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  1. Koora, hush little baby what is between ***** is none of your concern. Its family business, and we will resolve it. ta ta
  2. And one more thing, this is my beauitful city. One love.
  3. I am a silent reader, but i just had to log in for this. Garyaqaan walaalow why did u delete your message? Why are ppl intent on being politically correct, goodness gracious speak ur mind. Abdi Haashi was a sell-out end of story. i don't like Adde, but he wouldn't sell puntland to footo xuun or moryaan for a buck, he loves Puntland. ***** 4 life, and for that he has my support.
  4. Afuur wanagsan to you too darling. Afur for me is in several more hrs, *sigh* tsk tsk tsk Koolkat, you are too funny. Opps o lord its ramadan, na heedhe i am not even feeling this ramadan, i thought shaydan was susposed to be locked up this month, why am I still listening to music bal? ta ta
  5. From the narration of Sa’eed ibn Jubayr who said: “Ibn Abbaas asked me: “Have you married yet?” I answered no, so he said: “Marry! For the best of this ummah are those with the most women.” Collected by Al-Bukhaaree in the book of Marriage, chapter: Plurality of Women [no. 5069]. Al-Haafidh said in Al-Fath [10/143]: “He restricted it to this ummah to exclude the likes of Sulaymaan (‘alayhi salaam), as indeed he had the most women as has preceded, and also his father Daawood, and there came At-Tabaraanee the narration of Ayyoob on the authority of Sa’eed ibn Jubayr from Ibn Abbaas; “Marry! For indeed the best of us was the one with the most women.” And it is said that the meaning of the best of the ummah of Muhammad is the one who has more women than the others from those who are equal to him in other than that in virtues. And what is apparent is that what was intended by the best is ‘the Prophet’, (sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) and by ummah, ‘his companions.’” He says later: “And it has come in Ash-Shafaa that the Arabs used to praise plurality of marriage from what it points to of manhood OMG Earth to Al-Mu'minah don't let them brainwash you darling , this is a sexist and fabricated used by sexist sheikhs to have multiple wives. *rolls eyes** DONT believe it huuno, theyll tell you men is head, woman should obey please, my mom told me back in somalia the so called sheikhs always skipped the verses that spoke of women rights and equality, and focused on verses about polygamy, and men being king of the house and for the girl to obey. Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaze.
  6. ^^hehehehehehehe, thats my girl and you know it thats how it be, okey!. ta ta
  7. Looooooooooooooooooooool koolkat aww you have daughter thats so cute, bless darling bless. naheedheh I have a friend at work that has the worst breath in the morning, girl its toxic a$s breath, chronic o my good lord, and she'll come up real close and start talking , lord why ppl with bad breath never shut up? heres what I do to give the clueless a clue, I put my index finger on my nose, or reply hmm okey act like I don’t want to talk this works sometimes to make them shut it, if that doesn’t give them a clue they have as$ breath, I be like who farted something stinks, do you smell that? Al-Mu'minah break fasting ku teeh, its haram darling to have a$$ like breath. Girl use the mouth wash err day, okey. You will thank me for this good reminder. ta ta
  8. I was at the rally the other day, its amazing how somethings never change. I saw this on the news black woman raped, the world we live in, it so sad. God bless ta ta
  9. koolkat na heedheh from my experience from what ive seen and heard, its hard being married to a trucker, tagsille, whatever not something i would advice a loved one, anyways but if it works for you, then great. just make sure he brings every check and you cash it, okey. ta ta
  10. Walalhi oo bilahi people with bad breath make me want to faint and puke, and its ramadan please ppl carry a toothpaste, and brush your teeth throughout the day. Toxic breath is just nasty, how do you tell ppl with bad breath they got bad breath, i am not that mean but my index finger on my nose should be clue your breath just stinks. And another note ohh please smile ppl, good lord how hard is it to smile. Daily news, from good Citizen Azmaya peace n love, always stay fly n clean ta ta
  11. I have always wondered why we females hate on each other, I am more than positive she is the victim. No one deserves to be stabbed, but she did stab him and she had her reasons maybe he was abusive husband, he must have done something terrible end of story,. Anyways why marry a trucker who is gone for months or days on end god knows where’s he been or with who, no offense to the in the house truck drivers or wife of truck drivers, but its not good marriage or lifestyle from what ive seen and heard. ta ta
  12. Originally posted by De novo: Why don't we let our kids to date in their teenage years? What if we let them marry each other, temporarily, with the consent of their parents with a condition that they stay married until they finish high school and sleep together only during the weekends in one of parents' homes. And that they should only do it using a condom. With this, there should be no worry of dropping-out of school because of pregnancy. And after finishing high school, they can upgrade their marriage to a full status or terminate it if they choose to. I believe this will help our kids to date each other legally and reduce to committing a sin! loooooooooooooooooooooooool, thanks for the laugh. and that's disgusting.
  13. I feel sorry for the little baby, I am positive the loser probably did something terrible and deserved it, but HE IS NOT WORTH IT. Anyways why even marry a truck driver in the first place? Like uff.
  14. Do I have to put the word "check" beside the one that best describes me? are you used to asking for permissions? Its a free world, feel free to do what you want walaal. It just makes more fun thats all. ta ta
  15. Okey. You guys have been apart for seven long years, she is in Kenya, your all the way in Norway. Seven long years with a guy and only text messaging and what not, no visits from him until this december 7 years later, no proposal or marriage, and no ticket out, that would be my clue he doesn’t love me, and to move on. Hello, excuse me beenlow, i don't buy your story. ta ta