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  1. Ilaahay qofka aqoon daro uma cadaabo. She will learn from this gaffe, I am sure.
  2. One of the biggest container carriers docks in Berbera Port.
  3. Born as nomad to an illiterate family, a young boy called Mohamed Faarax Dalmar wants to not only change his own life for the better but also the lives of many many people. From Quranic school to Oxford University, this self-made warrior, his captivating journey begins from camel-grassing lands of Oodweyne and goes through London, Lebenon, Syria, Palestine, Eritrea, and finally in Northern Somalia where he dies in the fierce battle between SNM and Siyad Barre's forces near the town of Cadaadley. In the process, becomes head of the Arab Student Union in London and starts the movement that would eventually give South Yemen its independence from Great Britian. He becomes the head of a commando unit that will fight in Syria/Israel, gets trained in Libya, Joins the liberation movements in Eritrea, WSLF, SSDF and then finally SNM. He fights dictators Mingistu and Siyad Barre. If Africa had a Che Guevera, the one that comes close is Mohamed who is better known for his moniker Mohamed Ali. Mohamed Ali was born in Oodweyne. He lost his mother at very young age. He travels solo to Burco where he gets a job at a local Tea-shop. He saves enough money and by the time he turns 8 years old, he already has plans to travel overseas to Yemen. He boards on to one of the livestock trucks that go to Berbera and makes his way to a boat that was departing for Adan, Yemen. When arrived in Yemen, he locates an old uncle who lived in Adan. He is given an opportunity to study at local schools and completes his Quran/Islamic studies at local masjid. In Yemen, Mohamed Ali attends a British run High School where he spends the next few years studying. In the final GCSE exam, Mohamed Ali becomes the highest student who gets the highest marks in GCSE exam in all of South Yemen. The British Administration in South Yemen gives Mohamed scholarship to study in Oxford University. Where he completes a course of Political Science. While in London, he becomes the head of the Arab Students Union, at time when Arab vs Israeli was at its boiling point. He quickly becomes a very notable person in the Presentation of the Arab views on local Radio Stations in London. When he returned back to South Yemen, he organises students to demonstrate against the British Administration. He forms a highly secretive movement that targeted British Administration officials. The British Administration targets Mohamed Faarax Dalmar and becomes the most wanted person in the country. The British Administration starts curfews on all of Adan, to try to get its grip on power. Mohamed changes his name to Mohamed Ali - to avoid capture. Within few years, the British Administration starts negotiations to hand over sovereignty to South Yemenese. After independence, the Yemeni Government formally recognises Mohamed Ali as one of the most important people in its freedom from British Rule. The new Government in South Yemen gives Mohamed options including Ministerial. But he declines. Instead, he asks for the State to fund a commando unit that will fight anywhere and everywhere in the Arab World. He recruits top fighters from Palestine, Egypt, Yemen, Somalia, Eritrea etc. After a year of training in the mountains of South Yemen and then in Libya, the Commando Unit is sent to Syria. While in Syria, his commando unit engages fierce battles with Israeli forces, he gets seriously wounded in one of the operations. After he gets better, he returns to Yemen. Part #2, where he joins the Eritrean People's Liberation Movement and fights with the Ethiopian Regime. And his journey to Somalia where he joins the WSLF and becomes the head of the first Armed Unit of the SNM. Mohamed Ali cements his legacy as a born to fight freedom fighter.
  4. Senator Jim Risch, on passing the NDAA Bill which calls for closer ties between US/Somaliland. Risch on Final Passage of FY2023 NDAA | United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations WWW.FOREIGN.SENATE.GOV WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Jim Risch (R-Idaho), ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations...
  5. Already a lot of JAC Motors trucks are on the road.
  6. JAC Motors and Suzuki Dealership open in Hargeisa. You can now order brand new Suzuki and JAC Motors vehicles direct from their respective Factories in China and Japan. Your vehicle will be delivered straight to Berbera Port in less than 1 month.
  7. Basically DP World is grooming Bosaso Port to be fed from Berbera Port.
  8. Bosaso Port now only gets 150m additional quay. And meagre 1 acre container yard or 60m x 50m. P&O Port contract included 450m and much bigger container yard. No mention about how long the contract is and what the ownership looks like. In my opinion, I am not going to be surprised if DP World own 100% and the contracted term is 50 years. This is complete sell out.
