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  1. The Egyptians are desperate. They are only interested in forcing Ethiopia to come to the negotiations table. Once they get that signature, Somalia is on its own. The same guy that has met with Somalia's delegation was in Hargeisa trying to sell this idea to Muse Biihi and Co. They even invited Somaliland's acting Foreign Minister at the Time Minister Liban to Egypt. And later a big delegation from Cairo arrived in Hargeisa pitching their plans. Muse Biihi said, we are not interested in your issues with Ethiopia. If you want to deal with us, we are more than welcome. If you want to use us like a stick to beat on Ethiopia, then we are not the type of people that fall for that. Muse pointed to the direction of Mogadishu. In the end, it is human nature, Cario will have more respect for Hargeisa than for Mogadishu. Kolka kaadhka laga marsado HSM, he will be thrown under the bus like a hooker. Somaliland Acting Foreign Minister in Cairo. Egypt plans to set up military base in Somaliland angers Ethiopia WWW.HIIRAAN.COM North African nation Egypt is considering opening up a military base in Somaliland.This coming just a year after reports emerged Russia had also looked at Horn of Africa nation as an option of setting up a base ….
  2. If Alshabab make their way to Ethiopia, specially the highlanders of Oromia, then Alshabab will essentially become the new Taliban. According to Jamal Osman's recent Report, Alshabab is awash with Cash $$$. This means, they can easily swell its ranks with hundreds of thousands of Oromo and other lower Caste Ethiopian ethnic groups. And use these in all sorts of ways.
  3. Check the hand bracelet. When your pre-existing misconceptions meets reality, you are converted.
  4. He moved his children and wife back to Somaliland so they can get best education and authentic Somali culture.
  5. Galbeedi Lets assume I was Oodweyne, now what does that change from my opinion? In this discussion forum, everyone is entitled to his/her opinion. You don't have to hold back what you honestly think of anything. With time, your assessment and opinions either are proven true or false. I am being out there putting my assessment to the gallery so I can be judged against what I wrote. And that goes to everyone. Just look back in your previous posts about Somaliland, non of it came true. Which means, your opinion is not based on reality but a pre-existing misconceptions. For instance, this outlandish claim of yours comes to mind.
  6. There was no country anyway, it was Qooto-Qooto "Fake it, till you make it" kind. But HSM/HAG will milk what is left of Somalia for as long as they can. Eventually, they may try to force militarily other regions. Basically Farmaajo's plan just now HAG on driving seat.
  7. Somaliland decoupled itself from Somalia. We are not under any threat militarily, politically, diplomatically or economically. Farmaajo tried it, he even bend over for Abiy to try to hurt Somaliland, going to extent of becoming Abiy's luggage - in an attempt to come to Hargeisa. We know how that ended up. If anything, the "powers that be" will try to bring Mogadishu and Hargeisa in a talk. But Hargeisa is not going to entertain any more B.S.. We have history of broken agreements that will help Hargeisa's arguments.
  8. This is my opinion. Obviously I could be wrong, but from how things are going, I don't see HAG transferring power. I mean, Farmaajo killed the idea of "State Building" process. That idea is dead, in my opinion. I am certain the HAG politicians discussed many things including how to make sure they are not in the same position again as during Farmaajo's days.
  9. There is possibly HAG-politicians deal which was agreed while they were hauled up inside Jazeera Hotel. So, blame it on Farmaajo. Farmaajo posed an existential threat to HAG politicians. He even went so far as to refuse them to board on Air planes. They were excluded from the political roadmap and felt powerless in the face of the "existential" threat. In my opinion, a D-Block President is something that is not going to happen in a long time. The D-Block clans need to come to terms with that reality. Ahmed Madoobe is more or less check-mated. Kenya is no longer dependent on him and will get what it wants from Mogadishu instead. That means, Ahmed is exposed to many threats, the Gedo Boys/JVA Alliance and Alshabab among others. The safest place for him is to align himself with Villa Somalia. Addis Abeba will try to protect Lafta-Gareen in Baydhabo. But I think, he has lost faith with the locals. He was never their choice to start with. Galmudug is a wildcard. You never know what these want or against. They are the mad dogs of South Somalia. Probably will remain as that. Puntland is economically on its knees and politically is much more polarised than ever. The days when they projected a much larger political shadow over the South Somalia than they physically capable of, is long gone. Yes, they will play second-fiddle to Addis Abeba but not as much. After all, Addis Abeba itself is shaky and not standing on strong legs.
