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  1. Vibe , I didn't put myself in ur list first of all. But anyhow .... Thats the best you could do? Think of a more childish label than "uncool". ok? Good work. (iam not running up for primary school nominations where we nominate cool or uncool)
  2. Guys guys would you save me the arvo. What is in looks? nothing. It all fades i reckon. it is temporary and never permanent Dont tell me the most gorgues model or sports player look like they do when they are on telly every day of thier lives every hour second ( Hvae you seen paris hilton or Operah behind cameras?) Not that they are beautful but having that amount of wealth they can afford to be "beautiful". There is no such thing as beauty on the outside. What makes a person beautiful is thier character.THERE is NO ONE i would classify on this earth as tremendously dazziling because there wasnt and there isnt( except prophet Josoph) we seem to choose some more than others on slight opinions. Nothing so special. Beauty is mistankenly defined.
  3. I'am too cheap??? Lets see who really makes it to any place?? be money wise or more personal and then we will see who is cheap! Anyone who is going to believe in cyper space ideas like these is just foolish Vibe, just after all those criterias are met wake me up from my sleep.
  4. Scar face that made me crack for real.... Zarqa i will not tell u my location. lol Sister not all of us live in the same city as you might think. Some of us are scattered from perth YES (alot from perth) some sydney and also mel. I think you are a melbournian huh... unless you going to pay for my ticket by qantas freight (dont be cheap and send my on firgin) it is difficult to come a place of meeting. But i would like to see some aussie mates in here :eek:
  5. and do you sense immaturity??? Maybe the teen section was not good to abandon afterall.
  6. Lazy Girl AU is a member of this site just like you and has a right to announce what ever he wants! Stop patronising him. AU Not everyone is going to miss You but brother dont mind these nasty replies. Some people have nothing good to say but evil. Their lives are full of misery. I will miss your sense of humour and maah maahyo.
  7. nuune waad mahadsantahay eh soo ducee inu ilaahay igu simo insha alaah. The only thing standing between me and Laba Nuux this year is death. Alaa you lucky duck! ala nasiibkaga Ilaahay ha kugu simo aamin. Laakin do me a favour. ii soo wada salaan ilaayo TAARKA Laba NUUX ILaayo Sheekh Madar.(We are Fikta sheekhmadar inhabitants). Intaad kortid fikteeda staag ood intaad xoog ledahay ilaahay ku siiyey ku qeyli xoog uu dhawaaq "Sheekh madar rayaana wey idin soo salameysaa"! Some childhood memories from there are locked in my mind, when i remember i just want to fly home. And when u go to djibourti (i have a crazy heritage) ii soo salaam oo wada dhunko reer LARA SEYNK (5th avenue). or was it SIIS i dont remember i forgot all my french. Good luck safar wanaagsan brother.
  8. I will be there soon INSHA ALLAH… And like they say sanad ba sanad uumbu kusii dhibi. Soon never comes and you find yourself 20 yrs down the track still having that want in ur heart (nafta lagu raxeeya bari baad hargiesa ka dagi airportkeeda). For me i was supposed to go last year and then i never went. Then there was 2005 end of the year break and i never went again. Nafta uumbaan ugu sheekeyaa bal hargiesa caday maalin uun baad ka daadagi airportkeeda. It never comes But maybe u on a diff boat and may be this time u sure 99.99% Iam not going to say it because it happened to me one time too many. My friends all know it too well and say that one is a big Lier she will stay in Oz forever "alaa taa haa sheegin way riyoota uun, wax ka surtagala ma jiro". Ma hadlaayo ilaayoo malinta aan isku hubsado the one way airline ticket aan ku dagi ciida hargiesa cabona biyaheeda.They will see! Insha Alaah
  9. Alle ubahane I agree with you 100%. Alot of girls in sol by thinking they are sophisticated and modern have been really discussing things that is beyond disgusting. Even if this forum comprimised females only ... there are things that even little children feel ashamed to say. We are for some reason losing our self respect...i dont understand how they can say they are western ( goormey western noqdeen shalay iyakoo somalidu qaxooti wada ahayeen?) how can they endorse western mentalities when they are so called muslims (or clean on the inside?) isnt it supposed to show both outside and in? A shirt that is dirty but clean on the inside is never worn because it disturbs eyesight on first glance. i will provoke some nasty replies but it is a fact! But then again they say they still clean and muslims. Sol has no limits when these sort of thigs are discussed but again has GOLDEN RULEs. Me dont get it.
