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  1. I visualize you –drawing me in your mind, You’re smooth operator –kind, I find you— quite attractive, too Fill in the blank –I love ___ Me too, Qalbi –This is intense, It might not make any sense, This vibe –I can’t even describe, You make me want to go –wey wey, Wallahi waan ku jeclahey!
  2. What if Africa would live in peace –no more tragedies? Little babies would grow up following the right trajectories – No more casualties—are script in our histories – Listen to the “voiceless†speak –and lets silent the abductees, Government on oath –‘no more fatalities from the west to east’ Build our own facilities –perhaps communities, So we can feed the poor some Basto and Bariis, Now you can lend a hand –so we can rebuild our land, Before they poison our water and dirt our sand, Why kill our women and weaken our men? Tribe made us divide – unjustified—can’t fight for our rights? If I say “Somalia TO’SOW†then why should I desire any side? HWYE, DRD, ISQ AND MADHIBAAN –just to name few, Just because you’re not the same tribe –don’t really mean I hate you!
  3. Alone I Stand: You’ve shot my father, You’ve hung my mother, Raped my older sister, Physically abused my brother, Me –you made me suffer, Made me behold and watch my family give up their soul, Shivering from the cold, no hoyo to hold, “You never had a father!†I have been told, Sometimes in my dreams I picture –the horrible things I’ve captured, Images of my sister crying “Allah, help me!†Visualizing mother looking at me –hopelessly, Years have past –but I live life like today is my last, “Why ‘oh why†I’ve asked –and answer had never been passed, Always been the child of outcast, I’ve meant to outlast –my family, In the Quran it says, ‘regret’ is Dambi, So I let me –live my life in misery, Can’t erase those memories, I’ve gained through my history, So I say “Alxamdulilah†it was my destiny-- that meant to be, Hopefully –Allah has written other plans for me, “I pray for those brothers and sisters everyday, I pray for those that have past away.â€
  4. I wrote this poem simply because I was just dissapointed of the situation that happened with the girl who got sexually assualted by our famous POET (dont want to mention any names). J. Lee, kewl! Thanks for the reply dude, I like it. Gracias, Seeker!
  5. Dear Saxiib A memory I can’t erase, Your blood splattered on my face, Seconds ago, we were talking about our future, And how I can picture –you and I –living the life of imaginations, Having the two families breathe under one enormous mansion, Remember when I mentioned “you will always be my companion?†You said “I will never leave you behind†but you left me undefined, A warrior of his tribe took a life that was bonded with mine, There goes my other half laying under my feet, “Oh Allah, how will I ever compete without being complete?†I can never breathe, indeed—without her I can’t never defeat, Bending down on my knees, “Allah please, let her live one more day†So I can say – “Promise me, you’ll remember this, Through the darkness, I will bring the brightness, Through the sadness, I will bring the happiness, If you’re in pain –I will give you a hand, ‘Cause you are a truly a friend, Remember –I love you, incase I don’t see you again,†I always hear, things happen for a reason, Hopefully there is a reason, why I don’t see you breathing, Five times I pray –so in heaven we can play – Finish up the conversation we had that day, **tears-tears**
  6. Victim of Rape: She was a daughter, a sister, whom had a mother, Couldn’t face the pain an old man brought her, She tried to mumble the words to her father, With the embarrassment, she couldn’t go any further, Depressed, couldn’t confess to her own siblings, Stressed, feeling less as she was weeping, At night she stays awake –with a thought that aches, Reflects from the pain, she has gained through many years, Still remains silent of the shame that kept her bursting into tears, In a letter she composed before she came out, In sadness she wrote, “My people will not be proud— Having this fear, feeling misery and treated unfair? I’m not able to love, if I’m feeling despair, Would anybody even care? Would they bare –their soul and shelter me from the cold, Would they give me the fault –if I let the secret unfold? Will they be against me and create a conspiracy? What if they say –innocent till proven guilty? And support the man who rapped me? Misery in mystery awaits me, if this man is set free†“I’m trying to puzzle the story of a child, who bled, A story everybody heard of but don’t believe it yet,â€
  7. Thank You! Yes. A Feminist just like Araweelo.
  8. Hehehe Maybe I should add this song into my Album "Xalimotologist on Qaadh" Perhaps you can sing the song while I play the kaban! My dad left me when I was 14. But he had to, only because his time was up!
