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  1. ^^^^loooooool qosolkaan add baan iskuugu celinaayay bcoz meel kale aan kaaga soo xanaaqay....laakiin qosolkaan waan celin waayay. LST how do you know that they are here....seen them?
  2. Women this, women that.........dont u guys have a kitaab that you can read :mad:
  3. OG_gal.....gee gal where do u live? never heard of moblies? loooooool u guys make me laugh...good GOD PLEASE NOTE- WE ONLY DO THIS TEST TO THE SISTA WHO HAS BEEN DATING THAT GEASER FOR THE FIRST MONTH WALLAH.....some of u r talking about marriage, trust and all that other shidh. the first month of the relationship is to get to know that person......but I dont know how your minds are working....I think that some of the girls who responded to this topic think about marriage and children the minute they blody hell meet the guy. walaalayaal theres more to life than that. If I want to know more about that guys background of-course Im gonna ask around the ppl who know him. And if I can test his Medical History before getting married to him, then why on earth CAN'T I TEST HIS FAITHFULNESS? EH? You might argue with me that is the way I do it ( as mentioned earlier), these are people whom I trust my life why not? so whats wrong testing him that way? Men are gonna come to you looking at their best, with their best behaviour when you have a you guys are telling me that I need to rely on that show. Malis puhleaseeeeeee GIVE ME A BREAK all of u r biting my head off.....(except layziegal and Hasna, tnx anyway).....I'm not asking for your approval....I was only sharing little little part of my life with my fellow nomads......but as usual I should have known that Malis do what they are good at.... JUDGE PEOPLE. That aint your job though....GOD IS THE ONLY 1 WHO CAN JUDGE ME Lastly......I pray five times a day and fast the holy dont even think that you are better than me. weligey intaan aduunka ku noolahay maan arkin umad sidaan oo kale u jecel dood than Somalida.....walaahi waa cajiib. Anyway I rest my case....theres no point talking to you lot....what a shame!
  4. i honestly cant believe that i read the whole thread i mean from page 1-9.....whoow lot of hatred is going on.....they even included admin in it.....loool Man of Freedon aka Paltalk goal qurxan baa ka dhalisay dadkaan nice 1
  5. Layzie gal .....abaayadiis kuwaan waxba ha isku daalinin.....meel meeshaan nacamle yaasha aa ka buuxaan. midkiin kastaba kiina kale aa iska gadeysiin walaahi. laakiin ma fahansani fahansinidiina miyaa iney dadkaan asxaabtiina runta eheen (these SOL users) marka looma baahno inaad isku level iskala fadlan fikradaada saxda dhiibo hadii kalena qarasta naga kala yareeya. :confused: arin kale aan la yaabanahay.....kulligiin waxaa igu tilmaamteen inaa ahay quf teenage ah bal talow dadkiinaan waxaan umaleenayaa inaad idinka ninteen kala haadki iney dhalin yaro nimadiini iney dhamaatay. Kuwo aan isku lood nahay wey joogaan SOL marka kuwiinaan qalinjibiyay hawada ha ikaa marto :rolleyes:
  6. ^^^ get with the program....Qacda
  7. ^^^^bless u hon.....I second that
  8. yeah Tuujiye I wonder where is Caramel Kisses....she was one helluva gal wasnt she? i miss her man
  9. first of all I must say that this topic wasnt appropriate for this holy teenager ppl please YOU GUYS ARE FULL OF BULLSHIDH EACH N EVERY ONE OF YOU! PERIOD! WHY YOU GOTTA LIE DURING THE HOLY MONTH? IF YOU DONT DO THIS PERSONLLY THERES SOME ONE YOU KNOW THAT DOES IT....SO PLZ DONT ACT LIKE A SAINT. THIS HAS NOTHING TO WITH THE PERSONS AGE NEITHER SEX! QQ- well thats my business innit Mutakkalim - talk to the screen coz the person behond it aint intrested! kuwiinaan shiiqyaasha iska dhigaayo ma iigu dhaaran kartaa inaad weligaa gabar/wiil la shekeysanin? MOti- waa isnaqaanaa yaah marka iga qallee. FOR THE LAST TIME I REPEAT IT'S JUST FOR A LAUGH!
