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  1. Somaliland Government Press Release regarding recent and ongoing civic unrest in Laascaanood.
  2. Somaliland Government Press Release regarding recent and ongoing civic unrest in Laascaanood.
  3. US Military Africa Command and Somaliland Army/Navy to hold joint training exercises in Berbera.
  4. The site preparation works are progressing very well at Toosan-1 Oil fields.
  5. This is current affairs news, nothing like obsession. Just news item. I find it hilarious, so you can safeguard anything from outside, when you couldn't safeguard it sitting on the decision table? It is like saying Somaliland is safeguarding Somalia's unity. It just doesn't add up. If the plan is to play spoiler, then I think you are in for a rude awakening. The time for spoilers is long gone. It is in my opinion that Puntland has chewed this time more than it could swallow. HSM has pacified the Mogadishu Clans - the main problem for any leader in Mogadishu. If he continues that path, he surely will do a lot of changes to South Somalia.
  6. HSM oo duco ugu daray maamulka gooni-u-goosadka ah ee Garowe. Dumar qaar ayaa waxa isugu darsama 'masayr' iyo 'dudmo'. Kuwaaa intay xanaaq owgii alaabtooda gurtaan oo taxi dalbadaan. Ayaa hadana dhawr saacadood ka dib ayagoo dheg la qabto lahayn gurigii dib usoo galaan. Naa sow digii shandadaadii qaatay maxaa dhacay? kuye, inaad naag kale guriga keento ayaan diidaya!!! HSM waa ogyahay in Garowe ayadoo shandadeedii sidata dib usoo noqon doonto.
  7. I disagree. The same way you cannot call someone from Puntland who is today calling for to unite with Somaliland as "ambition", you cannot call Col. Abdilahi Yusuf's calls as that as such. He was an opportunist just as are those who are calling for the same today. Col. Abdilahi Yusuf had no idea about how to setup a functioning administration. To this day, the problems that Col. Abdilahi Yusuf faced in the nascent years still haunt Puntland. Which include armed clans. And also ministers or noteable people who are above the law. I don't need to remind you an example, there are plenty. Whereas, Mohamed H. Ibrahim Egal was interested in nation building and putting strong foundations that the leaders that come after him can build on. Which is why Somaliland and the rest of Somalia have taken two completely different paths. There is no Somali that ever walked on this earth that was as shrewd and as genius as Mohamed H. Ibrahim Egal. This is by far one of the universally acknowledged facts about Egal by all walks of politicians. Egal demobiled the whole of the SNM army and all the clan melitia without $0 dollars from anyone outside. All the money came from funds donated by Somaliland diaspora and Businesses - although everyone was on the same level back in those days in terms of finances. Yes, he stretched the small amount of money so long that he was able to pay the salary and also run a gov't. So he knew his limitations. Whereas Col. Yey had no idea of what governance was about. Just calling yourself a President doesn't mean you are running a functioning administration. In the end, it was about realist vs opportunist.
  8. @galbeedi You are either gullible or just don't understand what is going. If you want to know HSM's position with regards to Sool/Sanaag, you should have to listen to Prof. Ali Khaliif Ghalayd. The Professor spent close to 2 years in Mogadishu, going to and for the President's office. The final answer he got when the last FMS was announced by HSM himself while Prof. Ali was in the audience. Nothing has changed. It will be suicidal for HSM to try to touch Sool/Sanaag issue. This issue is an internal Somaliland issue. Those who subscribe to the Fake Hope of S/Sanaag being recognised as a FMS, they are just dreaming. The locals will have to smell the coffee, one way or another.
  9. Unlike Somalia which has been spoon-fed and babysitted, diaper changed, by good knows how many foreign powers and nations. On the other hand, Somaliland has to fight tooth and nail every single step along the way, not just with Somalia, but also others including global powers from United Nations to Arab League to anything in between. It is mindboggling for any outsider to know that Somalia's people, despite their sorry state, put all their difference aside and unite to fight Somaliland. If Somaliland had a fraction of the support that Somalia got, that would have made a huge difference. Of course, everything in Somaliland homegrown, home ideas and experimental, see what works and what not. Despite all that, Somaliland is winning, which is why others want to follow suite. A case of "if you can't beat them, join them". Which is why all the FMS in South Somalia will try take their luck to follow Somaliland. Somaliland has put in place all the right things for it to soar and fly. The next 5 years, you will see a huge step up. And all that is home grown.
  10. The Waaheen tragedy has given the business people an opportunity to revamp and redo things differently. Hargeisa's Gobonimo market - the second largest after Waaheen market, is now going to be re-developed into a modern shopping town centre.
  11. How long will you be dismissing this as a inept leadership? It is time to face reality. As for Laascaanood, things will return to business as usual. It is faith accompli. The false hope of "FMS Dreams" is intoxicating - I give you that, but once the dust settles and the false hope turns to despair, the locals will have to stare reality in the eyes. Accepting that reality is not a choice, it is a must.
  12. Tests done to the recently discovered Crude Oil in South Hargeisa have confirmed as such. In fact, the tests came back with very good numbers, saying the crude oil deposits are some of the highest quality which fetch top dollar in the market.
