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  1. Hey two above me, i realise your backbiting is enermous, i came back today to the office to collect my belongins and find out you still love to hate me. But never mind am flying tonight so say what you like. Northern home is Sharjah now, no one is in Riyadh anymore. so put the pot and the kettle on fire, a gueast will be in you living room one day, and slaughter kebash al ciid the one with horns. For Xiin, got your PM inshaAllah for the duca, i was thinking you send here Mohamed Xiin Xirsi,i thought inaad ooda jebisay before me. Ngonge, dont be jelous the prettiest, brainest,and highly powered girls all came out for my farwell, am like thinking that am walking in the air, or walking on high water Val <-- ------ The one and the only one! Ghanima -- I will be back inshaAllah so dont worry i never thought you like me that much. Redsea, Abti, i will be back inshaAllah Mu'minah, Walaal i have to be Deen-Centredlol rather than dollar- centred, may allah have a mercy on us. so duceee. The Queen of Aussies that Nomadique The Princess of Aussies that Buuxo am I missing any one, and the last not the least the unforgtable Skipper, you are like a rainbow, and sun in blue sky so keep on shining. Peace and love all to you with teh rest of SOL. Since all those beauties are smiling for me there is no other place, sure I belong here and its home to home on my way out -----> Cheers All
  2. Edo Zonbia, I was saying talow maxa edada ku dhacay ee kaga so wardooni wayd. am sure you wont disappoint me. Fi Amaanilaah
  3. Bisharo, am still here till 5.OO pm, then its all yours, dont be in rush, and Btw u suppose to bring some samboosa, gosh you killing me come empty handed. nin sii socdana salaama odhan maysidh. Nice knowing you inaabti, and keep up the good work here in SOL and in home - xaajiga ka ducayso
  4. Cawooy, ^^ Waan ka gaadhsiinayaa salaan sare hadii alle yidha. Xaajigu waayahanba Sariflayaasha ka war dooni jiray'e,isagoo yenka, dirahmka iyo dollarka, pounder isku eegaaya. inanka geeliisu waa boqol. lool oo heedhe waxa laqaatay bacda madow, bacda madow it possible you'll leave to the next garbage collection point. samsoniteka xageed gaynaysaa.dadka ayaa kugu arkayee
  5. KK inaku xaas baan nahayee aan u dhaafno dhalinyarda the dance floorka meesha hadaan buuxino markay caruurteenu seexato waa mashaakil macaan. lol Nuune thanks saaxiib Dahiya you been so sweet,idont know meeshaad jootay markaan guur doon ka aha. how did i miss that tanzanian lunar.
  6. Originally posted by Willamina: [QB] Ma xaajiyadii baa kaa confescate'gareysay laptop kii is that compliment ya Cawo, and about xaajiyadii lool horta ma ila joogta imika,am going to her, and i cannot wait to see her and the kids. what u think a man like me aint deserve a bac madow inaadeer. bloody all adored is me. heh
  7. Hello all nomads - Beautiful People, When the Somali singer (cannot) remember her name said in her lovely mesmerising voice: Lalabha hayaankiyo Lugtu socod ma dayse Waxa layga laaca loolidii garduure'e. as a nomad had a point, its up the tent and move. I was a member in SOL for the last 2 years and few months, all that time I learn allot, read lot, and laugh allot, as we also crossed swords just few and not many. I came to conclusion to move on and look forward to other aspects in life. But on a positive note, I do wish you all NOMADS the best in life and hope you have a fabulous time around, and see your country settled, peace and opportunities shall prevail in everywhere, and may the misery come to end. Love you All. Allah macaakum Wa Salaam
  8. Raggi igu gadaana miyaa aakhiro uguuray Goortaan garwaaqsaday miyaan gocoshaday eeday gamiimkaan xanuusanday miyaan gorada laalaadshay gelin hadii aan fooraray miyaan giirka kor u taagay hadba gees miyaan da'yay intaan gownaxyada buuray aar ma Dhoodi baa gaamuro garabku waynaaday ma gamaanshihii baan ku shubay galayaxii dayrta Goorgor kacay la moodyow durdur ma igu gooraanshay Godobtaydu way wada jirta goonyahoo idil gashi Nimaan ku leeyahayna waan daba gelaayaa hadaba waxaan ka goyn karo anigu waan garabasanyaaya Goodiga aroorya fardaha lagu garaamyin Garoodiyo waxa la tegi buurihii golis.
  9. Lool I never thought Nuune is kinda arabic literature lover, I thought only Ngonge and Xiin used to dance with Umu kalthuum's "BA'a ulakum Eey"
  10. Where is Xiin and Ngonge, We dont give arabic literature its share in this blessed forum, i think this place missed the nomad named Mutakalim, i was reading the other day Jihad Khazan's the lebanese - alhayat colmunist who i used to read every day when i was young and in riyadh and he was in Jeddah as chief editor of english version of sharq-alawsad - his column was Sabaax Alkhair very informative and jokingly hilarious, It came to my mind today at work when the siren of fire alarm just shouted and every one run out of the building,and i was in the middle of important work I suppose to finish in time I automatically remembered Aba Tayib -Almutanabi's couplet as he hated people lately and he died for his peoms - someone killed him for his famous liner he said: allaylu wa farasu wal bay'daau tacrifani wa sayfu wal qalm. I automatically remebered: و لما صار ود الناس خبا جزيت على ابتسام بابتسام وصرت أشك فيمن أصطفيه لعلمي أنه بعض ألانام يحب العاقلون عليالتصافي وحب الجاهلين علي الوسام
  11. Sharmarkee


    Originally posted by Willamina: [QB] ^ LoL nuune, jar haka tuurin wuu jajabiye. Maya Shar-Ma-Arke, I am just asking for some evidence waxaanu shaki ka galin yaa. This is easy and without using Nuune's crime busting techniques and undercover detective skills he acquired in schola poliica in wardhiiglay, I can solve this mystery single handedly with my intution and Instincts, and clairvoyance Cawo is the young lady who was trying to buy a car way back last year, came back as Williamina with a traffic offence and a driving licence less 3 points. so my conculusion is Cawo and Willimanina are the differnt sides of the same coin. call me wizard of SOL, The Maestro or the magican. :cool:
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    Originally posted by nuune: [QB] ^^^ Waxey rabtaa iney gilgisho oy argagax ku abuurto kalsoonidaada, is ilaali yaa akhii Lool Nuune, war niyo waxan kugu jeclahay .. you always come out to bail me out, yu'll be my backup, we gonna sort out this issue togather
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    ^^^^Xaasidnimada joogi am on the jackpot at that. you trying to shake my confidence Wilehma C'mon Down Cawo!
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    Originally posted by Willamina: [QB] Does that mean you can disregard your brain too, logic, proof and the other factors what come into the decision making? I don’t know, I'm answering this just because my guts told me to You know what my insticnts(how could spell balaayada) told, you are not other than Cawo. call me genius, clairvoyant or Psychic