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  1. Bob- af maashee ku hadashay? af-maayo maayo miyaa?
  2. Thank you all for your compliments......appreciate it. (sorry 4 da l8 reply though) what next? you asked.....well insha-allah the nxt target will of-course have to be setteling down, have a family of my own insha-allah. I've been putting marriage off for a while has been my main goal but no more excuses anymore. Currently I'm working for the British Refugee Council Children's Panel. I'm a project worker for unaccompanied refugee minors that come to the Uk. We work alongside with the Social Services and the Home Office and other statutory agencies. So far I love my work, but insha-allah I might go into teaching or become a social worker. Baashi darling...Im from Uk and no I don't owe anyone any loans.....thanks to my mom she paid my tuition fees...yeah so I'm a loan free alxamdulillah I would love to carry on my studies....insha-allah I wanna do my Masters Degree soon and insha-allah if I'm still alive when I'm old and all wrinkly I might do my Phd. INSHA-ALLAH Once again, Thank you all for your kind words
  3. Salaams to all my beloved nomads I just wanted to share my news with you all...... I HAVE GRADUATED FROM THE UNIVERSITY........NOW FINALLY I HOLD THAT TITLE........BA (HON) EARLY CHILDHOOD STUDIES . My entire family are masha-allah so proud of me especially my mother and father....God bless them for their continues support and love which was highly appreciated. I don't think I would be where I am today if it weren't for them.....may Allah reward them with Jannah insha-allah..(amen). I would also like to acknowledge my appreciation to my Greator, my Sustainer, my Protector....the one and only Allah, the 1 I bow down to......Allah has helped to come through some difficult times in my life...He gave me the strength to carry on....honestly He has blessed me with many blessings which I am very greatful is finally shining down on me. May Allah be pleased with my new job, may Allah guide us all to the straight path...Ameen. Salaams
  4. reblace him asap......NO1 healer that is
  5. war inleen kaabihi wey ka fuqday! talow ma xuusasayay ducadii yareed oo la dhihi jiray on that night before they get down to business....mase isaga wixiisa waxaa waaye...."miir aaway, tabar aaway?" Qacda aw-guuriyo abowgiis....u n i go way back....nolol fiican oo eebe raali ka yahay baan kuu rajeynayaa....may u live happily ever after. aamiin.
  6. oo hada party aad'ba dhiganeysiin miyaa? I don't mean to piss any1, but horta aduun weynaha ma idin oqoon san yahay aa ka horeysa xafladaan aad sheegeesiin...wouldn't u agree? So until then....let's just celebrate one independence day which is kowda luulyo/july PS, u guys better not come down heavy on me...I wasn't trying to piss any1...just speaking my mind...."freedom of speech" nooh
  7. You guys put smile back on my face.....Thank you all for your inspiring and encouraging adivices. Walahi all your advices are valued in my heart....thank you all for your prayers and may allah reward you with janna for your kind words. Love you all for the sake of Allah
  8. ^^samboor maad qabtaa? kaabbo hawada ha iga sumeenin
  9. shiirkooda! aqaseeeeey.....war deodrant isticmaala macbuudkoow.....naag uur leh xitaa fool waad ka keeni kartiin with that strong SHIIR of yours.. uf uf
  10. for the love of God.... :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
  11. muslin ma nahay? sharci'ga Alle ma tahay inaan raacno masa maya? mey haboon tahay inaan iska dhigno westernised/gaal gaal annakoo leh diin iyo dhaqan oo marnaba ka liidanin midka gaalada? hadaad su'aa laha kore hadaad isku jawaabtit sida aan umaleenaayo inaad isku jawaabi doontit waxaad ogaataa inaadsan ubaahneen in laguu jawaabo su'aashaadi aad soo ban dhigday....maxaa yeelay adi baa isku jawaabtay wa salaamu caleykum!
  12. dear me......and I thought that rokko was the ony gentelman in sol. rokko...waxaan is lahaay janno'galahaan oo aqlaaqda badan gabadhaada ku darso laakiin markaan arkay musuwurka naagta ooda waddo waan ba kaagala noqsaday gabadheydi.
  13. Hi All it's been a while since I've posted here.........been bussy with University. Walahi I never thought uni could be this hard.....this is my final year....writing my dissertation (Thesis)...walahi it's doing my head in. 20 000 words...oh my lord.....I have been crying my eyes out....this year is the hardest year of my entire life. I'M EVEN LOSING HAIR.....I'm so stressed that when I'm sleeping walahi I think about how I should answer the questions.....i'm having nightmares about it. I got 5 thousand words left and in needs to be handed in 25th of April. YA ALLAH Please my beloved me with your prayers. Right now I am so demotivated considered ccouple of times of dropping out....but i know thats gonna brake my mama's heart. Can you guys believe right after I hand in my dissertation on 25th of April I have to hand in another three assignments which are so close to each other.....check the dates; 9/May, 15/May and 22/May UNI is tough! Please say a little prayer for me and in return may Allah protect you from all harm and brighten your heart with the noor of imaan. Amen
  14. for the love of God....not this topic again. Nur, what sort of pleasure do u get out of this topic.......i mean come on, this is like the 10th time u've posted it :rolleyes: :confused: :rolleyes:
  15. ^girlfriend this is sooo my topic/department.......i would love to chat about this but i gotta go n do my laterzzz. wish me luck ppl......iisoo duceeya reer ina-adeerayaal
  16. it don't matter what people call me........what matters to me the most is how i see my self.......n i c myself as colours!
  17. MY PEOPLE........this has nothing to do with the topic at hand....but I kinda need ur help with this. GUESS WHAT DAY IS COMING NEAR? HAVE U BEEN TO THE SHOPS LATELY.....EVERYTHING IS RED....N WE ALL KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS...LOVE/VALENTINES DAY so heres my dont know what to get him this time. I have over used the giving of perfumes n trainers....n me dont wanna give clothes...naah....but damn I saw nice Levi jeans the other would look good on him. I have to options....iPod nano or video camera? what do u guys think.........he got me laptop last Eid. I wanna get him Video camera coz his cousin broke the 1 he had......but im thinking iPod nano cos he listen's alot of
  18. ^^naagahi yaabkooda oo weli la magan yahay nooh Nin yaaban waa nin jira 4 real n my main man QcQaac.....bless him!
  19. ^^ i may be the dumb 1 here.......but Hulago...thats new to me
  20. ^^Paragon looool @ intaan lee halaiha maqlo ani.....u made me lough......jaanis aad ku hadashit maa waysay? looool
  21. ^^caadiyoos! Kuwii na yaqaanay iyo kuwa na oqooninba waxaa nala dhahaa baro family....beelo barasho wanaagsan! Introduction kale uma baahnin baan umaleenaa.
  22. ^^^qandho fil daran xaad Baro family iiga saartay? Odigaan avatarka kuu eh aanba nacay.....waan kaa shakiyee adiga maa real life shaxam laxam waloow kaana baruur eh? j/k Waraa........magaceyga wuxuu ahaa ISKEY_BARO...aka CK aka la i ilooway? waan kaa xanaaqay
  23. ^^^Sayyid...ur turn 2 ask question now