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  1. allan


    i now this isn’t the place to air once sins but, it’s probably the most convenient place.... ive been working at a supermarket for the last year or so, and when filling the shelfs with stock - especially the confectionary ails, i have got into the habit of "accidently" opening a bag of lollies or a chocko bar.... i realise that this is stealing. so, wat i want to ask is wat is the best way to make toba for this sin? should i purchase wat ive stolen and donate it to charity or is there a better way? is there a period of time that my tobas wont be accepted because ive consumed foods that i stole? walahi i feel so bad righ about now.....
  2. i second that but 3 years education? i think its a bit more than that
  3. thay got that in italy? - well now u know were to find me!
  4. unless am a hot babe? :eek: my chest may be as big as a 16year old girl's but come on...timaheeya waa jareer
  5. wat if i told you that i have found a wonder dug that is garanteed to keep me alive....
  6. lool... i dont get it!
  7. nomads prepare to see fat boy flighing around europe next july, yep ill be cruzing the EU for a month so dont forget to holla -
  8. oh no you didnt just say that Zenobia leave our boys alone. mind you South Africa the other heavy weight of rugy just held on to their win.... must be somting in the french water!
  9. with the turbulent financial markets and a resestion for much of the world looking more inevitable, the question of using current bills or notes in thrown into the spotlight wat do u nomads think? can we continue to use notes as viable exchanges in the future?
  10. this by the way is old news like at least a year old. the australian just recylce most of their feature articals and polish it up to make it look relevent...