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  1. Originally posted by J B: quote:Originally posted by Bishaaro: Hey Johnnygoodboy what did you do to get him PM you? Flash your man boobs? ^^ take a look ; « Delete Private Message » Send To Rana Atif Mohmood: Send Reply | New Private Message Author Topic: ok Rana Atif Mohmood Alien Member: 6819 posted January 08, 2006 01:45 PM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- how will you help me? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Posts: 5 | From: Stockholm | Joined Somalia Online: Dec 2005 The brother is serious, Rana, my hommie, Sorry man, i can´t help ya. My earlier post was a Joke, but if u stay on course i think (am pretty sure )you´ve a shot at one or two right here on SOL. but not Bisharo, she is a rich Canadian model looking for a Butler . okey brother. but i hope i will have one..
  2. Originally posted by Bishaaro: What am i doing here?? Most idiotic thread of the year award and you guys actually reply to this crap! Rana Atif Mohmood: Can you make chicken tikka, naan and veggie pakora? yes i can make.
  3. Originally posted by ibtisam: no they just want someone to play wid for a while while they work; most of them have wifes back home and are bored and lonely, they normally pick on white women, eastern europeans. pluz if they marry for 2years they don't need a student visa anymore; loool; hence when ur on the bus "hello sister, you muslim" and right after that "you want boyfriend" no, okay "you want to marry" :rolleyes: :rolleyes: yes you are right. Infact i am single and i did not do any marriage in pakistan. what is wrong with this if i wish to settle in sweden. is this not good to do marriage with muslim girl even from any race? bye
  4. Originally posted by makalajabti: Rana, I will marry You but You have to come to London. I am not going to Sweden not even for a pakistani husband. hi dear. where do you live in london. what is your name. bye
  5. Originally posted by RnB-Thug: lol at the dude..but naw i won't sweat him...go to your local mosque ask around if you have hope...but why u stealin' our females though..naw i'm jus playin good brotha..good luck. where do you live in london and what is your name
  6. I am pakistani guy living in stockholm. i like somalian women.. I am muslim. i like to marry with somalian girl in stockholm. can any body help me. my mobile number is: 0046 (0)704288275 my email is: atif_niz@hotmail.com thanks