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  1. Markuu madax faluuq kugu dhaco is when you know you're in love.
  2. Afar jir iskool dhigto Af Soomaali lagu baro Awal, awal, awal lama aqoon jirin Kuwii noo albaal furay Noo furay albaabada AABAHAAN SIYAAD IYO ILAAH BAA MAHADA LEH! Remembering Kacaankii, which was a period of when Somalia was in peace and prosperite state is worth honoring.
  3. One thing that always reminds me of back home is when my sister’s kids ask their mom where is their buug iyo qalin so they can write their Quraan for dugsi. I think to myself, how they’ll never experience khad aan riiqi jirnay oo dhalada lagu shuban jirnay right before dugsi. Xabagtaan geedaha kasoo guran jirnay sidaan khada ugu adkaano and make it thick enough so it can stick to the loox and sharing it with your friends. And also, covering school books with magazine or newspaper for jaldi. Buug kasta waa inuu jaldi cusub leeyahay every week. Childhood was fun!
  4. ^^Am sure they are saying the same exact thing about us, and how they get ride of out sorry behinds lol.
  5. I had to part ways with my bff for almost 16yrs earlier this year too. We grew up together, went to high school together, got in trouble together, and went to double dates together . No one in my family or other friends liked her but they tolerated her because of our friendship. She crossed so many lines when she came to visit me on her last trip that the last straw. I feel sad sometimes cuz we thought we would be there for each other no matter what, but in the end she has to go. C&H, If your friend really wants her friendship back with this girl, she should give it a time and let the dust settle for a while.
  6. ^Waanba ku talo jiyaa in geel, bunduq iyo fardaba la iga bixiyo, muxuu kaluu meesha la soo taaganyahay
  7. nuune, I doubt it's 600 American dollars for one camel in Somali, more like half a dozen. The reason why I know it's about $100-140 is because my mother's cousin called the other day from back home and he said, hal geel ah oo ay dariska laayihiin baa ku dhimatay oodo aan gubayey dabkoodii. Marka halshii magtaada oo ah about $140 ayaa la rabaaye ii soo dira I am not sure how big/small or health it was but that's how much he said it costs.
  8. Originally posted by Daaradonle: isdoonis waa howl culus , reero intaan agfariisto mayaan oran karaa gabar halla isiiyo, waxaa ila fiican inaan gabadha isbarataan dabeedna meelahaaas wadaad tusbax buur ah oo ku takhakhusay cilmiga meherka aad meelahaaas ka raadsataan simply saas bayba ku dhamaaatay maxaa baryada keenay Cajaa'ib. Kuya"reer intaan agfariisto miyaan oran karaa gabar halla isiiyo". Oo maxaa ku jaban hadaad tidhaahdo, maxaad se kaloo odhan laheyd? I very much like an prefer the old ways. Ninka inuu si sharafleh reerka gabadha uyimaado isaga iyo tolkiisa ayna weydiistaan gabadha. This whole luuq iska raadsi iyo sheekh aan soo wadano doesn't fly with me. Geed si fudud loo koro, si fudud aa looga soo dagaa. Dhaqan iyo hibaanu leynahay, they are not perfect but good enough. Marka cheapnimada iska daaya niman yahow oo gabdhaha u quura 100ka halaad, beerka caaro idin goyn weydaye . Which isn't much if you think about it, one camel is $100 to $140 in Somalia now. Basically 100ka halaad waa $10,000 or intasaa wax ah.
  9. Came to the states 9/9/99, been here 10 years today. Time flies.
  10. All women think they've married beneath them, at some point in the marriage. Macalaash, waa iska calaf.
  11. I would consider signing it since I have the skinny gene and not worried too much about weight gaining. This way he behind will be in gym and keeping up with me. But in all honesty, no one wants nucmaan looking spouse while you look fit and health. It's about time Somali women put themselves first and take care of their bodies instead of everything else. They gain weight after few kids and start wearing baggy clothes to cover up the problem. I can't have people saying behind my back, hiblaayo ninkaada waa isku dhacaayaa balada feedhaha weyn. Let's stop the shaxam walaxam trend ladies and shed those pounds after pregnancies. Our mother never had that problem. You can life healthy life weather you are in Somalia or America. It's all about choices, so make a healthy one.
  12. I hate dirac as well, never like it and specially bac weyna. I feel like a white chick wearing dirac when I try to wear one. I prefer guntiino and wear them to wedding whenever I go. Mostly I wear pj pants and t-shirt at home, baati or shiit is nice and comfortable to wear around the house. It's funny when a duqyaasha dariska hooyo u imaadaan and see me wearing comfy pjs at home, they're like naa aado hadaad guriga joogtana ma surwaal baad ku taagantahay oradoo dirac xiroo cracks me up.
  13. Just wanted to share this documentary about the forgotten Somali community in Dadaab Refuge Camp. 1145
  14. Chap Stick. My lips sure appreciate it.
  15. Originally posted by Nephissa: I am of two minds on this subject. On one hand, I think that honesty is a good policy. On the other, if my invisible disability is a deal-breaker that no man would ever want or ever love me, I would not disclose it. I'd cover it up, continue the relationship and see where it goes. Hal habben xitaa ha ila soo qabo, maxaa iiga jiro, ka gasho nacala washaqa! Guumeeys waaye, ha iga harto!!!! that was too funny. On the topic, it's a disability not a disease and it isn't affect or harm the other person physically. So why go through the hassle of being rejected or looked at differently, keep it to yourself until you feel ready. What if the guy has one testicle and his chance of having a baby is slim, would he tell the woman right of the bat...I think not. Sharing everything too soon can ruin the relationship; wait until you get to know each other little better when a bond and trust is there.