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  1. Chewing qaad use to be a social activity back in the north of Somalia and reserve area. The olden days, this was predominantly engaged by "Khusuusida" but it has later become too common and has lost it is prestige. And the way it is consumed in the west is it's lowest fashion. TUMASHO Duhurkii Togaa Herer hadaad qado ka soo tuurto Hurdo laguma taamo e naftaa lala tacaalaaye Aniga iyo todoba aan ku jiray tumasho soo qaadnay Rag tabaabulshuu leeyahay ee wax is tusaalaynay Sahan kama tagana meel mirqaan loo tawaawacay e Laba tubaha noo sii cayma hore u tuurayay nay Tog Wajaale qaadkii ka yimid tacab ku soo miidhnay Markay laba tobnaad noo xidheen toobiyaha qaadnay Taksi lagama maarmee nin waday suuqa nagu tooci Tilmaan quruxsan goobtay fadhidee agabtu noo taalay tusmadii hablaa lagu yiqiin saani ugu toosnay Rag kaleeto goobtuu turqaday maare kaga teednay Tubtii horeba boqol jaa'ifa ah taybalka u saaray Nin waliba tankiisii haraaq tiilay ugu laabnay Isaga oo falaas lagu tamilay laysu tebi shaaha Tirsan mayno naag laga tegay iyo tu aan la doonayne Laba aad Tukriga moodo oo tikhilka naagood ah Iyo laba tafiirtii Janada lagu tilmaamaayo Iyo laba wax layskuma tirshee sida tiriigaas ah Iyo taan lahaan jiray markaan tumasho soo qaadno Intaas oo xarago tiicaysa oo timeshla luudaysa Intay toobab noo soo xihdeen tel iyo xiisaan leh Anaguna gabdhaa kama tagnee geerash lagu teedi Kaman talalax leeyiyo durbaan tiririgtood yeedhay Tiiraanya qayshaha rabaab gacanta taabsiiye Ilaahay ha tabantaabiyo e noogu tacab sowdka Anaguna tastuurtay lahayd sacabka tiitaynay Markii ay cabaar naga tumeen tegis u qoondayste Tafwareenka sheekada rag weys tira tireeyaaye Kaftan aan turxaan lagu ogayn la isku taataabay Gabdhahay sheekadu noo taxnayd toganay haasaawe Sidii tayse roob nagu onkoday taaha ku caweynay Warmihii tumaatida cadaa tiirka qabadsiinay Rag takooran baa nagu jirayee tabaha qaar diidnay Inkasta ay taftuba noo dhaweyd teedka sharaf eegnay Habeenkaa ninkii tamar badnaa taxay mirqaan kiisa.
  2. http://newsimg.bbc.co.uk/media/images/44330000/gif/_44330746_kenya_ethnic416x313.gif Is this right? it seems ethnic somalis in Kenya have a massive land-- but a quite a poor one.
  3. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/7168060.stm They have changed the name!
  4. Because of de-centerilisation of the state; the forgotten cities are growing fast! Bigger than I thought
  5. Very sad indeed. Alaahayoow nabarkan kakici aamiin.
  6. The kind that does not ask such a question!
  7. Writing for monetary reasons is the wrong route to take—you could make money in less intricate endeavours. Writing requires a passion together with tenacity and the ability to differentiate a good story from a brilliant one; skill most people lack not to mention some mediocre writers. Anyhow, Good luck to you all.
  8. Goonle (change the name; you are an insult to JS family) has been speaking of nothing but trash. If you have an issue to Puntland Admin then deal with it.
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    La Veil

    Sorry to 'butt in' but I thought the purpose of Cabaya was to act as a Hijab? If that is the case; what is up with this fitted thing and glamarous Cabaayado?
  10. Willamina dont blame me; you chose blue elephent; an expensive joint; the girl might had a 'sophisticated' taste; caviar might have been on the manue.
  11. Gedid, she will be Brahmans and I guess you know what you will be
  12. The food was fantastic and the melody of the music was bringing forth much needed soothing!. Elmi: Dear, I have always wondered, how could you possibly be single? Ceebla: Gives a sheepish smile, oh you know busy with school and what have you. Elmi: interupts! you mean you are now ready to embark on the voyage of your life time, sail through the tumultous waves that is relationship and arive safely the promised island full of all that delights the eye and captures the heart.....! by now she is just restricting herself not to burst into a laughter. Ceebla: Nigger pleaseeee she mutters; come on what are you some romantic character out of some 18th century novel. Come on. Cilmi: He glances over, sees the waiter and with haste asks for the bill. "The waiter take his time" minutes turned to hours! the tension is so thick you can cut it with a knife Ceebla: come on, I was messing around bruv Cilmi: Whatever b**ch, you dont dont deserve this place. The waiter arrives Cilmi: looks at the bill and nearly faintes. He takes out his Bank of Britain Debt card to settle the bill. Ceebla: glances at the bill and say, let us go dutch babe Cilme: What, come off it girl; I dont allow a girl to pay for it. "the waiter takes the card away smilling, brings the mechine and asked him to put the pin card, then moments later, the waiter apologetically says, the card is declined sir Cilme: How is that possible (he is feeling rage inside) I have £3000 in my account. Try it again; the polish young lady who was serving unsually had crisp english accent (could only tell her nationality because of the name tag)she kept smilling as she tried again. Cilmi knew that the card would not work as he had less than 200 pounds and the bill was 320 pounds. Expectedly, the card didnt work. At this juncture, ceebla was looking pensive. She didnt know what to do as she had no money on her (typical of many young ladies who take for granted that men would foot the bill however redicilious the bill might be). Ceebla: War card kale maheysid miyaa she said in Somali! Cilmi; I have plenty of money; I think there is something wrong about this card; he looks at the waiter and asks soryy dear, where is the next cash mechine? the women tells him "just when you get out of the restuarant head towards Fulham station; on the left handside there are couple mechine. Cilmi: looks at ceebla, smiles and say give me fine minutes will be back with the cash!. YOu know the rest of the story guys; he does a runner; and what is the MORAL OF THIS STORY?
