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    Dhuxul Deeqa,

    Sheekha; girls and good boys arent suppose to know Dubaab-- I never said I was either!
  2. Valanteenah, oo adiga maxaa ku diidey inaad guriga iska fariisato-- provided he will be able to provide all the material goods your heart desires; mise you need to put a good use to your education the only way you feel you can do that is to wake up early in the morning put on some clothes and off you go to work and then come back later on in the evening tired and the only thing you would look forward is hot bath with some aroma whilst listening to some soft melody and then enjoying good old non-sensical tv before you retire to bed? Working 9-5 is mind boring as hell unless you feel you are making a diff be it because of the job you are doing or the financial rewards you are getting but many girls feel they have to WORK because they feel they have to because it is liberating; you might argue what is wrong with that nothing wrong with it i would say. It is personal choice, i wouldnt want my 'wife' to work if I can afford to give her a respectable living she deserves.
  3. Under Dog "I'd pick her over the suit-wearing, blackberry-toting, success-hungry, cold-hearted corporate uber-b!tch anyday of the week." Bro, where those Haliimooyin? These dont exist; many of them are stuck in 9-5 jobs without the money to globetrot. PS: Education (liberal one) is overrated.
  4. North, what is Armani? Some qaniis man you obviously regard highly! What is knew?
  5. And? North and Shekh waxa is isugu jiibinayaan waan aqaan-- Qabiil iyo qashaabiir. Laakiin gabankaan macruuf labaxay waaba iga yaabiyey.
  6. There was a meeting organised by Ururka Northern Somalia Watch Association in Lodon. Check out the pics and the Infor: http://www.jidbaale.com/fullpage.php?sscid=5449&PHPSESSID=76ab04086f706e56f93c4e63693cbfb2
  7. Red "Maakhirians only lay claim to those areas as far as clan wise, but the mini maakhirland adminstration has NO control extended over most of Sanaag, thus makes it hard for anyone to take them serious" Is it me or you are somewhat not familiar with Sanaag? Where did you glean such fictitious conclusion-- i.e makhir state isnt 80% of Sanaag Proper?
  8. Red: Those qoutes were what? Nothing has changed dude, I am still avid believer of the continual oneness of Somalia be it in a federal flavour. In addition to that, my view still stands; if my brother aide the somalidid malitia then they deserve to either leave Puntland or face the consequence. Fuaad aadan Cade et all are the enemy of the people. The people they kidnapped yesterday were LA residents. Waa dabo dhilif, Dabo dhilifkana waxuu mudan yahay waa layaqaan
  9. Red Sea, what whole tribe? There are no hopes that is going up or down ******** boy, these are facts on the ground. ____________ If you cannot stop either the name-calling iyo afxumadda or explicitly writing clan names, there wouldn't be another chance. This is THE final. [ October 25, 2007, 11:38 PM: Message edited by: Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar ]
  10. Lander, you call burco a city (which is considerably smaller than LA) and you continue to call LA a town; this shows you bigoted you are. I rest my case qurjiiloow.
  11. News Just in, The Somalidiid malitia has kidnapped more 20 people (residents of LA) earlier today. It is believed these civilians who spoke against the clear aggression of the Somalidiid malitia are now enroute to that infamous Mandhera prision. Watch this space!.
  12. These are traitors in real sense man (fuaad, Dhakool et all); men have have prostituated themselves politically speaking. Fahiye PS: you could use the same argument, Gen Jamac Yare, Sifir, Xasan kaabash et all who are pro Somaliya. I must say though, these men are greater in persona than fuaad or dhakool.
  13. Dirty, you know the one that engulfs your soul:D Has it become part of you that you can not recognise? Come on bruv, my calls are not to kill innocent people but to DRIVE OUT THOSE WHO ARE CONTINIOULY TRYING TO DIVIDE SOMALIA AND TAKE LANDS THAT DONT BELONG TO THEM.
  14. SJacayl, yaan isku jabinayaa miskiinyahoow? We will clean the dirt out without much ado. BS: Johny come late; dude bugger off.
  15. Saaka subaxdii markey waqtigu ahaa abaarahaa 9:30-10am saacada Afrikada Beri ayaa waxaa xaafada Dhiif ka dhacay iskahor imaad dhexmarey maleeshiyada Soomalidiidka iyo dadka deegaanka ah ee xaafadaas. The somalidid malitia tried to execute couple men in Hamdi Hotel but the people reacted with angerily and the whole thing resulted a gun fire claiming one SL malitia man who was trying to pave way for the technicals--- the whole road was littered with massive rocks and burning tires. This is the first death of those somalidid malitia. Will keep you updated.
  16. Let me be bold about this! The crux of the issue gents and ladies is that many who wants to marry someone of “high calibre” is someone who is not happy with the way they have been brought up. I know this sounds radical, but consider the following. Most of the family units (Somalis) either both parents didn’t have the Tertiary education (arguably many parents in the west didn’t even had the benefit of secondary education) as such the life these young bright driven ladies don’t want to create a home in which one of the principals shares something of commonality with their parents--- this might not be apparent to them, but it is arguable that it is psychological thing. Anyhow, coming back to the point squarely this is an apparent phenomena as most of the educated guys are on paper “westernised” but their thinking remains to be SOMALI as such their outlook in life is completely at odds with their credentials. As such, they marry women whom they emotionally share with this “Somaliness”. On the other hand, the ladies seem to embrace this new life if you will. Their education and career leads them to shrug off these assumed “Somaliness” thusly, because there isn’t plethora of educated Somali men (most of which have married women thy share emotional ties with; some of you might say “married down”) they remain single as they are frustrated. Also, why would any educated guy in early 30s marry a career woman with similar age? If he is successful and has the monetary power to take care of a family he has a rich pickings of 21-24 years university educated hijabified Somali girls who would be happy to oblige his offer provided he is a smooth operator!. Fahiye PS: Now, I sit back and watch ladies fighting their way in to annihilate me off the forums
  17. Because they Can; go and eat the sand now!. ME: sorry matey, it is just the truth. Adeer when NA rented boys wanted to invdade; WE defended the city from them. It was you
  18. C/samad is a traitor number one (that is what I am hearing on the ground). Because of his friendship with Dhegoweyne and Ina Kahin he has betrayed his people.