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  1. If he dumaal his bros wife, doesnt that make him the uncle to the child hes been raping, akhas. Whatever the situation, allah u naxariisto the woman who lost her life and this man should be held responsible for the horrible crime he committed towards the child.
  2. WOW Kabayare is usually dressed like a tomboy, she looks like a man if you met her on the street with her baggy pants and koofiyad. qofta gabar bay u ektahay for once mashallah.
  3. Illah kuu naxariisto Xaji Nur, what a tragedy, what a loss to the community, may allah have mercy on him for he died on this holy month of Ramadan. May Allah ease his families pain.
  4. Originally posted by Xalimopatra: Keyshia Cole has been back on my playlist for the last couple of weeks In my case I realised that you cannot help someone who doesn't help/forgive themself walle.Their defeated, pessimistic, paranoid and at times deluded demeanour only drags you down.You end up living your life differently and walking on eggshells so that they are always happy?!My life is better now that I have cut the person off.I actually have more time to focus on myself.I was worried of being selfish but in fact I was being totally selfless. I feel you...I love that you talked about walking on eggshells just to avoid making some unhappy...I hate that feeling. Life is just more simple and beautiful without people like that. I have always had a problem of letting go and lately, I realized the importance of letting go to live a better life. It is very important to forgive others and let go of past experiences, because it helps us as humans to move on with our lives. The important thing is to remember Allah and lean on him and things will eventually get better insha;allah.
  5. salaams and happy belated ciid mubarak. I went to eid prayer with my brother, but left without him...went to some aunt's house and she told me where to park, stayed in her house for an hour, came outside to get change for my aunt's kid ciid mubarak and what do i find, my car towed.....You do not know ciiilka iqabtay at that moment. I was trying very hard not to get mad, more like not to cry, imagine 285 dollars just to get it out, my god, walaahi, I really to sit on the floor and cry but my lil cousin was with me so I tried to play it cool. I ended up sleeping most of the day after that, went to some somali restaurant and then watched some hindi movies. Overall, I think it was a good ciid.
  6. enjoy bro, alxamdulilah,am fine. I am glad your are having fun in Kenya. Lol about mambuyu, I dont know what it is about it, but I love it, maybe i didnt come across chocolate in kenya or didnt like the kind they have over there, maybe that is why I was so into mambuyu,lol. have fun aboowe....
  7. oh yeah good luck with those slow computers in eastleigh....
  8. Wow, I see you are enjoying your stay paragon at hooyo-land, lol. This is memory lane for me right now, I wish I was there,. by the way, hooyo ii dhunko, and if you didnt know this is your sis..... Mambuyi ii soo dhiib,loooooool, if you see anyone coming my way insha'allah.
  9. For someone to mock those who follow Allah is to mock Allahs religion. Someone mentioned that the wadaado are just trying to follow the prophet's examples, is that something to be made fun of? Becareful of what you say, especially about this beautiful religion, because somethings could get you in a lot of dambi. Are we going back to jahiliya times, like back in the day in Somalia, when people couldnt practice their religion properly. If you dont like wadaado for a husband, then no need for you to let the whole world know. I mean whatever floats your boat, go with it. Just know wadaadada are just like everyone else, humans, and just like everyone else, they make mistakes, but you dont have to hold it over their heads as if they are supposed to be perfect. I know for a fact that a person who follows Allah's religion will make great husband/wife, so you can never go wrong with those who follow the prophet's example, peace be upon him. thats ma 2 cents.
  10. Modesty, I dont know if u are talking about university, but anyway, I was there the same night and the place was soo crowded. The bride was escourted out b4 the groom came, just cause some gangsta wannabes brought guns baa layiri. Wiilasha yar yar oo somalida ah, they need to stop imitating gangstas, sheekadaas tu soconeyso ma aha.
  11. Mansha'allah, thats was a touching poem.
  12. 28. Are you a Shiite? Because when I saw you, I said to myself, "She aiight". funny
  13. It is sad that you open up to a person and confide in them, but each time, you have an argument with that persn, they end up telling every bit of what you trusted with them to everyone. I have had a friend f 6 years who felt the need to spread my business everytime she was mad at me. I have never in my life felt that betrayed when I found eveything out, because the sad thing was, we always made up, but everytime she was mad, she would share somethings that I only shared with her, just anything to humiliate me. This is someone whom I have always been on her side walaahi and only Allah knows how true of a friend I have been to her, but I guess people are just cruel. And I learned from this experience to always have a few friends who are close to Allah, because those who fear Allah are less likely to betray you. I think that it is best to just let bygones be bygones, but to learn from it and for me, I just replaced all the anger with positivity and let it all go, alxamdulilah.
