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  1. Ck sis this what i heard, you cannot marry a women while she is pregnant nor divrce here,,,and what s the piont,somehow when the child grows up ppl will know how he was born,,,,,,, man what happened methods of contraceptions we all studied at scoooolllll don't they come in handy? ayayaay this is the reason i hate some men, they don't like the ******and want to enjoy but yet they don't want responsibilities,,,they are not men. "bloody mongrels" a tyipical aussie would say.
  2. moti i thought i fell under women's and entertainment section but thier descriptions quite don't fit me and aren't the real reason why i vist this site i think i'am quite normal and not confused, the world revovles around me quite right :confused:
  3. looooooool waarya nur acuudkee bal taswiirtana ma fitnah baa kaga soo baxaysa? ala bahalsha its not real, give caramel sister a break, you men are always perving and then blame it all on the ladies, hadda i will tell you what to do, wheneva you come across caramel's post block the side bar, until she finds a niqaab, ok nur, hadda you won't get fitnah because the first glance is not counted as it wasn't purposely done. caramel contact me i could send you info on where to get that niqaab, one as small as that face
  4. ok nur, so u got me, you the better chef, that was a very good recipe indeed iam sure sundus liked it too , i wonder if you made it? :rolleyes: anyways thanks for sharing the recipe walaalo and ilaahay ajar haku siiyo ducadadana hakaa aqbaloo salaam
  5. nur can you cook or that was just a smoke scrren to hide your deficiency in culinary arts iam deeply offended,,,what do u think,,my name says it all, waxaan kuu yiri bahalshaa saas aan usoo kala dhig dhigaa, from the italian levina pasta to the somali xaaniid and subriani,,, or if you asked to steal my recipes, i know you asked for that reason, like u know iam good some how, somewhere u heard of me huh? are you trying to compete with me?looks like it, walaal save your hands coz they surley won't beat mine,speed "n" all, and all those recipes, ahh are u sure u weren't lieing, can yu cook that much?,,,,,if not sundus is still waiting for them. anyways i was just kidding i'am sure you can set the roof on fire-iam sure your good salam
  6. Wake up and smell your qaxwa and give us some positives coming out of somalia when do they ever do that, they just like to oppose, thats the least the can do coz thers no evidence. Acuudubillah, Agian some regions boycotted the elections,,,it was far from being fair ala maxad tiri,waa iga qoslesay what bout punt's elections, that was really fair Bari? right? bal hada ee sheeg!pure dictatorship in all other parts of somalia mate, thats the reason gobalkaas is the only goobal still functioning with no wars nearly 15 yrs, if there were boycotts it would have been the same level like otha state.there wouldn't have been peace. even if somaliland does not get recognised, it won;t make any difference, s/land will live on, the ppl love each and thats can't be compared to anything.
  7. previously stated be Smith Westerner Somaliland=Disneyland, both will never be UN member states well if so smith, when will somalia get the foundations, basics a country is to have-peace, it doesn't own that nor respect, a loner member of the UN rather. Thats also funny na'mean?
  8. nur, what can i say, masalib aa tahay walee, u really know how to get sistahs, gabadha miskiinada ah eeh kusoo qortay "gabdha wacaan" maxaad beenta ugu sheegaysaa? like you can cook that good. Thats what they all say when they ask for your hand in marrige, try to sound like the ideal partner, but really expect the worse " hadda maxaad iga ag qabanaysaa?orad dee nooso kari wax gabadh buu ilaahay kaa dhigee"is what they will say from the start you enter the house with him. midakalee, muraad aan la raacsanahay, your previous posts were bit too harsh, tha sistahs in sol got angry so waad yara maslaxaysaa? soo maaha? hada runta sheeg adi good luck with the men, i think you will stop after a week when you see they burn all ur dusuud, aren't progressing a bit, break all the kids legs when changing diapers(they won't know how to be gentle and so on more catastorphy. good luck brotha
  9. african although u told us but i would have thought that they were all true, i watched this video-advise to women by khalid yasin the shiekh when he came to sydney, and he said that 3 rapes occur in every 59 secs(somethin near there) and i was like the world has come to an END, ya allah rape is awful and i cry for any girl who gets raped!
  10. im in the last group, but i know my language preety well, where did they get those figures from? at home we only speak somali, my moma gets her tip xawaash if she hears us talking some otha language,,,its bad coz i get beaten up alot. "wayaada afkiina hooyo waa malab eh ku hadla"
  11. moti, you are getting worse, what went wrong. in your last post,"how do u or i know" you sounded aight but man u are getting worse, gabdhan aad jecelshahay, who ever she might be, way ku dhacsatay like really bad, bro u really falling for her. that sort of a girl is the typical somali girl, don't blame us thats what our momas taught us "haduu mid idiin nacamleeyo, waxa aad ku tiraahdaan, war saqajanka nala dhaaf, maxaad imooday yaa? orad bal markala ii fiirso" thats what every somali mother tells her daughter, and i agree, a girl should have respect, no matter what the guy thinks of her, her reputation counts na'mean? moti, i thought you went for the sudanese and arab girls and you gave up upon us anyways? you still going after us huh?
