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  1. " Worry never robs tomorrow of it's sorrow; it only saps today of its strength" A J Cronin I try to think of that wonderful saying if i am anxious about something and it works (sometimes)!
  2. Tahliil and hodman, i agree. Given the choice not many would choose their photos to be viewed by hundreds everyday. But then again, a photographer might not always know the significance of a photo when he/she takes it.
  3. We are not running an ad campaign for direct monetary benefits. Now, how does that relate to anything i have talked about?! "Direct monetary benefits" what does that even mean?!! Khayr im not talking about the law here, cause last i checked there is nothing unlawful about taking someones picture as long as they are decent, but what is legal might not be moral some times. Cheer up mate and don't stress yourself out too much. Could you be more patronising?
  4. Legend, a prominent Somali soap opera writer. There is a new somali tv, im sure they could use your skills to fill the slots every morning. "there is big market out there for soppy soap opera, dont limit your skills to only SOL". Cilmi drinking his Mocha late’…wondering…I wonder if she has recognised me? After all these years? What would she say if she realises who I am?… Wagar!
  5. I have been wondering this for a while... I have noticed people have taken photos of their trips to back home and placec they have been to and shared them with us on SOL "which is fantastic". Apparently, if they are candid photos the person propably wasn't aware they were having their photo taken and if they were, they propably didnt mind. So my question is, is it right to publish these images on a medium like the internet without their consent? While privacy is a subjective thing, one never knows how someone feels about their photo being taken or being displayed until you ask them. To not ask them is to ignore their right to say 'no'. The fact that candour and spontaneity are usually lost and that too often, people who are asked before or after you take the photographs say 'no', whether reasonable or not, is just too bad - the photographer has an obligation to discover the subject's position towards their photo being taken and to respect their wishes. What about pictures that include children? Do you think its morally and ethically wrong/right to display pictures of children without the consent of the parents? I just want to say im not critisising anyone in particular, i have enjoyed those pictures great deal. I imagine it must have been educational to some people who have never been to these places "especially Somalia" to get an idea. And to others it has been nostalgic experience im sure. And if that has been the intended purpose, does the end justify the means? When taking a pictures of strangers "as you do" do you think of all these things and where do you stand on these issues?
  6. Top movies last 2 years *The worlds fastest Indian *Kinky Boots *Capote *Crash *Goodnight and Goodluck (captured the essence of that era) Older than 2 years *Station Agent *Amelie *Usual suspects *Fargo *Big lebowski (what a movie) *Get Shorty *Pulp fiction *Godfather (all of them) *Taxi (robert de niro's and the French one few years ago as well) *Kill Bill"s" The list goes on and on, but what about great actors and actresses? No matter how good a movie is directed, if the story is not told brilliantly by the actor, the movie is ruined. Who are ur favourites old and new?
  7. I haven't been around lately, but i check the web frequantly. This story makes me angery, yet sad and decided to share ir with you guy's. this brother of mine was married to a close cousin of us, and they were happy with three childre. however, lately they were having some issues wich let to divorce. i don't wanna take any sides, by the wife was the one created the whole problem. now that they are divorced, the wife is claming with government that he is an abuser, an she afraid for helf self and the children. my Question is why Hablihi somlaiyeed ugu bexeen sidan? maxaa keenay in Dumarki Noqdeen ku aanan fiirinayn wanaagooda, iyo ilmahooda mustaqbalkooda, by treating the husband badly? what you guy's think of this problem that faces us.? It truly is sad when a family breaks down, but we should not be quick to judge all somali women. No one likes for their whole lives to be dragged through the mud. You have to ask yourself, what has she got to gain by claiming the husband was abusing her! Domestic violence is a serious issue and it should not be taken lightly. Intimidation, bullying etc all come under violence. But jumping to conclusions and labeling the parties involved "especially women" as bitter and bad women is not helpful. If she indeed is just being vendictive and he is innocent "xaq" will prevail and if not, it's up to the courts to investigate and decide.