  14. 2005 will always be a very unforgetable year for me. I went through a lot this year, both good and bad, but alxamdulilah, I learned a lot in 05 and I am very thankful to Allah. 2006 so far looks good to me, but Insha'allah, kheyr is the only thing I can hope for everyone for the years to come insha'allah. asalamu aleykum...
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    How about "separated" by Avant while the groom and bride were stuffing cake in their mouths by each other. Just read this lyrics bal. Listen babe Everytime I see you, I get a bad vibe And you thought you were slick, had tricks up your sleeve But I see your ****** *** and I know you’re tired of me That’s why I say 1 -? ? ? when we were together We never turned our backs on each other But now that we’re separated We can’t stand one another I don’t wanna be wit you, put that on everything I own I can’t believe I stayed around that damn long If I never see you again, I won’t be mad at all, no no Cuz I believe that you’re my downfall You did me wrong DJ yaashaan caatada ah need to learn some skills b4 becoming DJs. Anyway, my 2 cents: Dreaming- Selena my one and only favorite hees. peace.
  16. You are not the only one Uma. I am also in that field and insha'allah hope to get in this year in that program. I dont know about other schools, but the u of m has a good one, am assuming u in mn. Contact them if you are looking for some info. other than that, good luck.
  17. ^^^^ "Time to clean our backyard , time to get rid of the less bright , underacheiver "Wadad". No matter how we turn n twist it .. they´re all Muslims n supposedly killing innocent ppl in the name of Islam. I for one take this very serious and fight with those spreading the HATE in the Mosques and community centers ." <DAYUM !! but then , i NEVER go these places . [/QB] You know what is funny, the 1st thing u did was attack wadaadada of the somali community, how do u know it is wadaado that did this? or are u just suggesting we should just get rid of them, just cuz they precah religion. And brother, please get ur facts straight, because no one preaches HATE at the mosque.
  18. U know I actually expected a parade on lake street, but sadly notrhing happened. I went to lake street on the day of the independence, I was really looking forward to that. Anyway, I was at the Brian coyle get=together, which was kinda boring. I missed out on the tournament, it is usually crowded by men anyway, I probably would have felt uncomfortable anyway. I really wanted to see that dardaaran movie laakinse hadii buu that boring yahay, ama 4get about it.
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    four eyed geek

    I hate glasses,never liked them. My vision went really bad in, but I knew Iwouldnt wear glasses, so I got me contacts. ever since then, i havent wornglasses. I use contacts that I away every two weeks, kinda annoying sometimes, but madax xanuunkii glases waan ka reste. asalaamu aleykum..
  20. I dont plan on going anywhere anytime soon insha'allah, but if I had to, I will prbably move to Kenya or Uganda. Go anywhere in the world, people kiss white ppl's a$$ like there is no tomorow. I went to africa last year and it was the same as Hibo mentioned. I have seen enough racism in my life to move to an Arab country, but hey I hear Dubai is really nice. peace.
  21. salaams.. I watched that show and I felt very bad, just because she had to focus on the negative side of the middle east. It would have been a lot better if she chose a different country than SA because SA is seen as a country that belittles its women and basically oppresses them. What really surprised me was the fact that there was so much positive things said about all the other countries, but when it came to middle east, it was all "ooh she was beaten by her husband, she cant drive a car"!!! The thing is dont ever expect gaalo to sit around and talk about how good muslims are to their women and as someone else already, some muslim nations are really not helping either. all in all, ya'all shouldnt take things like this that personal. asalaamu aleykum
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    Allahu Akbar

    masha'allah I am so glad to hear such good news. May Allah keep him on the right path. I will pray for him, insha'allah.
  23. Originally posted by OG_Girl: Aqli African wallahi!! :mad: Salam That is just plain disrespectful for one thing, because if you havent realized somalis are Africans. And 2nd, are u implying Africans are less intelligent.
  24. Congrats OG. I am going to UK if evertyhign goes as planned insha'allah in the summer.