  12. jaalee i have given up on our community because if you don't, you will go mad, like mentally affected, theres just too much to work on, and no-one wants to compromise, they all still stick up for there qabiil, they don't understand that they were all created by one god-Allah, and for one purpose. Tribalism will live on, i don't think it will be eliminated, at least while iam living and while the older generations are alive-they are the ones who destroyed us,,,we need to get them out of authority. :mad:
  13. waa rageedii, true inspiration,,,although i needed translation from an elder for most of the words but caused me to reflect and feel all the thoughts and feeling of the this talented poet,,, gediid is he still alive by the way?
  14. Saalixa


    it's a name isn't it :confused: dunno :cool:
  15. insctinct poet, i can't vote, theres some errors and it does not download the page, theres a problem so how you gonaa get my vote, you might win but you will be one vote short, sorry ain't my problemoo,tell admin. but i have a feeling no one is going to come to the forum side then, it will go dead . i don't want that to happen.
  16. kkkkkkkkkk, and waa layla yaaba marka aan idhahdo there ain't going to be a SOMALIWEYN, these men are eating the ppl's money for nothin, they are waistin the ppl of somalia's time, intaa ciyaalki back at home ay ku sugayaan and thinking thier fathers are making peace,,, dhaga!
  17. lol @ rudy, walaahi all i can say is ur nuts! i don't think ur brave enough to that anyways, to stand against us!
  18. kibirka iska daa, dumarkaa aad ku ciyaari iska daaf....what do you mean "she's the one? and more laughs: "Ala kani suaal xumaa", walee wa doqon i wish i knew that girl,,,she's a true geesiyad, hebalhaas oo kale aa loobahan yahay walee. Moti, what did you expect? Suaal lahaas bila micniga ah habalaha soomaliyeed lama weydiiyo, because simply she has no time to answer such gibberish questions, i don't know about other females from differnt cultures, but that sounds very offensive. If you love a girl, if you really adore her, maxa keenay : abaayo i'am sorry but i don't know if you are really the right one for me, so lets not get married, iam kinda not sure na'mean sis?" and she'll be like "loser how can you have the little amount of decency to tell me that?" (and you'll be lucky if she does not kick ya up tha ****) So moti, we different, we like hot blooded, we precious and highly valued, and plus goor waa calaf, tii ilaahay kuu qooro, if she's the right one or the wrong, (like we were not meant to be sayings just don't work) so just make salaat and things will go aight, but before that, dhaaf suaalaha bilaa micniga ah like my sister said. if you want us to be romantic before marriage, well sleep over that (kiss it goodbye) , coz you won't get any off us like the arab girls or sudanese. WHY? simply because we tooooooooo smart!we know how to keep em waiting salam and good luck brotha
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    nur you have picked a great screen name, who said it's only a screen name? It's real aight! :mad: just kidding but thanks walaal.
  20. nation of islam is not TRUE ISLAM, so iam not surprised or enlighted by this at all, but i laugh at him him restyling himslef as JACKO X. PLEAZE his ruining the honour and dignity of that name itslef let alone the owner of it.
  21. saaqid i heard a similar story of this couple in nairobi. And her husband beats her but she still goes and sits with her friends whenevr he leaves town for work. walaahi i was cracking when i heard it, naag weyn oo laad dilaayo, oo waali samaynayso tha ugly, i feel sorry for the kids, they are ruining thier future.
  22. NASIR, walaal haraam, raaga gar dheer lee aad bay uga buuxaan HARGIESA, and they own the most successfull enterprises-businesses because they deal with rightousness. they are not like kuwa daanka jaadku uga buuxo, kuwas hor mar waaligood magaraan, and they are holding my country back sad to say. But any person who breaks the law should be dealt with, esp if they are smugglers, that occurs in any country no matter where. WAA IIN SHARCIIGA LAA MARIIYO!
  23. shaqisi miskiin, bro i feel sorry but i can't do anything however i could tell u, whenever you have some spare time just relax, make ur self a worm cup of tea, and go to sleep. Its the best thing beleive me, it really helps and you wake up all fresh as a breeze, ready for work, uni, school or whatever. at least your not half asleap the next they regretting it all, and not forgiving urself.
  24. Saalixa


    lakaad miskiinka he just needed someone to talk to, addi halayaabin, he probably laone in south africa and needed a somali brotha na'mean. anyways nafta its ok, if you don't like em just ignore em and iam sure thay will leave ya for sure. salam.
  25. salam of cousre , it should be, why do we really need it , if ppl are marrying legally- halal marriage. Those that want it are only those that need it for protection from unwanted preganancy. They don't understand that There would be no cure for Aids. this is for those that practice adultery, and this contraception theory would not the slightest decrease the amount of of ppl HIV positive. We need to educate the youth not sell more contraceptives. have you heard of the new program that comes after the BBC, its so funny, i was cracking up arter i heard the somali word for Condemn.