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  1. TO: New-nation, Diligence From your own reactions it seems like you are both infuriated with my perpective of the Israeli and Palestinian issues.Having said that, I think it is time for both of you to look this Palestinian and Israeli Issue from the broader view with out being baised. Israeli is a existing Democratic state today in the Middle East. I ask you to consider the occupation in Afghanistan by the Taliban before the Liberation, Woman's hand would get chopped off if a patch of their skin flashed while they paid for a meat over a butcher's counter. By contrast Israel with all it's imperfections(of which are many) is a multi-ethnic country in which Moslems can pray openly, in which Arab citizens enjoy the vote, and in which expressly anti-semitic political parties can run for election to the kenesset. Tell me where else in the Middle East can a thousand of Jews pray publically and openly. I guess that is tricky question since no where in the Middle East do you have meaningful elections!. There is no any Arab nation that can challenge Israeli's fire power. Israel is willing to solve their Land dispute with the palestinians through peaceful negotiations. Terror should not be the ultimate weapon for the Palestinians. When suicide inflicts severe dammage and death, Israeli will be necessitated to use heavy handed actions.!!
  2. Hornafrique You have noted that you were raised with little Tarbiyo But you fail to practice it and you fail to apply it to your dealings with other nomads, this would be a set-back for your great parents who offered you that little Tarbiyo. Perhaps it was little "trabiyo" as you stated and it didn't applied to your dealings with others.And by the way it is always imperative to practice what you preach others!
  3. Hornafrique. Everyone has the freedom to express their views on any issue. who are you to say don't answer to this guy.Nomads in somaliaonline are provided with freedom of speech. you cannot limit the freedom of the Nomads. Speak for yourself instead of speaking for others.If you think you are intellectual and highly intelligent when your mouth is shut, well that is up to you.
  4. Syria must must come clean with the US demands and must cut all ties with the outlawed organizations.Syria is a safe harbour for outlawed groups. As long as syria remains to be safe heaven for the outlawed groups, Israel will have every right to strike where ever these outlawed goups operate. whether it is inside Syria or out side Syria. There is no excuse that can justify the killing of innocent people in Jerusalem. Every actions comes with severe consequence.It was really embarassing Israel to come to UN and debate with Israel about the strike, it was like if the Taliban came to the UN after 9/11 and debate with the US. Syria was lucky that security members never laughed about it's appeal to condamn Israel's strike.The encouragement,safe harbour,training,funding,and logistical support offered by Syria to a variety of notorious organizations was a matter of public knowledge. Israel has the right to defend it's citizens, and of course every nations has it's own right to defend it's citizen but not at the expense of other nationals.
  5. This pic is so sad, I know how it feels but it reminds people what they are made of. This picture was taken after a suicide attack in Kashmir. The head you have seen was a Moslem Brother.and the person wearing the black shoes standing next to his head was an Indian soldier. I know it is sad. But I wanted all of you to see how weak humans are.color>
  6. Darman. you can't see the pic coz you only have one eye..get the other eye and then try again.
  7. I thought you'd be interested in seeing this photo. In some countries, poor people mutilate themselves (and sometimes their children - India & Egypt) in order to obtain sympathy from overseas tourists and hopefully be provided greater cash donations. This particular individual has perfected a way of cutting the surface of his skin to provide maximum visual impact while probably not causing serious injury. Others, or so I am told, go to greater extents, such as breaking leg bones and ensuring the bone protrudes out of the flesh.
  8. "Breaking News" Somali political leaders end talks with their counterpart Somaliland. However, it is not yet clear if somali leaders will use fresh approach to persuade Somaliland to give up their desire to remain defiant.But there is specucalations that Somali government will use more aggressive approach to make it's policies clear to Somaliland.Nevertheless, Somalia does not want to see Somaliland as independent Nation. Somalia has always vowed not to rule out any millitary action against somaliland's regime if somaliland chooses to remains a renegade state.