  10. THIS TOPIC IS ABOUT BOYFRIENDS!! let me just get straight to the and my girlfriends every now n then we test our boyfriends ( we know that u all have one). let me tell you how....I also believe that the majority of the girls do test their guys this way. me n my girls we get together, we choose whose boyfriend should be teased tonight and the one of us calls the poor guy. gabar bey tahay iney wiilkaas shukaamisaa si fiican ( the point of this is to see how faithfull he is), cabaar waa iney wiilkaas jilcisaa, saaxiibtiisina weena ak fadhisaa wax kasto wey maqlee. we dont do this to one of the girls who are very serious about that relationship (they r engaged). So my question to you sisters (n maybe brothers) is do you do this sort of thing to your bf/gf? Gabar aan saaxiibo nahay aa saan ku sameesay xarfaankeedi, gabadhii shukaamineysay wiilka baa kala wareegday wiilki. it could end up ugly.....but we just do it for laugh. ps, I can honestly and proudly say that mine passed the test.......made me ever so proud!
  11. ^^^ what a perfect gonna call the nxt child lira ( lacagta talyaaniga) weheey!
  12. lil mistake here...Flying sista aka Xafsa ( the one with Sangubs signature.....singel madarku waa maxay bla bla bla jameykaan ma seedibaa)
  13. AS WR WB what happened to these nomads .......> Lakkad, Underdog, Flying_sista aka Rahma, Shaka Zulu and Zakariya. what happened to these nomads? where are they? where is Lakkad....i miss him. Do you guys know if he is banned? Underdog- he is one intelligent person....used to enjoy his topics where are these people....? :confused:
  14. whats wrong with that? im thinking of naming my child "?"
  15. i would go to Xamar cadeey for sure, that's where i belong xaafada hurwaay. u asked what would i take with me? I'd say my family n my cd player, laptop ( to access SOL), ketchup, cornflakes (choco) latest cds, latest Nike trainers basicly everything. oh yeah one more thing... personal alarm!!!
  16. nuune macalimiinta dhinacaaga qiimo makalaha miyaa? waan isku qoray laakiin wax muhiim ah makula ahaan umaleenaa :mad: :mad:
  17. ^^sheeko qaraar eh hadii laguu keeno, si ka qaraarsan aa looga maqlin miyaa
  18. loooooooooool i voted for Hitler it was intresting to read...nice 1 dude
  19. Foreign minister ( wasiirka arimaha dibada) if not Ministery of Education ( wasiirka waxbarashada) <......yar iyo weyn qalin iyo buug baan u dhiibi lahaa, sidaanan u maqlin mardambe Soomaalida badankood waxba ma qoraan mana akhriyaan.
  20. ^^^^ilaah hakuu aqbalo sheh walaahi u r lucky masha-allah waxaanba u maleenaa salaatu shukri iney kugu waajibto theres a guy that I know, he went to the Hajj and when he came back he told my dad that he saw the prophet salabul laahi wasalaamun caleyh in a dream. my father was telling it to my mom, but he refused to tell me what was the dream about.
  21. ^^^dhasteen kulahaa......waraa dadka magac yaasha ha ii wadaanee maxaa ka rabtaa? weli wax i cajabiyo ma arkin nooh...waan soo hadli doonaa markaan arko magac qurxan. by the way...ciyaalka sanadka dambe ee dhalan doonaan haduu alla idmo! for the rest...>thank you for nyour contributions, appreciate it!
  22. Ok even though I'm l8....i think i should add my two cents, since the purpose of this "party" is to celebrate the girls new beginning...wouldn't you guys agree that the x-husband deserves one as-well? the best thing to do is invite the husband so they can 4give each other in front of the whole crowd, no hard feelings kinda thing. I mean when they got married people celebrated with them so wheres the harm in here? ps.....i honestly think that this divorce shower thing sucks totally dude!!!