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  1. Sakariye

    dubai Nomads

    Sxb, I grew up in Dubai, but havent seen for ten years now. I have some of my family still living there, Now depends what you looking for. but hey the place is hot, wana visit there this summer my self. I dont have alot of info, but let me see if I can be little bit helpfull. Check this out enjoy your trip
  2. This might be out of the topic, but i thought I should share it with you. One day I tried to discuss this issue with my mom and other female relatives and the answer I get was "War maandhow ma shaqo kale ayaa weydey markaad Dumarka hoostooda maantoo dhan ka sheekaynayo, Ceebow baa lagu yiri". Now my friend Geeljire, wzup man, why down there? just joking
  3. Suldaanka There was and is a chance of people living in those areas who did or are doing now sex outside marriage, and since all people are not good and obeying the law of islam "Sex outside marriage is Xaram", my thinking is that whoever helps them with protection is doing a good job. I dont think this will encourage people to commit sins or anything unless they desire, this is totally a good way of stopping the spread of STD deseases I hope you understand this.
  4. Thanis Mobb_Deep sxb, I am from St paul and I always wanted to meet Nuradin Farah, he is my favorite writer and I enjoy his books. Thanks again for this, hope to see you there
  5. Suldaanka, Do you have AK47 dude, let us go robe the sh*t, no need for mask even.looooooool
  6. Dear SOL. This is not the first time, may be it came across to you minds,and you questioned your self about who appointed the so called somali leaders? now this question is not different from all of these question you heard in the past. but deep down please think about it and share with us why you think, the warlords dont agree on single issue in any meeting for the past 13 years or so?, do you think that people who fought and hated eachother are gathered in an meeting and asked to reconcile? do you think there are voices not yet heard? do you believe that the warlord do not represent absolutely anybody? or do you think what their disagreements is supported by the main streem Somali victims, whose children have no schools, no hospitals and no care at all? and finally do you have a hope that one day, the victims will standup against the cold blood warlords? are you a fun of any warlord?
  7. Oh damn, I heard Undocumented immigarants now can be Citizens if they sign up the Army (If you come back alive) wooow
  8. Think about the money, America is a nation of profit chasers, if you look back to the realility the health care insurance companies pay alot of dividents back to the so called political leaders. If you pay free coverage for everybody who will buy the Premium? the stocks for those companies is going up everyday, I would advice you to buy stocks and collect some of the profit and then pay your medical bills, Dont wait to see Free coverage.
  9. stpaulchick now tht is funny, I saw u in st paul carnivals "ICE PALACES" @ 25 below with skirts and little black hat............. was tht u?
  10. Sophist, Sophist is a man, Dam, I was always trying to ask for phone #
  11. I think the answer to this question remains msyterous, but the way I see Qabiil is that it is traditional way of identifying one another, SS#. I believe that Qabiil is powered becuase of that it is the only insurance for those who live in our homeland, when all your life is insured by your so called KAABA QABIIL, the fact is that you fight and Breathe your last for him and his qabiil. Peace ********
  12. I met this gentleman and he has a question for you guys, His wife left him one night with three kids, and she said she was going to a wedding, but after he traced her back he found her in JAAAD or QAAD place with other women, is this another version of Somali Girls gone Wild? Do women have rights as men to do JAAD or QAAD gethering and have fun? is he over reacting as thought he admited he himself chews JAAd and some nights dont even show up?