  10. ^^ OK OK i get You have big connections in hargiesa. That doesnt explain why you still jigging down with it in Phily ? "( or was it york?) one of them... waisted asset i reckon. but anyhow atleast the next time i fly to hargiesa by daalo airlines (one way ticket) i will call someone for some discounts hey? i know you link with atleast 60% of landers ( e.g. that guy that recorded on the answering machine he gets on my nerves 'numbarkaad qaraaceysaa waa mashquul....'). me thinks its all good Jay. In hargiesa waxa weeyaan garaad iyo garab. from farming industry to the little local shop. You must know ina hebel hebel through a specail network. But it has been publicised all over somaliland websites and u say it doesnt need publicity? Maybe you have been away too long? hargiesa now is not the hargiesa you knew. There is big compitition between local firms esp the tourist industry (qurba joog baa wadanka nooleysay runti) ...they need all publicity they can get.
  11. ^ rising of the sun? But we have no connections to those ideals and beliefs. Jay how come You know its roots that deep? Are you publicising it maybe related to the owner lol Oriental huh looks nice but how come i have never seen it and heard of it before. since 1953 they say...weird.
  12. Purity seems archaic; abstinence impossible. Why wait when everyone else is getting the goods now? It’s just sex waiting till marriage seems outdated and prudish......there are more than a few healthy practical benefits of regular sex. For example, they say sex helps reduce menstrual pain in women,And in general, because sex reduces stress, it helps maintain a healthier immune system.....besides life is too damn short why wait around till marriage, what happens if the so called mr right or miss right never comes life waiting and die while waiting....what a shame way to live! helps to practise before you commit I cant believe what iam it for real cajiib! Mary was born a virgin and died a virgin. She was that respectfull women given high, honourable position in this life and hereafter. But then again... why would all of those people who dont even want to hear about the hereafter care? this life is enough for them and they have nothing in the akhira so all U guys who approve and practice SEX before marriage you are guaranteed no place in the hereafter... You think by thinking like the western (animal) youth you are modernised and open minded but YOU ALL HAVE NO PHYSICAL ASWELL AS SPIRITUAL VALUE. keep practising the haram until it is too late to turn back...good luck guys
  13. Saalixa

    Somali Sistaz

    No. Somali culture and men are already hard to live with and understand let alone other cultures. Let me understand this one first aight! :mad:
  14. Saalixa

    odd love

    legend dont get me wrong but if it is odd love you call it why are you still in it? i wouldnt. You know i have the northern accent but but that doesnt stop me from not understanding my friends from southern is just hard to understand when you speak fast i get lost. And also the way you describe the time, (hal saac is like to me 1 oclock) So it is up to the person..if your interest in this person is high i think this would be a very small cost. best wishes
  15. ^ khashanre if you have no good to say just observe yourself...ask yourself have you made or even tried to achieve such for other poeple and not for yourself? dont be judgmental when you have nothing to stand by yourself atheer EDNA ADAN may Allah reward you...
  16. Alla Ubahane I'am against this idea. How can you trust that the right match you were given is maybe one of those Khat addicts you already mentioned in UK maqaxiyado ... who say they have a job when actually unemployed ever since arriving in the country? Xidhidiyuhu ma adiga baa?if you are you have to proof yourself trustworthy and honest in this duty. Anyone who has a cyber lover is naive in iresponsible to me.
  17. Congrads fartun I like the thought of having someone there by your side every day of your life till death take you apart but i dont like the idea of HIm/her being there every time na'mean It gets to my nerves when i see couples holding each others hands in the mall for more than 20 mins or in the trainstation kissing or posing infront of the world to see. I mean who cares you love each other? and that should be done behind closed doors. I hate to have someone except my mother, telling me what to do. I also hate sharing a life with someone like all those things you said eating together ,sleeping together,taking the responsibility on your shoulder of this new person and what might come between you.It all becomes too scary and restricted...but iam just kidding i think fartun you have a beautiful life to look forward to so make the most of it. ALL OF THE BEST FOR YOU SISTER IN THIS NEW WORLD YOU HAVE ENTERED
  18. UMA why couldn't she spend that 150 million dolaar diamond on her fellow brothers and sisters who would with praise appreciate it more and she would have had recieved a long lasting reward. What pleasure or happiness did that diamond bring into her life? She recieved the attention and glamour for one night then threw it in the drawer...probably stare at it for the next couple of days and show it more to those who can not afford... So i dont think she is a role model for me. She has no values or sense of belonging, as she has no feelings or sensitive heart for those who live $2 wage back home.I mean how much would a $1000 cheque help lots atleast 2 families?
