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  1. Salaams walaal, I would love to read about topics 1, 8, 9 and 10. Looking forward to it.
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    Today I....

    Congrats Bess, inshallah all goes well. Today I'm hating Michigan more than ever...can't wait to get out of here. I missed SOL..so so long...Salaam everyone.
  3. Oh man…haven’t been there in few weeks, getting laid off work ruined my motivation…job hunting sucks!!! (
  4. Free gift check out the website. Free gift
  5. Ameriplan is a service based company and not product. We do not sell products, do home parties, collect money, do the business to get a discount on our own merchandise, etc. Ameriplan is a true work at home CAREER. You can work either full time or part time at home...100% on the Internet. We offer: Daily Pay - FREE Live Support - FREE Websites- FREE Household Benefits, FREE Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance. What we don't do: No Selling - No Parties - No Collecting of Payments - No Cold Calling Here is a little information about Ameriplan. Our company is 14 years old, is a $100 Million company, and is a member in good standing with the US Chamber of Commerce and the Dallas Better Business Bureau. Here is the link to the BBB: http://www.bbbonline.org/cks.asp?ID=875000584 The television show 60 Minutes also did a big special on our company! To view the 60 minutes special, please visit: http://www.ameriplanusa.com/video/AMR300K.asx
  6. Bilan about the case on Montana, AmeriPlan couldnt service that state becuase of changes legislations made insurance policies. I've had ameriplan for awhile know, I have saved $400 hundreds on root canal, and it's absolutely helping me pay off my college debt. For those in doubt leave me a message, and I will tell you more about my exprience with Ameriplan.
  7. Yeah, unfortunately it's only in the states.
  8. Work at Home I have been doing it for about 3 months, it's helping me big time paying off my college debt. If interested check out the website!
  9. Not all have medical assistant, especially all the single people out there.
  10. It's nationwide and if a particular dentist is not on provider list, the company will recruit that dentist.
  11. i think khayr is right how could one run in the olympics and not have to wear tight clothing and not having to bring attention to themselves? how can a muhajabah shake hands with a male police officer. the hijab has become nothing but a symbol I AM A MUSLIM but not acting upon it and doing what non-muhajabahs are doing. is the hijab just a symbol or do we put it upon ouselves to do what a muhajabah is suppose to do like cover our selves and to forbid tight clothing and to not shake hands with men who are not related to us? please for those who replied to this with a negative comment please sit back and try to understsand what Khayr is trying to say
  12. For $12/month you receive dental, vision, prescription and chiropractic care. Check out the website
  13. I just saw SAW III last night, it wasn't a good movie. There was really nothing scary about it, however there was too much blood, really disgusting. I thought it was a really dumb movie.
  14. I love taking pics, random things mostly. This is one of my favorite pics taken while I was in San Diego, California.
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    Career Planning

    Salaams This is a great thread, I dont know how I missed it. Right now I'm working with local hospital in the finance department budgetting for the uninsured in this county. I enjoy my job alhamdulilah, but the only problem is finding doctors who are willing to take these patients for very little money. I only can do so much, but I can't help but feel guilty though that some of these people can't get the care they need unless its a true emergency and show up at the emergency room. I'm in the process of them not getting the help they deserve, should I feel responsible for it.