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  1. Ayoub and Jaceyl: come on guys give it me; I will dish it out with equal measure
  2. Why dont just ask my sub clan and I will happily oblige?But let me entertain you Ayoub, the answer is YES- do you want to find out the name?
  3. AYOUB- he is not my blodd tol- probably he is as blood tol as Faisal Waraabe is to you
  4. I would rather go for your crude definition than go with the blood is thicker than water political bull.....
  5. I think it would be great move for Somalia to appoint somone with stature as the head of the state but I dont think it will happen. Ali has no power base with the D block. He is the guy who came up with "Tol siyaasadeed" which is different to Tol dhiigeed. As far as the state is concerned, he thiks Tol Dhiigeed should not play a role. Of course as noble as this is, people are not ready for such lofy ideals unless of course he ganers enough support from the moderate and the Islamiyiin together. He is an educated man who can speak the language the the west can understand as well deliver sermons which the Islamiyiin will have time to listen. Let us see how this unravels.
  6. I think he wont get it if the Baydhabo group gets their way. It is an interesting interview though.
  7. It seems as though he is throwing his hat in the ring. http://jidbaale.com/fullpage.php?sscid=7474
  8. ^ because Somaliland is fairer Jokes aside, dont please silly young man. I have not saidd I am pro Somaliland and have no idea how you read that into my opinion? I am not Federally inclined; I prefer central government with soft governance.
  9. Oodweyne waaa rag yaqaan, inaadeer halkaa kabannka ka garaac. Naxar, the issue as you have rightly highlighted is one of idiocy man. These folks are blinded and could only see through the bespoke glasses they have perscribed themselves. Anigu Puntland ineyshaqeyso waan rabaa but it should be based on a fairness and equility which something that is at loss with these folks. Duke, whether you have thought you know me or otherwise not here not there- frankly I have dont give a damn you think you know who I am. Let us leave personalities aside and deal with the issue at hand or just say " if you dont like Puntland get out".
  10. Duke, you never cease to amaze me. You have one line of thought and that is it. Tribal bravado (the beauty of the three bedrooms kulahaa) is nothing but tedious, grow up. About the open selection, mate I am not saying it was closed selection I am questioning the whole premise this state stands on. Now you see, I am citizen and I have every right to pronounce my opinion, if you dont like it then tough. Sool is under SOmaliland and Ceyn will follow and soon Sanaag will go it's way- chart it is own destiny if this predicament isn't changed. I am sure you wont miss them!
  11. Gen Duke, I don't think I had the displeasure of meeting you in London knowingly. That aside, all those three men are cousins and belong to the Trinity I first mentioned in this thread. This is not about cheap point scoring against the people of this forum, I am interested in mending the weakling structure that we cal puntland. It is based on shambolic power distribution because of regions as you have just alluded to. I am becoming of the opinion that Makhirko's should walk away from this arrangement. The LA is in the hands of Somaliland which means the Dh family have no cause to complain. If I was in Garowe's I wouldnt give the VP seat to them as they dont deserve it. Makhiri people should have taken it as their lands were under Puntland. Puntland will either crumble under it's shamolic weight or more likely the the Trinity will enjoy being in command of the three bedroom apartment. I hope those it cases the best option which to reform the state and introduce proportional representation.
  12. Ngone you are nearly spot on; the analysis was good but the conclusion was off base.
  13. Suldan, Samatar is a man of honor, a General who discharges his duties with much vigor. If there is anyone who deserved medels and Xidigo SUldaanoow, it is this man. He is the most singularly liked high ranking individual from that era. The Somali people will not allow their heroes to be hounded in the US or anywhere else. We will donate towards Samatar's legal bill and get him the best lawyer that money can buy. It is a sad day to see the men who served their state being hounded in the US.
  14. Duke, Though I have followed your trail on Sol for the past couple years, this response of yours was indeed nothing but what many have expected- nay, it is indeed tad bit softer than those you normally dish out to your political nemesis on Sol. You see the issue is one of power distribution within the parliament, it is thus that I have made my comments towards. The idiotic and ungentelmanly response which accuse the writer of this piece of hating certain clan within Puntland is beyond reason- how can I despise my paternal relatives? My argument still stands, meeshan maqaaxi reereed ayey noqon hadaan wax laga bedelin. Gheele. Dear brother, I have been of the opinion that Puntland needs a revision and needs to get in touch with its soul. That has been my argument for the past couple years. Here in Birmingham, I have discussed this issue numerous times with my fellow brothers who seem to be at loss with my reasoning. They think I am being completely of base- of course I just brush them their distorted ideas aside for their nothing but a bunch of obtuse older men with little understanding of the intricacy of the state. If Ilka Jir won though I have predicted otherwise , I would have said the same thing. The structure is inherently flawed and sooner or later it will crumble. Emperor- Whatever I could have said it, was articulated much eloquently by Odweyne. Odweyne- Thanks.
  15. I have no idea as I was never believed in him- I was with Muhiyideen from Bari. AfricaOwn, you are a girl right? if you are mandheey is ururi.
  16. WHo said anything about work- I am enjoying my to majin of hereri with a qaraami and Aud played live- delightful past time.
  17. Marx history does not change; there are something called truths- empirical knowledge of which history correctly recorded falls under. we have lived through and living now as I type these words at the comfort of my local Marfish laptop on my lap and chewing happily as I dispel the iditioc false hope which has been propogated by our brothers in the north. The modern Somali history is there to be read by or better lived through. Young man, I am an old man who knows what he is talking about. Somaliland is nothing but the product of few men who felt they could not be big fish in a big pond and chanced their luck if you wish with smaller pond just to find that it was measily and cotained contaminated water--- you know qabyaalad. Calaayataxaal, wiilyahow, Somalidu waa walaalo- say it after homie- WALAALO AYAYNU NAHAY. Good that was not so hard, was it? A wise man always heeds the advice of his elder.
  18. Caamir, come on brother- I was teasing our Duke and he is a man I am told who can give it as good as he gets it; a man's man of a brother as it were. Now let get back to the business of Puntland. Whoever this Hirad is (excuse my ignorance I am a young lad and most of political acumen has been accumulated for the past 7 years or so) but one thing is for sure. That Puntland was the brainchild of the old man Yey- Dont fall for the idiotic hype, Abdullahi though not a genious he is a artful political master. Further, the issue if the perception and the popular believe isnt a fact then dear lad the Makhir's and the Darwiish deserved what they got as a allocation within the Puntland Parliament. You must agree dear brother that when it comes to power no one forgo's his share for the goodness of the people- that is why Somalia is in this mess; unless you are advancing the premise that our Makhiri brother are unique breed of it own as far as Somali political shenenigan's are concerned? All in all, there will be a revolution or the Villa that is Puntland will ineed be reduced to nothing but a three bedroom apartment--nevertheless a beautiful one I must add. Faahiye PS: I will never insult in anyway any Somali Qabiil let alone suggest something lowly against Caruurteyda abtigood. I love all Somalis, Makhiri's have a particular place in my heart.
  19. Marx, such a young man fallen victim of tribal hubris- who said western education equates with enlightenment aight? Marxoow, you are throwing around philosophical words which you have grasp (Dualism kulahaa) and worst still you are trying failingly to rewrite modern Somali histroy. Cago dhigo and dont be deluled by the hype bro, see through it and you will become a better political reader (or change the R ro L if you wish).