  9. Mashallah, mabruuk to Saaqid and Haybado. Two charismatic leaders having a light hearted exchange at the Nikax ceremony.
  10. This is somewhere in South Somalia, Amxaaro having a feast.
  11. Final version of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2023] which includes Partnership with Somaliland has been published.
  12. Bahrain's largest Logistics firm establishes a subsidiary in Somaliland.
  13. Somaliland Government and World Bank & International Finance Coperation (IFC) held meeting Hargeisa. IFC is helping Somaliland in unlocking financing of development projects.
  14. Somaliland Central Bank invited by Bahrain Government to Islamic Banking conference.
  15. Sacdiya doubles down on her resolve to pass the new Fusuq laws in Somalia Parliament. She threatens those social media activists who live in the West to keep quiet or else she (read her Western backers) will make sure they pay for it.
  16. Toosan-1 oil well which is planned to be drilled in 2023 contains around 100 to 200 MMbbls of Oil. This Well alone could produce 50 thousand barrels of oil per day for 10 years, or over $100 million dollars per month at current prices. About 500 Oil-tanker Trucks will be shuttling oil between Toosan-1 and the Oil Depot at Port of Berbera. CPC Taiwan is building the Oil Depot in Berbera where they are the sole buyer of all the oil produced by Somaliland.
  17. Don't hold back. I challenge you to spill it all out. These days we hear about "mulkiilaha dawladda" etc etc. The original mulkiile of South Somalia was General Gabre. He probably shaped South Somalia more than the Italians did in their nearly 80 years of colony.
  18. You are so desperate. Is that all you came back with? 1. signing of Meles Zenawi's condolences book is something that almost every African leader did or even including World leaders (either as proxy signed by Ambassadors or directly). This is not something unique to Somaliland. 2. Going to Addis Abeba and making sure your interests are protected, is again, something that many other states also did. But what is unique to South Somalia is that, General Gabre was the sole ruler, it was him that the buck stops with. He would overrule your leader's decisions and even force your leaders to sign a document that he prepared earlier that no one knows what is included in it. Even Western Somali politic experts have written volumes about this, there was case when the Somalia Warlords refused to sign some agreement. The minute Gen Gabre got involved, they all arrived at the hotel where they would sign the documents with "No buts or ifs". And that is just the surface of the 'ceebta' meesha ka dhacday.
  19. That was true for all of South Somalia's leaders, not just HSM. Even Farmaajo when he was PM and also the first few years as President. In fact, the Ethiopian Embassy was inside Villa Somalia even during Farmaajo's days. The TNG/TFG was the brainchild of the TPLF and they saw it as their own pet project.
  20. The TPLF Enforcer General Gabre was seen in Nairobi taking part in the peace negotiations between TPLF and Addis Abeba.
  21. This comes after a recent speech by Hiiraan politician Sanbaloolshe roasted his clan for being the only clan under literal "gumaysi" in their own lands. Prof. Cabdi Samatar warned that organising and arming subclan melitia along jufo-lines has its own serious downside. With HAG politicians increasing subscribing to the Woke culture of looking after their own interests, there is indeed an opportunity for the wrong people to ascend to positions of power and turn this into another cycle of the Somali civil war.
  22. UAE's biggest food producer plans to invest in Berbera Economic Zone (BEZ). This is a huge win for BEZ and will help fast track other similar producers and packagers to expand their businesses to East Africa market. --------------- IFFCO to develop 300,000 sq ft edible oil packing plant at DP World port in Somaliland "IFFCO Somaliland signed a 25-year lease with BEZ to develop a 300,000 sq. ft packing facility, with future expansion plans covering another 300,000 sq. ft. Once complete by the first half of 2023, the first phase of the edible oil plant will create hundreds of jobs for local citizens and attract foreign direct investment to Somaliland." IFFCO to develop 300,000 sq ft edible oil packing plant at DP World port in Somaliland | Business – Gulf News GULFNEWS.COM Plant to come up in DP World’s Berbera Economic Zone
  23. The Somaliland Army acts as guarantor of the political agreements between local clans and Somaliland Administration. Without this guarantor, these agreement would not have become reality. The army is there to enforce the agreement and to protect it.