  13. I will be at school :mad: ; exams baby.
  14. Gediid wrote "Hadanaan xikmad Ilaahey ka hor imaneyn waa runta baan ku odhan lahaa laakinse mid baa hubaa it has a bigger schlong than any human one you might have ever seen .... Gedid. War wuxu dhaqan xumaa ma qoti baa? Dadkaan qodaalka laga keeney and brought to america and has been let loose; war wuxu wuxuu ku hadley dhugo? Gediid, you must give xaal for this offensive and disgusting insult against a sister. How dare you utter such a filth? mise gabdhaha D-block sida ragooda aad uga baqdo ayaad iyagana ula dhaqantaa? Back to the topic. Sayidka; like it or loathe him; his position in the history of our nation is clear (read if you will, what you are masters had written gediidow about this lagend of a man; Mad Mullah of Somali-Lands by Douglas Jardine). Gaal raac waligiis waa lagu yiqiin waxaanoo kale. I am nor surprised by the pure hediousness of Gediid & Co they are just putting qabiil before the nation and this has continued to their sad situation 2007!. Alaha yarxamuhu
  15. Vlanteenah adigana gabar dheeroo madax yar ayaad umuuqataa markaastoon akhriyo waxaad qorto.
  16. Lily, No, I know many women who are talented and intelligent that is why I am sometimes attracted-- it is because of superior intellectual ablity that I am stimulated; so please DONT CALL ME A BIGOT. Also, married men are much more attractive then singelton flanderers-- we offer stablity and emotional stimulation that our counterparts cant.
  17. Dareenka daadsha; halkaan aan ku dhaqno! let it go! Let it Go verse: Iman i dont even know how to say this and i dont wanna make no excuses this has been on my mind for a while so umma stop stallin and just say it we were so cool when we started out made me feel i was the one you always dreamed about so i just went along living in the moment but your just not the one for me Pre-hook: were really good friends but i cant see myself with you i have these feelings but its not enough to be with you, shoulda told you sooner but everytime i tried i got caught up in emotion and now im feeling like im stuck Hook: Let it go, didnt mean to string you along i gotta let it go, dont wanna make things any worse i gotta let you know, its killin me inside and im losing my mind so i gotta tell you goodbye Verse 2: Siham So now that i said what i had to say i hope i haven't made a mistake cuz even though i am sure of everything that i said i cant help it if i miss you every now and than ( and i know) your real confused and i dont blame you at all (and i hope) that we can be friends sometime later on but you gotta understand, wasnt meant to be this way cuz now you've fallen and i just gotta be honest Babe! Pre-hook: were really good friends but i cant see myself with you i have these feelings but its not enough to be with you, shoulda told you sooner but everytime i tried i got caught up in emotion and now im feeling like im stuck Hook: Let it go, didnt mean to string you along i gotta let it go, dont wanna make things any worse i gotta let you know, its killin me inside and im losing my mind so i gotta tell you goodbye Bridge: Iman and Siham wish we hadnt crossed the line dont wanna say goodbye but everything changed wish it was still all the same Now we aint friends no more, sorry that i lead you on maybe one day things will be the same again for now i gotta!! Hook: Let it go, didnt mean to string you along i gotta let it go, dont wanna make things any worse i gotta let you know, its killin me inside and im losing my mind (ooooooohhhhhh) goodbyyyyye heyyyyeaaaayeeeyahh!! "Let It Go" Written by: Suga Rush(Siham, Iman)
  18. Naah; you see desire can be created; the man just needs to understand what the woman wants and then fashion himself to that imagine; whence you do that, wether you marry two or three would matter less to her. She should feel that she has done well for herself for the fact that she gets you 1.8 days a week--- a very challenging task to fulfill; but it has been done succesfully. If that is not the case, then the irreligious man would cheat (obeying his natural needs) if you are religious then you will live miserably or in oblivion. PS: I know plenty of faarax's who would be able to buy you any Jacobs bag or the latest Tom ford designer dirac
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    "Insticts and rational thinking are both the product of our chemical reactions" T-Pain