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  1. ^uum! granted it was mainstream and it was because of this it led levvit and co-author to make alot of money. Levvit is not an economist in traditional sense. I guess the book has done economics what Sophia's world had done for philosophy Regarding the somali girls? oh well; the freaknomics reading type certainly have expensive taste which they can not afford it--- I dont blame them though; the farax who obliges is the problem. PS: goldigging requires sharp skills that many xaliimoyin lack-- at least those who try to 'goldig'.
  2. Kool Kat; any man who says he is satisfied with one woman is nothing but *&%^&*! The truth is when you are commited to one you will always meet another one who captures your imagination; what do you ought to do then huh? The fact that the marriage doctrinal of Islam allows man to marry more than one woman is indicative of the naturality of the act; so dontfrown upon the men like me; we are merely satisfying our natural needs Dahia; I was reffering to the freakonomics book and how the description was rather close.
  3. Lily, the book is just drivel; "young" levitt is everything but an economist. Am I not allowed to to marry three? Ghahra: xagee igala qaadey? I am ukraine and the caasho who reads is brunnete russian
  4. Jamster


    Lily; If your instinct is telling you he is not good for you then dear run away miles unless you think he fits the bill; as far as romantic relationships go, such a feeling will hold much weight even- though rationally he might "fit the bill".
  5. lol@ Freakonimincs; I am dating one who is currently reading this book; and you hit the nail on the head. One caveat though; she sometimes pays the dinner.
  6. North, why are you so interested in Duke? you would open a whole thread; you must love the guy
  7. Miss slater, you are welcome! Runtaa; warka waan kuu faahfaahin hadii aad rabto
  8. I speak no slang; but if that means good then yeah!
  9. ^such a delightuflly wicked person!.
  10. Jaceyl-- you are tempted huh! I am sure there is a plenty of Caraq in Hargeisa Now on the poem; the guubaabo gabey rag hore way utirin jireen; nothing is new here dude.
  11. Sharmake@lol Jaceyl, akhriyey what he recited but I tell you what, nothing is wrong what he said. The guy is on the right, he is encouraging his folks to out people-ka qabsadey wadankooda, that is all.
  12. What is wrong with the poem; wuxuu ka turjumayaa xaalada maanta ka jirta gobolka uu u dhashey?
  13. Cadaan then you are frenchian canadian waan kala qabnaa!.
  14. That is nothing. If you are going to dream; dream big! Bugatti is the ultimate car; best car ever made! below is the pic; but I would settle for for Lamborghini Miura and mansion in marleybourne.
  15. ^ waxbaa gubaya Isbarmuuto qaboow maheysaa ama eerkudhishin guri leh?
  16. SOL in the olden days huh! skinny dipping in the sewer indeed dear.
  17. Gacmeey Al-Garoowi is one of the most knowledgeable Sheikhs in Somalia. The Nadwa attracted equally other prominent Aluma namely, Sheikh Abdul-Nasir Haji Ahmed Al-Buhoodli and Sheekh Daahir Al-Ceelhindi. I will have to sort out my computer, when I listened to the nadwa i will give you my view on it.
  18. Xiin and Xoogsade, Which Sheikh was accusotory-- I can not listen as I have no audio on my computer. Let me know. Thansk.
  19. Kool Kat, thanks for konplimentiga. Val, I am married man with 3 kids and have nothing to promote--unless the wifey of course gracefully encourages to save some poor soul in SOL; oh yeah she is a member then I might think about it though feminist wanna be stuck with 9-5 jobs wont do .
  20. this topic shows that most of SOL girls are bunch of guumeys in the waiting-- unless they marry of course other single SOLers; thus far I was told there has been 4 wedding as a result of SOL. Perhaps, the vaving grace will come from SOL men. In the real world though, most of these girls are date challenged-- I am purely going on from thier ideas of men whilst discussing gender issues. Ducaysane, your friend has yet to find a true mother to be; one who help him raise the ideal family unless that idea is lost to him too
  21. North, I think you are high on something dude because I have no idea what you are balabing about dude.