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  1. Warlord Morgan, probably, the biggest loser in the Somali civil wars, is accused of clan cleansing in Kismaayo. Imagine this sick man who is behaving this towards his own D-clan members, having the power of the Somalia National Army with impunity and over-lording Somaliland regions during 1980s? Qofka gob-ka ah iyo kan gunta ah waxa lagu kala gartaa, maalinta aad power leeday oo aad wax dili karti, qofka gobta ahi nabad iyo wada noolaansho iyo cadaalad ayuu ku taliyaa. Kan gunta ahna wuxu ku taliyaa aar-goosi iyo waxuushnimo.
  2. Very very poor quality, now it borders trolling levels. The number of spelling mistakes in their articles. Also the lack of translation of words. I have seen them use English words just in Somali style lettering. "Fake it til' you make it" ayay wanla wayn meel walba ku qabsatay.
  3. Here shows when Somalia's Kacaanka started missing repayments to the Paris Club. Somalia was unable to pay "Interest only" repayments from 1987. Somalia was broke way before 1991.
  4. You speak for yourself. My childhood is the exact opposite. The first time we had peace was in 1991. Probably that was the first time you didn't have peace. So, our experience totally are opposite. Your worse period, is the start of my best days. In 1980s, many people in Hargeisa don't remember a day went by without some kind of curfew imposed on them. I personally remember spending my months inside house because there was no schools or malcaamad. In one of the worse months was 1982 when the city was imposed on 24 hour curfew nonstop. People run out of food and fuel to cook. Some started burning down anything that was wooden inside their house, a wooden chair - that is fuel for lunch. A wooden door, that will help for tomorrow's cooking. That was the least of the problem. The biggest headache was the Og*den Refugees who had license to do whatever they wanted - thanks to the MOD alliance. They would come to your home and get whatever they want and you cannot do anything to them. Because if you do, they will arrest you or you will disappear for good.
  5. Some people speak of Kacaanka in rosy terms, but they forget that Somalia under Kacaanka was still the *Sh*thole* that its. Somalia made it to the IMF's "Heavily Indebted Poor Countries" due to Kacaanka mismanagement. The Paris Club debt stands at $5 USD Billion. What is there for Kacaanka to show for this money? I mean, they never built any Port, or Airport or Stadium or major project like Roads or Urban Water system. All that were donations from foreign states and organisations. Honestly, "Somalidu ilawshiyo dhawaa, ma umul ba?" In the end, Kacaanka left Somalia poor, destroyed and hopeless. With regards to Eritrea, the only thing going for it, is that Mingistu left Ethiopia intact and all its cities fully functioning. In fact, Asmara, the capital city of Eritrea, not a single bullet was fired. The Derg (Ethiopia's Kacaanka) just ordered their soldiers to withdraw after Ethiopian Army lost the country-side to the rebel groups. What did Kacaanka do in the same situation? He moved his tanks to protect his behind by stationing it in the streets of major urban centres.
  6. This trade link is financed through Private/Public partnership between Somaliland Gov't, UK Gov't Foreign Investment Corp and UAE's Abu Dhabi Fund, and the main partner which is DP World. All these entities, with the exception of Abu Dhabi Fund, are for-profit entities. DP World owns 65% of the Port Operations such as Storage, Forwarding and Stevedoring. Whereas Somaliland Gov't owns the balance, as well as 100% of tax on imports and vessel port-call charges. But Somaliland is banking on is the other added-services like Food, Fuel and Hotel services
  7. Not necessarily HAG. It just means anyone who assumes Villa Somalia whether it is HAG or not. They will have to tow the line. There is two types of recognition "De Jure" and "De Facto". Somaliland may not have De Jure which is legal but it is got "De Facto" which means it is reality that other entities deal with on its own separate from any other entity including Halane or Villa Somalia.