  19. But how can they have laxoox on weekdays. That is wrong! you should have it only on a non working day like maybe the weekends so that you enjoy it to the full with subag ( i cant wait for hooyo to get us somemore from somalia) and honey (sometimes) with light shah ..ummm ahhhh Does any one in here eat CAMBAABUR? it is like laxoox in size but totaly different with the ingredients and appearance. You eat it with CAANO Gadhoodh . I would be suprised to see how many of SOL nomads do eat it because it is one nice meal in the morning
  20. I never in my life thought one would deny their own identity. Flip mode can you add to your prestigious suijinimo list -ignorance rates with suijis I never have been to kenya but have seen it on the telly. It looks like any other african country except there are some few high rise buildings in the city. There are wandering street kids and prostitutes who (the reporters say all carry the aids HIV virus) even in the safest part of the country. I would rather live in a village with healthy inhabitants than a city full of infected and polluted people with AIDS. There is big gap between the rich, middle class and poor like any other african country. The youth are not taught how to combat aids and have no idea the drastic effects it has on their health. One girl said when she was asked if she would have sexaul relationship with a man without a condomn "The men tell us sex with condomn is like have tea without sugar" and me thought hell and what bout your health. For once i thought thier might be AFRICAN BIMBOS too and we need. A lot of young men were also reluctant to use and some confessed they have no need of using a condomn because they have seen family members and friends and would care less if they were infecting others. Most had sex with more than one partner. :mad: and plan not to change *People cannot talk on the mobile phone outside of their homes or walk with a hand bag safely walking in the neighbourhood. I have a relative there who has told me they get raided by thieves nearly every week in Nairobi. They are so used to it they will instruct you on the best way to deal with the situation without getting your body killed. All those who own businesses or a little asset be least a car fear for their lives because when they leave thier homes for places such as a gas station, it will most likely be the list goes on. Ok and the think about sujui girls being better looking when compared to somali girls: I would be so honest i have seen some suiju girls and they look like the average somali girl next door. Not ugly and not so preety like you put it. And i know what appearance is when describing a female they meet not those standards
  21. Diana does not bleach your skin like other creams do. It is a beauty cream and you have totally mistaken it to lighten the skin. It cleanses your skin and hey trust me it isn't only dark skined people who use it. Arabs use do caucasions. I would have no problem with using diana as a beauty cream...hey there is nothing wrong with taking care of your skin. For those you see that it makes a bleaching effect, that is because they use something else in accordance with it because diana has not those type of ingrediants.
  22. Uma dont feel alienated. Just remember you will have to start somewhere and we were all aliens once...when i actually joined i never thought of this...i thought we were nomads from the beginning. See i never paid attention and till today only drop in only every now and took me a year to just be a nomad i think. JOMAANA welcome
  23. University of blah blah i don't care which university all i care in the end i have a degree that is internationally recognised and i get a job....Insha Allah
  24. Alle Ubahanee gabdha beena wa laguso xero galiyaa runa waa lagu dhaqaa? markaa ma waxaadna leedahay quur iyo aqal baa been lagu dhisay oo lagu asaasay? hadii ay sidaas tahay guur jiraa oo waara aad buu uu yaraan laha. Markaas beentu waxaba faaiido ah kumasoo kordhineyso. Raaga intoda badan ee guurkoga hore ku guleeysan wayaa waxaas baa uu sabab ah! Failure fro the evil intentions. Anii runti this day and age raaga somalida ah wey wada rabaan more then 2 wives even though most cannot afford more than by making them sign a contract will just violate their intentions...making them more decieving i reckon... I would rather have him have a Halal second wife then a haram one..that he goes have an affiar behind my back. So atleast if he is honest about it then why not?
  25. why would you be worried.... just put your faith in ALLAH and he would protedt you from such diseases. That is provided you stay away from the HARAM