  9. Jealousy –Got The Best Of Me: A year later you’ve received a call, From an ex girl-friend, whom now you call a ‘pall’ You tell me the story in excitement –and I listen uncomplaining, But feeling uncomfortable with the situation and what you’re saying, Thinking of the impossible and having this fear, You ask me “babes are you there?†Oxygen fades away and I’m breathless, Don’t know what to say, and I’m speechless, Imagination lopes wild like a little child, She used to cross miles to make you smile, I say “Yes honey I’m still present†So you continue the tell me the story, --bout you and her having history, but it really concerns me, ‘Cause I really don’t believe in having an Ex as a Homie, I recall the session of us trying to solve the situation, And having one on one conversation, If I’m okay with you and your ex having an amity? You see— ‘Okay’ I’ll say, but not if she is calling you everyday, I can’t grasp having nightmares of her taking you away, Call me psychosomatic for feeling so static, But it’s chaotic how I predict like a psychic, ‘Maybe’ I whisper, if she remains like a sister, And there is no cross-over and you can’t call her, And she is not permitted to cross the border –and that is an order! ‘No’ I mumble, while –with the thought I struggle, Why do you have to bundle if she’s already a couple? Okay, hmmm give me a minute or two, “What if she is still in love with you?†“What am I supposed to do?†Questions got the best of me, I’ve never felt this jealousy, But this is a challenge to be –against my own sanity! (So Qalbi bare with me)
  10. Question, Is there a gap –between poetry and rap? ‘Cause I blab through while I take a nap, Culture misguided –in America Guns are provided –in Africa This is a poetry Addict –writing at it with bandit, I’m so sick of Politics –I vomit –like chronic, Isn’t ironic –the way I rhombic in Ebonics? Sweetie, are you here for the fame? Don’t blame me, if I don’t know your name, If you didn’t ‘lend a hand’, than you’re not in my brain! It’s trouble-free, Because I’m simply –unsatisfied with the worlds conspiracy, Question, Who changes the verses in the Bible every Sunday? Is it the Priest or is there an Author you pay? Isn’t the life –of the Christ meant to be –a journey and not a theory? Why is 89% percent –of the Bible hostile to Women? I thought Eve was respected and loved by Adam! It’s against my believe –to hate and deceive those with no wisdom, If my religion –is the truth, WHICH I STAND! Here I am, (a woman) to make you understand (man!) That no man can rule –Without a woman sitting next to his stool.
  11. Victim of Love: I compose Poetic Expression, With an Intellectual Perfection, Here is a factual meaning -- Of what a True Poet is feeling! I hemorrhage through my thesis -- To convey my passion in pieces! I could do years of --without love, Now I look above and say "I had it enough!" Here is an instance, My other half being in long distance, Seeing you once or twice in a year, Shed my tears, and I pray to the on I fear, Why do I live in a lie, or is this REAL? Not eating or sleeping is what I really FEEL? Every day you ask me "baby, did you miss me?" Is it probable, what I feel is misery? The pain in me --is it meant to be --perpetuity? The pain of Love is mystery --I didn't see, Now! Am I a victim of a felony? 'Cause this ache is killing me --softly! So I dial your number and make the CALL, 'Cause your laughter, happiness and presents, outweighs them ALL. Dedicated to my LOVE. lol
  12. Artistic-Nomad


    Beautify the inner side of life? Having five kids and a loving wife, Hard working man, whose duty, is to strive, Build a healthy future for his kids to picture, Give his kids the lecture of what they beholds is a treasure, To capture the nature however not to harm, But to open their arms to keep it warm, (Boys)Teach life but don’t teach violence, (Girls)Teach beauty but also teach confidence, Acknowledge that ‘silence’ is authority, Respect those who deserve your integrity, To get respect back in honesty, The distance of love is far from hatred, The distance of hate is close to desperate – (to be loved) Humans are never satisfied with their own needs, We feed the greed while the poor need to eat! Why despise my tribe when I dislike dispute, The negativity I dilute so I keep it mute, Through pain we gain dilution, Fusion –between you and me, The inner beauty for others to sense and see, positively, The purpose why I wrote this, is for you to realize, That life is more than what psychologist can hypnotize, Not idolize those who victimize but to keep life in ease, God please, I’m bowing down on my knees, Let those peeps in Middle East live in peace, Africa is dying of Malaria with no medication to heal, If I had one wish, Africa would know how full stomach feels, Why is it different when John kills, his religion is unknown? And when Hussein commits suicide bombing, Islam is so quick shown? I know life is unpredictable, unexplainable, but ********* is discreditable! If ninety percent believes –we’re from Adam and Eve, Why mislead and deceive the innocent into grief? Why would one lie to make another cry? Why oh why? Oh I’m just a Poet to make another know it, That my shidh is not a quote –from a white male, But a –Somali black female,
  13. I'm Innocent I compose –war I oppose –hate of politics I suppose, Conflicts, love, and life I prose, Hypothetically I speak, with a mind that leaks, I bleed through the sheet, to recite my needs, Addiction, contradiction with the world’s confliction, I don’t write my poetry for the seek of attention, it’s an abrasion of compulsion, A little obsession and infatuation for writing my sentiment in public, I predict –rhymes like a psychic, Isn’t it ironic –how anarchic people are septic –with hate? Love-peace in religion and race would put politics into fate, Scale from one to ten, what would be my rate? I wonder! But whatever –no matter –I evaluate –I’m upper than what you’re under, My intellect is bigger –than an alcoholics gutter, I’m not for dictators but I’m a bit bitter like Hitler, I battle –right in the center like the gladiator, Why is it -- I’m guilty of a crime I haven’t committed? I am a bit too harsh on the politics, I admitted, But I submit my concept in caution, It’s a dedication to precision, prevision –provided by me! I’m innocent until proven guilty.
  14. This is the best of poetry, ‘Cause I see the Vision like Deadly, Sometimes it petrifies me –that ‘poetry’ will put me –into jeopardy But I’m never scared to be, ME, See I’m from MINNE, the only –virgin left in the state properly! Excuse the comments, its called freedom, so I free ’em! Free numb –for free gun –to free dump! (Somalia) Perhaps you know –when I flow –I let it grow! And it ends up talking about my country’s sorrow! Allah! Forgive me today, if I don’t make it tomorrow! I’m so far from the truth, yet close to deception, -Living in a world full of confusions, dreams of illusion, Trying to elusion –from the white-men exclusion –me from education, How dare he, bare me? Question my sanity? Don’t you know I am Somali? I learn to teach, so I reach –the poorest hand and I feed –the need!? And I finally can say, someday, We’re in PEACE! Okay? (Snap-snap)