  10. By now we can all agree that HSM and Abiy Ahmed are no friends. Quiet a turn around from Farmaajo's days just few months ago. It is interesting that, while HSM was in Djibouti, the news came out that HSM wanted to visit Addis Abeba impromptu. News reports said that Abiy Ahmed declined. It is possible that Abiy already had information about the upcoming Egyptian tour. And possibly more. After all, Ethiopia and Farmaajo were very close and it is possible that Ethiopians may have bugged Villa Somalia's computers/networks and have access to a lot more information. HSM's visit to Egypt is possibly a signal that he is pivoting Mogadishu towards Cairo's sphere of influence. It is a huge geopolitical shift. There are rumours that the Israelis may also be in Egypt meeting with HSM. In any case, It will very interesting to see what Turkey thinks of this new *Security* relationship between Egypt and Mogadishu and possibly with Israel. Edogan and El-sisi are regional rivals.
  11. Who would wanna? In fact, no one reminisces colonialism. And that is where Somaliland differ. You wished that Somaliland was on the same boat as you lott, but we aint. There is nothing for us to hate about during British Somaliland days. Because we never were colonised. That is what you folks cannot believe. But it is a fact. Anyway, lets cut this chase and focus on your sorry state today. It always baffles me someone who is under literal colonial rule today with all its ugly connotations, would still be talking about some other *non-existing* colonialism. It just shows how you want to desperately run away from your misery. You see, UAE and CIA bank rolled melitia are today at logger heads in Bosaso. Neither taking orders from the other or the authority in Garowe. This is the sort of foreign involvement that you will never see in Somaliland. In Baidoba, the Ethiopian Army hand picked a Lackey called Lafta Gareen and shoved down their throat. In Mogadishu, Ugandan Army is forcing your leaders to strip search themselves.
  12. This tweet captures the South Somalis very well. Recently, Radio Mogadishu started broadcasting Italians programs. I am not too sure what use is Italian Language these days? If anyone can help me out, welcome!
  13. Isn't it unfortunate for someone who is under colony today to talk about this? Is Lafta-gareen a true representative of SW people? or was his shoved down their throat by Addis Abeba?
  14. That is your problem my friend. See, just because your people were colonised by Italians, you don't have to hold any grudge against Somaliland when we state the facts that neither Somaliland nor its people were under any colony. That simple fact is what is causing you this much uneasiness. When I say, Somaliland and UK have had relationship which was beneficial to both sides, that is also a fact.
  15. Just mentioned a fact about the would-be new Foreign Chief, and you call that an obsession? Just tell us what is bothering you, I am sure it is deeper than my comments above. There is an effort to change the UK's foreign policy towards Somaliland and make it an active supporter of its cause. That is no secret. And I believe it is getting new heights when someone who has very deep knowledge assumes this particular role. Also the current Foreign Minister who is set to become the new Prime Minister is very well versed about Somaliland issue.
  16. I am sure what triggered them is not the British but rather the Somaliland part. Since this is a Somali discussions group, I thought the part that is relevant to this appointment mattered. But again, I didn't see the level of vitriolic response coming. Just to rub salt into this, can I also just share the information that a Somaliland born person will be assuming a key leadership role. *Heart attack*
  17. The favourite is Liz Truss. The runner up is Rishi Sunak. The new Foreign Minister is going to be Tom Tugendhat. A good friend of Somaliland and a member of the All Party Parliamentary for Somaliland.
  18. You are in for a lot of disappointments sxb. I hope you have the capacity to handle all these disappointments. Btw, When I say neutralisation, I am talking about the Somaliland way.
  19. Well, when you are doing your job to protect the people, you will not only have to keep a watch on the Niiko-mania but also the nasty ones too. You may even befriend them so you know better how they are wired. It is all part of the job. You will never know, the experience this particular Tiktoker gets from being slapped down, may actually be beneficial to her. I can think of a Puntlander lady who went by the name of Nasteexo Indho who also got deported from Somaliland for similar "uncultured" behaviour. This lady has since got hitched to a Somalilander and she has turned her life around.
  20. See this is exactly what I meant when I say "Soo barbaar". Buuhoodle is in the belly of Somaliland. When members of Puntland government want to travel to Buuhoodle, they have to go through Ethiopia. Because all the other directions, there is Somaliland Army stationed. It will be neutralised in hours if we made the decision. But there is no benefit at the moment. We will keep Buuhoodle as it is until the time is right.
  21. Somaliland has very strong ethics requirements. If you do not meet those ethics requirements, you are not welcomed. And certainly Dhaqan-bi'is are on Ban list.
  22. Puntland and RRU armed by Meles Zenawi attached Kismayo. They were defeated by Juba Valey Alliance (Mar**xan and H/G) Again, Kikuuyo and Ahmed Madoobe attacked. One wonders, why foreigners are involved in South Somalia. It is only some clans who cannot stand on their own without being foreign lackeys. These same people are first to cry 'Somalinimo'. Give me a break.