer sol good to see some of the old folks still here. didn't used to post much but was an avid reader.
  2. lool at using cadaan guys as advertisement.
  3. The game was quite boring if you ask me. Now Milan - Barca will be a cracker because we are going through this year i think
  4. Waryaa BoB we did not get "torn a new one" we just got cheated with cheap penalties thats all, granted we still would have lost but not by 3-1. Any ways I think Chelsea will lose quite easily their defence is not very organised and you need an organised defence against Barca. Bayern might also pull an upset if you could call it that agains Madrid cause of Madrid's shaky defence.
  5. BOB;786350 wrote: Somalia, LoooL...waxaasi waa mentalitiga ninka madoow brother...buying and driving an expensive car while crashing on his best mate's couch. waar mansion gado marka hore then get the girl (Narnia...is it?). I'm gonna buy a yatch after I buy the biggest, costliest and the classiest palace and then make Tuujiye my chef and if I do not like the food throw him overboard and let the sharks have a party on his flat behind. lol Peace, Love & Unity. Loool war BOB xaasidsanidaa, wiilka adeer baad utahey maad saa kadaaftid.
  6. BoB, You know I am not a big fan of the guy, cause I think he makes our attack too predictable and easy to shut down because everything has to go through him, because of our lack of midfield. But I know he is very good and we currently got no one to step up in his shoes, Pato and Cassano are injured, while robinho couln't hit an empty net. So things are looking rather bleak in terms of the league but I still think its ours to lose. How about you guys, you seem to be losing the momentum that you had for the last couple of games? any chance to make it to CL next year? I saw you guys lost to unpredictable roma.
  7. I am liking New Castle a bit. The two Demba's are really good. Arsenal iyo Chelsea is ilaaliya hadii kale next year europa league baad garaaceysaan.
  8. The defending in this game was laugh worthy good god. A top club's first priority should be good defence. I fear for chelsea against napolis counter attacks.
  9. BoB if it makes you feel any better we lost to Lazio in a lack luster performance. We can trounce all Cagliaris of the world but we cant beat any of the top sides this year. Our plan seems to be pass the ball ibrahimovic and let him do something and when he gets man marked out of the game then were screwd. Thats why I am not looking to our champions league encounter with you guys.
  10. Arsen Is out of Ideas at arsenal and needs a new challenge. I heard Madrid wanted to replace him with Mourinho
  11. ^^ I need the faarax and xaliimo version please, this says it is not compatible with my system.
  12. ^^ Faarax-Brawn ma aragtay, your wife should know to bring you tea with out telling her, especially during casariyeh time.
  13. BOB;776779 wrote: LooooL...I am not Tuujiye or your mate A&T you know? Lool. I’d rather support QPR than Mancini’s City who I do not think will win the league by the way as the man (Mancini) reminds me of a certain gentleman named Ranieri, Remember him? He’s doing a brilliant job at Inter now and has managed to turn them from relegation candidates to Serie A candidates and I was in heaven last weekend when they beat Milan. I’m afraid both our teams won’t make it to the champs league this season or next season unless we get rid of all these dead wood at our respective clubs and that includes your favourite Geordie who has been the biggest flop in your club’s history. I trust Man City will flock Adebayor back to France at PSG, the goat has been a revelation at Sp*ds and is one of the main reasons why they’ve been flying thus far. City didn’t think Tottenham will be this good otherwise they wouldn’t have loaned them to him and they’re smart enough to realize the positive impact he’s had on them and their manager ‘Arry is dumb enough to bad mouth the same club that has helped him with a proven premier league goal scorer…I guess a Sp*d will always be a Scum. Peace, Love & Unity. Waryaa BOB Ma INter baad taagertaa. xagee bey inkaarto nagaga dacdey baan leeyahay ileen wadaadkii danaa baa qolada kale taageera. BoB Arsenal in many ways are like milan currently exept we have fallen from grace and are currently on our way up, hopefully, The only issue with our team currently is lack of funds Berlusconi doesnt want to spend and he won't sell the club to people who want to spend. Ngonge you should look for a new team liverpool won't be in contention for anything big for atleast another year. and I think Man city wins the league this year, but they should really get a new coach, a team with so many world class players only challenging for one title is disgrace.
  14. The man was strong and tactically skilled its hard to find both in a soccer player now a days their either have skills but get pushed off the ball easily or they are just brute stregnth with no skills.
  15. After going through the fifteen points it looks like my girl is not in love with me, oh well i think it was time to move on anyways, dankis to you the guy who wrote this.