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  1. It is not as simple as that. What has few cartons of Aid even do for anyone? probably if this was allowed to proceed, no one would have even noticed it. The issue is deeper than meets the eye. It is related to internal strive inside Puntland's clans. Apparently Sacdiya is not from the 3 main clans that rotate power in Puntland. She may have her own political agenda, but also the respond from Deni is equally hostile. The Deni vs Diano issue is also at play here. This issue started from the word go when Deni beat Diano by 1 single vote back in 2019. Deni is from lesser Caste subclan than Diano as far as Puntland's pecking order is concerned. He feels that Deni doesn't deserve to be President since he is from a lower Caste subclan than he is. Diano has the support of his uncle Boqor Burhan as well as other clan elders such as Sacdiya's clan. This gives him enormous political power in Bosaso. Deni danced on the heads of many snakes and burnt a lot of bridges. He is reaping the fruits now, he is not gonna get any respite either as next year is an election year in Puntland where Garowe clan want their turn secured. Hence, Garowe itself my start to feel hotter for him to stay come early next year.
  2. The last hope of South Somalia, as far as the global community is concerned, is this government led by HSM. If HSM fails to deliver, they will pull all plugs off. The first test is approaching in December 2023 when the new ATMIS mandate expires. By this time, at least 50% of troop contributing countries will leave South Somalia. The next dead line is is 2026, when HSM has to implement 1p1v elections. It is a tall order.
  3. Under what constitution does Puntland follow? "Acting President of Somalia" is denied entry into Bosaso. Can you help understand what that supposed to mean? I mean, this blows out of the water the "Fake-it till you make it" Qooto-Qooto governance in South Somalia. This is what Sacdiya posted:
  4. One of Deni's closes has written this: MUDANE MADAXWEYNE WAY KAA BAAHDAY ARRINTU. W/Q:Wasiir hore Cabdi Faarax Juxaa. -- Waa nasiibdarro, magac xumo iyo wax maangalka ka weyn in Bosaso oo ah Deked iyo magaalo ganacsi ay maanta dad ugu dhintaan dagaal afar KARTOON oo macaawino ah oo diyaaradi siddo ka dhashay. Tani waa dhegxumo taariikhi ah iyo fashil Dawladnimo oo weyn. 1. Mudane Madaxweyne, tabashooyinka iyo is-diidooyinka ka dhashay dagaalkii hore ee Bosaso, doorashooyinkii xildhibaanada Federaalka ah iyo tartankaagii Madaxweynenimo ee Mugadishu weli waa taagan yihiin, kumana bosanayaan in indhaha laga qarsado ee waa inaad wajahdaa oo foodsaartaa. Adiga ayaa lagaa rabaa inaad garbaxdo oo u geedfariisato si boggaas loo xiro oo horay loogu socdo. Mudane Madaxweyne waan kula xallinaynaa arrimaha ee imow geedka gogosha. Ogow waxwalba danta Puntland ayaa ka weyn, adiga ayaana masuuliyadaas iyo amaanadaas lagugo ogyahay. 2. Reer Puntlandow, ogaada is-muquunin, kala-adkaansho iyo is-xiniinyo taabad maanta kama bixi karro. Kala-roonaansho iyo isu-dulqaad keli ah ayaan maanta uga gudbi karraa sursuurtan ciriiriga ah. Ogaada, sidan ninna halyeey ku noqon maayo maanta ee kulligeen waa inoo gunnimo buuxda. 3. Gudoomiye Sacdia Salaad, Walaaleey annagoo wanaag iyo sharaf weyn kuu haynna, haddana "armaa waxtarka afarta KARTOON ee macaawinada ah ee diyaaraddu siddo ay ka weyn tahay waxyeelladoodu". Gudoomiye Sacdiya, Walaaleey adiga iyo Puntland isla saxa qaabka xiriirkiina iyo wadashaqayntiinna si ay mirodhal u noqoto.
  5. I am still baffled at the thought that Deni, who has miserably failed in Puntland, was thinking about leading Somalia. I need some of what Deni was smoking, because it is just doesn't calculate. Anyway, Deni needs to face the music and resign. There is no other option open for this man. Period.