  8. This is part of the Berbera Corridor Project financed by the UK. Jigjiga In-land Container Dry Port.
  9. Somaliland wants at least 30% of Ethiopia's trade to go through Berbera Port. A lot of money is being spent on establishing the Berbera Trade Corridor by UK and UAE. In fact, UK is investing $100m dollars into getting this trade link to become a regional one. The UAE is sinking 1 Billion dollars. Majority of these will be inside Ethiopia but oriented towards Berbera Port. That includes establishment of Dry Ports owned by DP World Berbera inside Ethiopia and as far as South Sudan and beyond. The first agreement is for Ethiopia to give Logistics license to the first Private company which is owned by DP World Berbera Pty Ltd. This company will then establish and own Dry ports in key locations inside Ethiopia. There is the Berbera Economic Zone project which gives foreign companies a foot in establishing itself in the region so they can distribute their products in the region. . DP World Berbera Economic Zone WWW.DPWORLD.COM An integrated maritime, logistics and industrial hub in the horn of Africa.
  10. @Duufaan You are very naive. All I will say is "Soo barbaar". @maakhiri1 As far Mogadishu concerned, Sool/Sanaag are not even considered to be part of Puntland. They just manage the 4.5 clan allocation, but those in Mogadishu recognise Sool/Sanaag as geographically part of Somaliland. The International Community also recognises this fact. HSM is in the works to anounce the establishment of a new FMS for Banadir/Mogadishu. Lets see if Puntland can pull anything in relation to Sool/Sanaag. That will be the test that will confirm to you that Puntland has very little relevance.
  11. Galbeedi, you never miss a chance to inject Somaliland into anything even if remotely related. In any case, if it had to come to Kenyan Khat, I am sure the Kenyans would be sending their delegations to Hargeisa, just like Addis Abeba is doing, to sign the agreement. At least you should give that credit. But I am sure you are not the type to allow any credit to Hargeisa.
  12. There is a topic titled "Somaliland" which I update with Somaliland related News and Development news. You should check that out. Definitely local production and produce is the next big thing. Somaliland Business community seem to have a head start on this. And I concur, competition should be our focus not to tear each other down. I am a critic of Authorities and their failures. I am all for Somali Businesses to have unfettered access to any region. Because, we only disagree on politics, why should Somali Businesses suffer? In fact, we should have zero-tax on cross-border trade between Djibouti-Somaliland-Somalia. That way trade and businesses thrive across all regions.
  13. True that importing creates trade deficit, but the only reason I am mentioning it here is that, it is relevant to the discussions. Both Somaliland and Somalia majority of taxation comes from tax on imports. Anyway, if you want to talk about Somaliland, create another topic for us. Happy to share my opinion.
  14. First of all this is not a hate or love thing. This is a discussions about news and economic performance of Puntland. As you know Deni hiimself recently declared that Puntland's Budget is in the red by at least 15%. So this is not something we are just making up, but rather a reality. We cannot ignore it as it is something that is out there for anyone to talk about it. In my post earlier I talked about some of the factors that are the root causes of Puntland's economic woes. These factors, some of which are shared across the region, but most of the factors are more pronounced in Puntland's case. It needs to be explained why Puntland is 15% in the red, while Mogadishu's Budget and Somaliland's budget are both in the black by at least 8% and 13% respectively. The other FMS like Galmudug, Jubaland and South West are insignificant to be mentioned here, as their economy is too small and their productivity is next to zero. I am not hating just discussing. Happy to discuss with you on anything related to Somaliland. Just not low ball very lame issue like a jouranlist getting arrested. These are insignificant in the grand scheme of issues. Btw, this is an example of the "Economy of scale" I am talking about. One of the largest Oil tankers is going to dock at Berbera Oil Terminal in the next few days. This is the competitive advantage of having the infrastructure to buy large amount of the product so you get cheaper per the barrel equivalent when compared to sourcing from Oman or UAE.. What this means, is that, the days when both Puntland and Somaliland businesses sourced their products from the same markets and only managed to make profits on the delivery of those products to the market, those days are gone. Somaliland businesses are sourcing their products from around the world at competitive prices in large quantities.