  13. I am just glad that Somaliland breaking itself off from this mess. After so many years of holding us back by any means necessary including blackmailing and shedding crocdale tears about non-existant 'Somalinimo" and what not. Somaliland is now at the cusp of becoming self-sustaining modern economy - which means the days of United Nations having an oversize role in Somaliland's lives is coming to an end. We will soon become the masters of our own destiny. Ex-Italian Somalia is now facing existential threats by itself for itself. As the fake "Somalinimo" and "Midnimo" give way to reality-check, the true face of so many people is now in full glare to everyone. They wished the same for Somaliland, with all these broahaha about Laascaanood - nothing but their wish for Somalililand to become like them. That will never happen. On the contrary, what is left of Ex-Italian Somalia will completely disintegrate.
  14. He wants to join Somaliland. This is not the first time I heard that. Even Col. Cabdilahi Yusuf as on record saying that he raised this option with President Egal. Egal declined, of course. Waar ma anaga suuro iyo masayr taag u hayna. Boowe booskiina xejista.
  15. LOOL Somaliland hadii naarta gasho, guess who will be knocking on the door asking to voluntarily come inside?
  16. Reer Burco are honestly another kind. One reer Burco guy just posted a funny story. He said: Waa hore waxa jiray nin iyo xaaskii oo mudo is qabay. Xaaskii maalintii danbe wiil ayay u dhashay. Odeygii reerku curadkiisi ayuu maalin walba la qoslaa. Hooyadii ayaa masayr dareentay, maalintii danbe ayay ku tidhi odeygi "Horta maxaa la qososha kolka aad cunuga la joogto". Odeygii wuxu ku yidhi: "Cunuga afkiisa bilaa ilko ah ayaan la qoslaa". Dhawr maalmood ka dib Hooyadii ayaa ilko hii dhamaa iska soo wada gurtay (She removed all her teeth). Odeygii ayay si lama-filaan ah intay hor timid afkii kula qaaday. Odeygii nafba maalintaa ayaa ugu danbaysay. Imika sheekada Puntland waa Hooyadii Federalka oo ilkohii iska soo gurtay, Odeygii HSM iyo Jubaland oo Baby yaraa uu la dhacsanyay ah.
  17. That said. Lets get back to the topic at hand, what is pushing Puntland to the fringe? My 2 cents is that, Puntland's attempt to benefit from both maintaining an independent (sort of) polity while at the same time trying to enjoy all the perks of Federalism. That has run its course and has not delivered the desired outcomes. As Mogadishu assumes its leadership role and becomes the most politically and economically powerful in South Somalia, Puntland conversely finds itself irrelevant and withers into oblivion. The so called 'nuclear option' which Deni just pulled, is nothing but gimmick. Will HSM be swayed by this? Time will tell. Me thinks, that HSM will play hardball as he sees that Puntland no longer has any more 'cards' to pull. This is it.
  18. If you don't change your positions, you are actually not learning. We are learning. The issue with women and children is more of a political issue rather than military issue. Of course, when there is a military solution to a specific problem arises, the military will be engaged. However, the miltiary's primary responsibility is not to to keep demonstrator out of streets. As with horgal or dabo-gal or whatever, it is all about 'Interest'. An old French philosopher was once asked what he thought about 20th Century Europe. He said, 'Interest' will reign supreme. He said blood or ethno-centrism will diminish as 'interest' becomes the common denominator of different people. We will definitely revisit this same topic in, lets say 1 year from today and compare notes. Hope you will be around.
  19. All the major regional Feeder Service providers are opening an office in Berbera. This means cheaper and faster shipping to/from Somaliland. Bahrain's largest maritime services provider BMMI Group recently signed a memorandum of understanding moving its Africa Office from Mombassa Kenya to Berbera Somaliland. Unifeeder’s Feedertech is also opening its Africa HQ in Berbera Port. Other Feeder Service providers opening office in Berbera include 1. CMA CGM 2. Pacific International Lines (PIL) 3. UAFL These are on top existing Shipping Lines like Maersk, Ethiopian Shipping Lines, MSC.
  20. LOL Sxb, anagu magaalo ku dhex dagaalami mayno. It just doesn't feel right. We dipped our toes into it and it is just ugly. Maati qaxda, hooyo iyo caruur ooyaysa. Laakin banaanka cad, that is where we excel at. We are figuring out a different approach to Caruurta iyo Dumarka. You learn from your mistakes, certainly we are.
  21. The part regarding Somaliland is just hilarious. They want Somaliland to talk to Garowe. The only talking between Somaliland and Garowe is through the bullets. We are coming for Yoocada!
  22. This reeks of desperation. After many years of declining economy, declining influence, and declining politics, it feels like Maamulka Garowe has had it. What will this change from the fundamentals on the ground? I see nothing changing. Just a gimmick.
  23. You can actually find out yourself by going to Google Earth which has accurate geodata and mapping data. Trace the map according to the villages and towns. The rough one I provided is accrurate to ±5%. Whch is within the scientific tolerated error rate.
  24. Can you get a copy of Khaatumo declaration from Taleex conference? This won't change anything on the ground. Within the next few months, no one will remember anything of this. The harsh reality on the ground will always win over wishful-thinking.