  6. Faafaahin: Sidee Dagaalkii Garoonka Bosaso Ku Dhacay? Khasaaradu waa imisa? - Horseed Media HORSEEDMEDIA.NET Maanta oo Isniin ah waxaa magaalada Bosaso ka dhacay iska-hor-imaad u dhexeeyey ciidanka PMPF+PISF iyo ciidanka Kumaandooska Puntland ee PSF haddaba maxaa
  7. So it is true Afwerki is holding the boys for ransom money.
  8. MMA, I read the post you posted before you deleted. I was thinking of responding to it after I finish with my Eid celebrations which I dedicated the past few days for my family and extended relatives. Anyway, from what I remember from your post, the most important point you raised was: Between UK and Italy, you said Italy deserves to be praised and you mentioned that they build Mogadishu to become a world class city during those days. While the UK failed to develop Somaliland. While I agree that the Italians developed Mogadishu which was a small coastal town before their arrival and made into a the Pearl of the Indian ocean. All agree with that. But this point you've raised is precisely what I am talking about which differentiates between you and me. The development of South Somalia by the Italians came with a long list of issues which are classic "colonialism". The lack of Development and hands-off approach by the UK on Somaliland - afforded the locals to keep their precious culture, way of life and most importantly self-help (isku-tashi) approach to life. I am proud that we, Somalilanders, built our own cities and developed our own governance and way of life. While South Somalia is structurally wired to be ruled by external forces. Which is a legacy of the colonialism. Also, if you look at the state of economics of British Somaliland and Italian Somalia in 1960 - the Italian colony was in fact bankrupt. While Somaliland was running multi-year Budget surpluses and had 200,000 GBP as hard-currency foreign reserve in the bank. Mind you, the Somaliland administration was fully self-funded i.e. taxation from Berbera Port contributed to most of its income since early days. Also in 1960, Somalia's currency was as bad as the Somalia Shillings is today. It was basically worthless. While Italian Somalia was always financially reliant on Italy. Somaliland's currency the East African Shillings had a respectable value. In fact, this was the reason why the new Somali Republic opted to use the Shillings. They just renamed the "East African" to "Somali" but it was 100% convertible. If you had 100 East African Shillings, you will get the same 100 Somali Shillings. Whereas if you had 100 Peso Italian currency, you will only get probably 1 Somali Shilling for it.
  9. This is how they are treating the most vulnerable of people, some of them spending their life long savings to make this obligatory ritual. I feel sorry for the mothers and fathers who are suffering because of some heartless m00ryaan-turned-sheekh.
  10. US Senate Bill "Somaliland Partnership Act" has receiving strong endorsement by the "US House Armed Services Committee", one of the most important committees in the US along with the US Foreign Relations Committee. This means, this Bill will most likely go through the House when it reaches the floor.
  11. @Arafaat Good points. I don't know why this thread morphed itself into a comparison one. It was supposed to be about the history that was deliberately omitted from the history books by the Afwayne regime. Anyway, I don't agree that Somaliland anywhere inhospitable than any other place. For example, if French made Djibouti work as a colony, anyone could have made Somaliland a colony either. Also Somaliland terrain and climate is very much the same as Eritrea where the Italians colonised just like Somalia. So your theory doesn't hold water from that angle. The only reasonable theory is that, the Somaliland clans were farsighted and were more than aware of the global affairs and what not. For example, the last ruler of Adal State "Sharmarke Ali Saleh" of Zeila had political/security & trade relationship with the United Kingdom Administration in Aden (South Yemen). This included the exchange of Ambassador/Liaisons Officers. @Che -Guevara The Anglo-saxons including Americans and UK, have always had better system and advocated for higher human rights ideals than many other colonialist including Dutch or France. In fact, Italy is found in the footnotes when speaking of the grand scheme of colonialism. It is a fact that Somaliland was a not a colony, we never experienced the classic colonial draconian rule like South Somalia did. It is also a fact that, the first time South Somalia had any taste of freedom for a long time, it was under the British Administration.
  12. These two photos of Mogadishu and Berbera are from 18th century. Mogadishu: Berbera
  13. You are implying that Mogadishu was any better than Berbera as a town before the Italians arrived. Which is completely not true. It was possible that Berbera had more population and better economy than any other Somali city during those times. In fact, according to the records, Berbera was a cosmopolitan town with diverse ethnic population from Arabia, Ethiopia and India and even had a sizeable Jewish community. In terms of Somali clan make up, it was probably one of the first multi-clan cities. For example @maakhiri1clan was a visible trading people in Berbera. Therefore, if the critera was: 1. strategic importance, Berbera wins 2. Economy/trading importance, Berbera wins Unlike Somalis from South Somalia which even before the 1991 were more like local native mentality with no interest in what is happening in the outside world - the Somalis from Somaliland were always interested in global affairs. Even before the British came, there were two explorers that were sent from London 1. John Hanning Speke and 2. Richard Burton. If you read the notes and reports they sent back to London about their encounters while travelling in Somaliland, you will understand that the nomads had good idea about what was going on in the world affairs. John Speke for example noted how some of the nomads asked him about the wars in Europe. These reports about the locals who were awake and had global knowledge must have prompted the Empire to go the negotiations route for a win-win relationship.
