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  1. He is entitled as long as he doesn't get that pot belly most Somali men tend to get in their late 20's. Shidaad badanaa. I don't understand why people equate thinness with health or vice versa. There is no such thing as an ideal weight even the BMI is based on a range. I just think you owe it to yourself to eat right, exercise regularly, lead an active and healthy lifestyle. Do it for yourself.
  2. I don't feel like my age but then again I don't know what it is that I should feel.
  3. I would also like to see the Colts vs Eagles. So the Utes molested Bama and nobody saw that coming. We were all relying on Bama's defense to dominate but unfortunately Utah's offense was a beast and their defense wasn't half bad. Who woulda though? It was like watching a Cinderella story. We wrote them off, expected them to lose but they surprised us all. To have an undefeated season and then go on to win a bowl, Go utes, go!. At least VT and USC won. 2/3 isn't bad. Now, I just hope the buckeyes get their asses handed to them. I really don't believe OSU deserved to go to the Fiesta Bowl over Boise State I just like Texas. They got cheated out of the BCS Championship. This is a team that was tied with OU and didn't qualify for the Big 12 championship because of poll ratings. Not to mention they beat the Sooners (a plus in my book). They has McCoy, a Heisman finalist for a QB who leads the team in Rushing Yardage. Seasoned RBs and WR, Shilpy, Cosbey, Williams and Collins. . Hands down the Longhorns have a better offense than any team the Buckeyes faced. Defensively they aren't there but as long as they pressure the Freshman QB it shouldn't make much of a difference.
  4. ^Did he stutter horta? (Cheap shot I know) Please say yes. I wanna liven up the story for my nephew/niece insha'allah. He doesn't have to get on his knees but I do expect him to ask for my consent before he approaches the family. I don't care how he proposes as long as it is memorable.
  5. GIANTS!!! One step closer people! lol@Rudy. Yes, I've landed back safe and sound.
  6. I. Sea-Hawks were a disappoint this year; we were in a committed relationship until he decided to under perform from every critical angle you can think of from their Special Teams to their QB. It was heartbreaking. However, II. I was rooting for the Pat's until Brady's injury. What I didn't get however was how Cassel became a 2nd string QB under Brady when he never played in College. I promise you, when they played against the Chargers I was thinking he couldn't be that bad but we all know how that story went...down the damn drain. I just want to see the Giants and Eagels for the Bowl. III. As far as College Football is concerned: I have been rooting for Florida (partly Tebow partly Harvin= Love)the whole season even though most of my friends thought that was a joke. Aside from losing to Ole Miss they made Saturdays my best day. Sooners who?. IV: I hope The Trojans molest Penn State. They are a Pac-10 team so for obvious reasons I want them to win the Rose Bowl. VT (19)-Orange Bowl Alabama(4)-Sugar Bowl Texas(3)-Fiesta Bowl (OH. State doesn't deserve to go the bowl when Boise State had an undefeated season and better BCS standing) Finally: I think it's just sad that TT got booted out because the Sooners were poll favorites.
  7. ^That's a definite sign of old age: you are getting the lyrics wrong, Brownie.
  8. Making the first move doesn't mean asking him out.
  9. Daring? Not in the least. It's the natural order of things in my world. I have no complaints.
  10. If you want to then you should. It just depends on the way you do it. Personally, when a guy approaches me I get turned off by it. I like to do all the selecting then go in for the kill (it's the tomboy in me). Don't judge me lol. Lately though I am starting to feel different.
  11. J.Lee


    ^I thought that too.
  12. Madonna ey ayaa cunay. I play volleyball (love it), dogdeball (most painful of all; muscle aches for days) and basketball. I learned to do a lay-up today. I gotta work on my three-pointers because I "have the form but not the strength." I'm just a little bitter. I haven't tried pole-dancing but I find it appealing for some reason.