  9. OG_Girl Since you claim to be a candidate,You definitely need a large number of supporters to vote for you, inorder to accoplish your desired goal. But the question is. If I vote for you will you serve my interest. and if you will to what degree. We don't just vote for people, we only vote for those who are willing to serve our best interest. Having that in mind. Do you expect me to vote for you when you illigalize the term "Nayaa". I am sorry but that is the only word I use to call females and I would not vote for you to illigalize it.
  10. TO: Intilo.. Dont' you ever give up. Somaliland will never gain independence period. the so called "Somaliland" belongs to Somalia. Stop dreaming wake up and face the reality!
  11. TO: New Nation paltalk either you dont listen your country's argument for war or just ignoring it. the fact is that US justified the war on iraq the premises of iraq poses threat to US and her interest in the region. It is sad that you accepted this propaganda. I am not quite sure how you are familiar with the history of the former Iraqi regime. The regime of Saddam Hussein cultivated ties to terror while it built weapons of mass destruction.It used those weapons in acts of mass murder, and refused to account for them when confronted by the world. We have every reason to be alarmed and to asssume the worst from that regime. And as a result we adopted pre-emptive strike doctrine to forstall any threat from any nation small or big. We made our policies clear to the world. We had the right to demand Iraq to destroy it's illegal weopons and prove it if it has done so. We vowed seriouse consequences if Iraq failed to comply with our demands. And because there were consequences. we acted to defend the peace of the civilized world, we eliminated the threat that the Iraqi regime possed. Iraqi people are liberated today. I don't know if you would be able to recall joyfull Iraqi that were showed through internation broad casts when the American tanks entered Baghdad and demolished the Statue of the dictator. Syria and Iran or other nations are not our targets. We target those who threat the peace and the freedom of the civilized world. We promote peace and freedom and dignity. The founding fathers of this country dedicated to peace,freedom. justice and equality.
  12. To: New Nation Stop being biased,You need to open your mind and think critically, you need to put this issue of Iraq in perspective and look it from the broader side. It does not serve our interest to invade Iraq and occupay it.The American government also stands by its commitment to a just peace in the Middle East.We stand for the permanent hopes of humanity, and those hopes will not be denied. We're confident, too, that history has an author who fills time and eternity with his purpose. We know that evil is real, but good will prevail against it. This is the teaching of many faiths, and in that assurance we gain strength for a long journey. We will promote peace and freedom now matter what it takes. these daily attacks in Iraq will not undermine our efforts to help those who are aflicted by the process of removing the oppressive regime.
  13. God Bless America..We strive for the freedom of every human being.And still we are critized by those who we try so hard to help and improve their lives. When will these hatters understand the true meaning of America
  14. To: Samuworior I am compelled by how, my usage of words effected your natural being. However, those who view issues from the broader side are obviouse to the one who's dreaming. But speaking realisticly you absolutely have nothing to argue with. If you are unfortunately a strong supporter of the current regime in the so called "Puntland" than you share their fate. The current leader of Puntland and some of his cobinet members commited atrocities against their own people, they also commited crimes against humanity. I am assuming when all these things took place you were not aware. how intelligent can you be? Nevertheless, These tyrants will not lead any part of Somalia. We will pursui them, we will hunt them down, and we will make sure they are all brought to justice. Evil leaders cannot lead any part of our Nation, Small, or big. Knowing c/lahi Yusuf's history of agression and his use of Etheopian forces against his own people we have every reason to object his leadership. Knowing also the designs and the deceptions of his personality. we will not allow him to be a leader in any part of our nation. We as a whole nation are facing this kind of proplems, but we will not ignore, deny, or pass this problems to our second generation, but we will confront with with clarity and focus. We will not let this kind of tyrants set the course of history.whether you like it or not.
  15. TO: Those who want to Divide one Nation,one Religion, one culture, one Language. The so called "Puntland" Cannot declare independence under any circumstances. Puntland does not have the capability to declare itself as another emerging seriouse power in Somalia. We urge Somaliland and Puntland to give up their ambitions. The U.N has finally shifted it's gear and is willing to show flexibility to have international force if these ongoing talks fail.