  15. United States and Somaliland Partnership is reaching new heights with legislation of the "H.R. 7900 - National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2023" & White House's mandating it "STATEMENT OF ADMINISTRATION POLICY" Among the amendments include: Report by Committee on Armed Services US Congress Somaliland Government Statement about the passing of the legislation.
  16. The economic problems for Puntland is caused a conflation of many issues. 1. Shilling no longer a legal tender - which means everything is now dollar based including getting a ride on a taxi or buying a Cuppa.You have to have USD dollars. So where does Puntland get its USD? Primarily it was Remittance, Piracy, Local Businesses and Foreign Aid. 2. Remittance to Puntland has decreased, this is due to Diaspora from Puntland now spreading their remittance to Kismayo and Mogadishu. This mean, the pool of remittance available is decreasing as more and more people invest or move their family (or Business) down south. 3. Economy of Scale - Puntland's ports cannot handle large vessels. Even the Djibouti owned African Sun which is a small Container vessel had to discontinue its stop at Bosaso due to vessel running aground caused by sand in the docking area. This means, both Berbera and Mogadishu are taking business away from Puntland, as more larger vessels are able to dock in these ports. For example, Somaliland now imports directly from Brazil a ship load of sugar - which is then packaged in Berbera Port. This means, per ton, sugar is cheaper when you buy in bulk. The same goes for other commodoties such as Oil/Petrol and Flour etc. 4. Global issues like COVID 19, Ukraine/Russia war and etc. These drive prices up or cause shipping costs to sky-rocket. Hence, Puntland is sending out more USD to buy less than what it used to buy previously. This causes shortage in USD in the local market. 5. Droughts which is causing decreased purchasing power of the local population.
  17. Deni has talked about the Bosaso incident but left out the elephant in the room (Diyaano ) Both Faroole, Gaas and host of others are all on Sacdiyo. Sacdiyo diyaarad waa la socotay, laaakin qori ma sidato.
  18. In this day and age, it is very hard to see the truth from the forest of lies and deceptions out there. It is gotten so easy for some people to create stories that do not exist or falsify facts in order to extract maximum gain. However, having said that, I do not think this man fits that bill. I watched a clip from his clan elders asking for the man to be released about 2 week earlier. This seems to correspond with the time he was being held captive in Bosaso.
  19. If this took place inside Somaliland, it would have been a viral issue, every Tom, Dick and Harry add his/her own twist to it. Even @Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaarwould have posted it here under one of his old topics regarding some low level issues such as Coldoon's topics etc. Coming back to the topic, this lawlessness is symptom of failing authority which is facing huge economic downturn. The Puntland melitia have not received for months their monthly stipend from authority. And to supplement the lost income, they have to kidnap or steal goods from warehouses like the stolen foodstuff meant for the drought victims.
  20. This was Farmaajo's secret weapon. These kids were to be used to help create a dictatorial regime and secure Mogadishu first. This was part of 20,000 Looma-ooyaan army that Farmaajo was going to get from Eritrea with Eritrean military leadership coming to Mogadishu to do the dirty job. Just like Abiye Ahmed has today Eritrean military leaders helping his disintegrated army reformed and help him re-launch another attempt in Tigray.
  21. I am just not too sure what Ethiopia can do for him now? The only reason why Meles Zenawi was given free hand in South Somalia was because he enjoyed the West's approvals. Abiy Ahmed cannot even interfere in Tigray today let alone try to fill Meles's shoe in South Somalia. This is just a DOA.
  22. You are not well informed about how things are inside Puntland. Each section of the so called Puntland melitia is controlled by the local clan there. For example, the Puntland melitia stationed in Garowe are controlled by local Garowe clan. The same goes for Galkacyo. Diano family will not give up until the rest of the Puntland clans each give up theirs -which is not gonna happen anytime soon.