  14. 100% That was probably the first & last time we ever had our freedoms taken away. The "Somali Bando" from South Somalia were legendary in their thievery & thuggery. Never had we seen savages like that.
  15. Somalia's President claims that Alshabab is raking so much money that they are now sending money out to other Jihadi organisation around the world.
  16. If @maakhiri1is not being dishonest, he will agree with me that, Somaliland people never had any restrictions on their liberity under British Protection. Somalilanders travelled the world over, attended schools in London, India, Kenya, South Africa the Arabian peninsula with no restrictions. Somalilanders owned houses in UK. Owned farming lands in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. We had our own passports that was issued in Somaliland and accepted all over the world. So this colonialism that was subjected to South Somalia is something foreign to us. The day we asked to get our independence back, the UK Gov't proposed to give us 10 years of State Building before indepdence. We said No!. Can you imagine South Somalia saying "No" to Italy? Unthinkable. The only reason why South Somalia got its independence is due to the British Administration that took charge of Mogadishu allowed you. I know a lot South Somalia (Mostly D-clan) wanted the British Administration to return Somalia back to Italian rule. Give credit where credit is due.
  17. You are under Gumeysi as we speak today. Your Leaders are stripped searched in their own country, Farmaajo, Khaire, Rooble, Culusow all had to put their hands in the air and get the AMISom treatment. Coming back to your assertion that Zanzibar Sultan built a library in Mogadishu. Possibly true. But it was never in the history books in schools. The history books that was thaught in Afwayne's schools starts with the Mad Mullah and ends with Xaawo Taako. In fact, One of the saddest things we have recently discovered is how Afwayne changed the historic events and even manipulated documents. For example, they changed the names of historic records found in both in Italy and London, because they didn't fit Afwayne's narratives. This was a wholesale rape of history.
  18. Omaar Company, one of the largest Somaliland Conglomerates, is going big in the Oil/Gas business. Its subsidiary "National Oil & Gas" will setup an Oil and Gas terminal in Berbera, capable of storing upto 1 year's worth of Gas and Petroleum products. Once setup, this will help smooth out the impact of high global energy prices.
  19. Handshake. It is a tradition.
  20. The UK Government at one point ruled 4 of the Somali Speaking regions from 1941 until 1951. During this time, there was proposal from some MPs in the UK to form a singular Somali entity comprising of all the different regions. Both Ethiopia's King and Italy opposed the idea. Here is a letter sent by Italy to the League of Nations. In 1960, when Somaliland was intoxicated with the idea of Somaliweyn (Greater Somali Nation), they even didn't see these points raised by the Italians. Which is full of truisms.
  21. History that Afwayne omitted from the history books includes the history of the sale of South Somalia by the Suldan of Zanzibar to the Italians. Wuxu ma xoola, xoolo ayaa sayladda lagu kala iibsadaa. Here is the meeting between the Italians and the Sultan of Zanzibar.
  22. For me, the take away from this is that, DP World could have got Bosaso Port on the cheap, even cheaper than P&O Port deal. As the PL minister said, they could not afford to break the deal with P&O Ports so they begged DP World for a way out. Arabs are merciless if they see you as desperate. I wouldn't be surprised if this is one-way deal - if you can even call that. I am sure, the DP World has all the hands including termination clauses that are just too open.
  23. Folks like you who quote numbers when it suits them best and reject the same sources when it isn't, cannot be taken seriously or even debated with. It is just pointless. True, the Nigerian Brigade that captured Mogadishu from the Italians was serving under Her Majesty's flag. But both current AMISom and the Nigerian African Rifle serve the same "foreign interests", and they are funded by the same European/American Imperialism *by any stretch of the word*. The point I was making here is that, there is a lot of history that Afwayne omitted from the books because it didn't fit the narrative he was trying to paint. For instance, the fact that Afwayne himself was ranking member of the "Somali Bando" (allied local armed melitia) who were used as cannon-fodder when Italy invaded Ethiopia. In Somaliland, the Somali soldiers who died in both WW#1 and WW#2, their names are all known, their families used to receive monthly stipend from the UK. But the tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands that were used as cannon-fodder by Italy when it invaded Ethiopia and then British Somaliland, not a single name is known. They are not even acknowledged as existed.