  8. Husband and wife had a bitter quarrel on the day of their 40th wedding anniversary! The husband yells, "When you die, I'm getting you a headstone that reads: "Here Lies My Wife - Cold As Ever " "Yeah?" she replies. "And when YOU die, I'm getting you a headstone that reads: "Here Lies My Husband - Stiff At Last"
  9. He said he has an account with HSBC or whatever, its a british based bank, and he was explaining his experience with the bank and their employees. What part of all that did I miss when he said he was from america? Can't you read properly, mr born friday? Its evidently you that cant read properly Lazygirl. I haven't suggested in anyway the gentelman was an American, but his words were classic example of what an American customer would say. If you perhaps havent got the gist of my words, its not where the bank is based or who owns it, but the attitude towards customer service. mr born friday? and it is Miss ..
  10. Customer service is just rubbish in England. People are much more relaxed there, and things take forever to get done. They'll tell you it'll take two weeks for your Internet service to be fixed! It drives me nuts." I never thought I'd be quoting Gwyneth, but she's spot on. All of us at the school have a long supply of anecdotes about the perils of British customer service." I thought Gweny and the likes of her had PA's to do the groveling for them. It's a bad sign when you notice that banks have posters threatening criminal prosecution if you verbally abuse their staff. As an American, you might expect posters like this in the post office, but the bank? That's a head-shaking first. Think about it. It means that enough people in the past have lost it at bank tellers — across all branches — for the bank to warrant investing in advertising to dissuade future verbal abusers. What happens at a bank? Sure, there may be an occasionally long line, but what more in the way of uncaringly bad customer service would you expect at your local bank branch? Given that Britain is a society of polite, demure individuals, I didn't quite get it. I think its absolutely necessary to have posters like that to protect the staff. I think its appaling the way customer service reps are treated in US, the customers get away with murder. Ofcourse, conflicts occur as a result of human interaction, but bullying and harrasing a rep is not the solution. If the bank is in the wrong they usually promptly deal with issue and in many cases compensate the customer, but i found it's traditionally the customers that are in the wrong who react the worst. I once complained and told them off. The bank manager was calm and unconcerned. I told him that my entire family banks with them and if they do not rectify their wrong actions, that I would close my account immidiately and that the rest of my family would do the same! Typical American thing to say!
  11. Haye waqtigii calaacalka maa la gaaray?!
  12. My be its about time U go and hit a bunching Bag or take it out on your local corner shop attendent, just tell them U are having a bad day and were told by someone, that it helps to vent your stress out on the first person U see in the morning LOL Foxy, im so bad at taking my anger out on some one... especially "shop assistants/customer service reps, one of these days i wanna see how the other half "the angry bunch" feel when they rant and rave and if it relieves stress at all! I find being sickly sweet and smily gets you much further than being angry
  13. Modesty like yourself i used to hate speaking in public, but i have fortunetly overcome that now. I found nerves are mainly due to not knowing much or knowing little about chosen topic. I was not stressed because i was nervous of giving a presentation but i had a lot riding on that presentations. But the annoying thing was i kept stressing about it still, even it was too late to have done anything. Sharmaarke walaal thats good advice thank you.
  14. In this Muslim bashing era, it seems there is no limit to what we have thrown at us or how much we are humiliated. The latest thing is making fun of our beloved prophet. Two major news papers France SOIR and Denmarks Jyllands-Posten both printed caricatures of the prophet. The caricatures from Denmark's Jyllands-Posten included drawings of Muhammad PBUH wearing a headdress shaped like a bomb, while another shows him saying that paradise was running short of virgins for suicide bombers et. Although, there has been some reaction from some Islamic countries, but when are we finally going to stand up to these bullish establishments?! When are the major and wealthy islamic countries going to remove their mouths from these countries arses, long enough to make a stand?... The full story is here..
  15. We all know what stress is because we have all, to a greater or lesser extent experienced it. Nevertheless, defining it is not easy because when the term is applied to humans, we need to take account of our psychological reactions to demanding events and our appraisal of such situation. As i understand it, stress is our emotional and physiological reactions to situations in which we feel in conflict or threatened beyond our capacity to cope or endure. Last Friday, i had an importand presentation to give. I worked on it all week, every single hour of the day. But on Saturday, instead of relaxing i was still stressing about it. I woke up at six and kept thinking about it "what i could have done better and so on". I simply couldnt sleep even though i was exhausted, ain't stress pain in the $%&**^%$%? How do you cope with stress? Whats your best stress reliever of all time?