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  1. FF, if you go back in 2003 we have barely touched this topic,so check it out. http://www.somaliaonline.com/cgi-bin/ubb/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=2;t=000748
  2. Yes go to the club to avoid disgruntle, low life,selfish ,want bees ugly,dump,ignorant,jealous,crazy,smelly,big belly ,pretenders. Ofcourse i am not referring to the good somali men, but again there are those who are made to spoil your life,wonder sometimes are they insane,or they were born to be trouble makers,why on earth you guys always want diss somali women? haven't you guys heard "Get a life' and do something worthwhile in your lousy life. I will be back to finish what i start later .but i do not condone those somali sisters who completely avoid our good somali men.
  3. First and formost let it be known that I have a great deal of respect for all of our somali queens, By the way anytime a man starts this sort of quotes he is either lying or he is in big mess for his life and need clinically to be checked. Now about pissing off women, Hey bro what is your job title or you have none , if you have done all these pissing techniques i don't think you have life cz you are wasting your valuable time for trying to piss a sistah, why? and if you succeeded damn don't tell the rest of class of 2004. Ezy just stirring up. Damn all are new faces , old timers gone from here.
  4. First of all , slaam, secondly in this situation i am taking points at each side, first my budy K450, your point well taken walaalo,you know i do respect you so much, but then again ,i luv hearing the Northern Dialec more then any other sorry to be bluntly so upfront,cz of my heritage connection, secondly your point of balance news reporters i do agree with you ,it is time that any somali Broadcast system to be one that transmit its news through differnt dialec ,if that is what it takes to unite US all.As far as BBC concern,they are doing their best but sometimes your best might not satisfy every one,so i hope if either one of the representatives of the BBC see this thread to hear the concern of the Somali ppl, and it is time to change and consider the sensativity issue that we are facing at this juncture time.
  5. Oh brother,what will be the title for your upcoming book?
  6. who needs Tyra, when Prince in the house (Contraversy), anyway if Timbwlvs, don't act their acts together,i will be joining the coming draft to help this team up.I can't watch it anymore.
  7. Wow this is very interesting, who said somalis don't know how to deal anger mgmt. But after seeing these pics i went and asked what part of somalia this actually happened,and i don't know if this is true or not ,am told only in the city called AFGOYE , have no clue where it is.But this is a great culture to know, are women also allowed to do this kind of beating, or only it is for men?
  8. Hey K450 gr8 seeing (' _ ') u bro, well i don't think any 1 celebrates any of those as you said commercials, except as i see some other thread Mom's day, so no one.
  9. Hmm, who is my favorite Artist? you mean Dead or ALive?
  10. IMHO,Yes, i have met good brothers and sisters, oops let me rephrase well, i have met a decent good somali brothers and sisters, in the net which i haven't used the net will never met them,so in a way i take the positive side and say i am glad i did it, but then again there are always the lousy ones who hang around the net to cause trouble and intimidate you, so the good over takes the bad apple.
  11. Hmmmm, i can't blv it , so here i am reading this thread and wondering ,did some ppl become unbecoming, since when, we somalis join the band wagon of the west, and start celebrating mother's day. Yes mom's day is everyday 24/7.But if you only do it 05/09,then you have no relationship with your mom at all,then what happens 05/10?? am waiting.
  12. I hope this is not fake, by the way did i smell steroid hope not. Hey that is great improvement
  13. My God, this Site SOL, amazing the reason i am waking up this sisue for the last time,i mean the last time for me to come in this site ever again is to show the true lander or for that matter the real peace lovers that , how 80% of the ppl in this site hate yes HATE "Somaliland" to prosper and continue thier path".Just read some of the topics that has been said about Somaliland, more topic has been written somaliland then in any other thread, so here are some of them. 1-Igaal leader of somaliland is in hospital!!1 05/04/02. 2-Political (maybe violent) Showdown in "Somaliland". 04/23/2003. 3-The issue of Somalia(LAND) 05/24/2003. 4-Somaliland: Shadows of the Past As Human Rights Deteriorate 05/29/2003. 5-Somaliland: The Little Country That Could (David H. Shinn) 06/04/2003. 6-Somaliland vs Somalia 06/13/2003. 7-Detaining and sending political dissents in exile in Somaliland 06/27/2003. 8-Somaliland Parties and Their Positions On 1st Of July Nonsense. 07/01/2003. 9-A Somaliland Historical Perspective Of Things Of Yesterdays. 07/03/2003. 10-Peace between PUNTLAND & SOMALILAND 07/05/2003. 11-Somaliland's baby-delivering Minister .07/09/2003. 12-SomaliLand Must Comply with the New Somalian Government!!! 07/10/2003. 13-The International Crisis Group Calls For Recognitions Of Somaliland As Seperate State.07/29/2003. 14-Pres. Riyaale--Highest paid in the hemisphere-$515,956+ .07/30/2003. 15-The galloping Ms Edna and her disparaging of Somalia.09/23/2003. 16-Hargeysa Airport on the brink for closure .09/30/2003. 17-Puntland rebuffs Somaliland's "Mid Wife" allegations.11/02/2003. 18-Shame on you Somaliland . 11/25/2003. 19-Pictures of riyale run away day in Las Anod(L . A ) .12/14/2003. 20-Somaliland: Gathering Storms on the Eastern Front.01/03/2004. Ladies and Gnt, as you can see this site"SOL" is nothing more then a tool to divert the truth about SOmaliland and its ppl, i can go on and on and post how many topics has been said about somaliland, this is only part of it. So as a SOmalilander this is it for me, i never been here for sometime, which was good, but every time i check here ,it is nothing more then propoganda. So why stay in this Herrandous site when you can stay away from it, that is my opinion, and thsi is my last ink on it. Good luck and Grow Up , haters. Somaliland Does Not Need Your Permission.
  14. Save the Laaaaaaaaaaast pill for me sud