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  1. In my opinion, this is a good start for peace talks. The misunderstanding can be settled.
  2. Does it really matter where they are stationed? they attacked and they got destroyed and their leaders annihilated and captured. End of story. Ciidanka Qaranka once they are done with the Laascaanood issue, they are coming for Garowe. Sit tight. I saw Ex-Somalia Police Chief Xijaar also came to Laascaanood. Qofku isaga xabaashiisa raadsada/doonta.
  3. That is the name he claims in this video. Ma ninkaa intaa leeg ayaa been ka sheegay magaciisa? waar ileen tanoo kale.
  4. The captured one his name is "Maxamoud Mursal Maxamoud". At least that what he said in the video he recorded a day before. The dead one, his passport and the documents that is shown in the video I posted earlier were pulled from the back pockets of his dead body. As soon as his name is published, I will share it.
  5. Shelling was actually self-defence. The clan melitia that was using houses as hide outs were shelled. If the army wanted to flatten Laascaanood, it would have done it from day one. But the fact that, it only responded when it got fire, that shows the army was not interested.
  6. There two Officers in the Puntland melitia that attacked Somaliland units at Maraagaha area. One of the officers is dead and his dead body is with Somaliland Army, the other officer has been captured alive. I am not sure if we can regard him as POW since Puntland has refused to acknowledge that its army is fighting. We will just call it, captured in the meantime.
  7. Raggu dibbedda ayuu ku dagaalama, lets play outside. Dumarka iyo caruurta rasaasta kala baxa.
  8. The leader of melitia was captured. The day before he recorded a video saying he was from Mudug. THat is not my words, that is his words. Anyway, here is a list of the document that was found with the captured Sarkaal and the number of people that he commanded. The document is dated 5th of December 2022 and is titled "Taliska Ciidamada Difaaca Dawladda Puntland". Not sure which part you do not understand. The whole unit, with the exception of 3 vehicles that run away, the rest were either annihilated or captured.
  9. LOL Faysal will be back to Tukaraq and most likely go beyond Tukaraq. Bal ragga yidhi wax ayay eryadeen waa loo jooga meesha ay ku danbeeyaan.
  10. Puntland itself has no *standing* army per say. Rather their clan melitia is controlled by each clan. This guy came from Mudug. In yar oo firxad ah mooye, intii kale gacanta ayaa lagu dhigay ayaga iyo dhawr tikniko ah ay wateen.
  11. Ciidan ka yimi Puntland oo isagii iyo sarkaalkii watay badhna la laayay badhna nolol lagu qabtay. Waxa ka mid ah ninkan oo shalay TV ka soo baxay, maanta Maxbuus ah.
  12. Today marks as Day #1 of the war. Wixii hore iska tuuryo ayay ahayd. The military has been given all clear.
  13. Today, rag caan ka ah Maamulka Puntland ayaa dhaawac iyo nolol lagu qabtay, details will be provided soon.
  14. Miskiin. The Somaliland Army was under restrains for too long, which made many people concerned why the politicians are putting the army in compromising position of not responding to attacks the way it should have. Now that the politics is out of the way and negotiations have hit a dead end. The military is doing its job. Obviously, there are many clan melitia who came from far afield who will get a doze of reality check very soon.
  15. Today was the first real military engagement. The combined Daarood melitia and Somaliland army engaged in one of the most fierce battles. Urban warfare is a dirty war. Even if you win, you lose the moral high grounds. So it is only understandable, as much as many of us, pushed the army to take the fight to the streets, the wise heads in the army wanted to draw the melitia to the outskirts. So that is what has happened today. No buildings to hide, no hospital to hide, just rocks and shrubs. The Army engaged in many different battles and managed not only capture hardware and prisoners of war. This will be show cased soon on National TV. This is the type of war that the army was trained for.
  16. Frozen conflict LOL Somaliland's strategy is working just fine. They wanted for Somaliland to go into street fights and cause collateral damage in the process. However, the defensive strategy to exhaust them out and also pound them hard when necessary is just working fine. This strategy coupled with the Olive branch on the other hand has taken all the oxygen from the anti-peace elements. They are now powerless and becoming irrelevant. Which is why they are crying for AMISom troops to be deployed. Little do they know that AMISom is not a service you just call up and it comes to you. But what this shows is that, they are at the end of their FAAFO cycle.
  17. With that performance, The Garaad could qualify for an acting role in Bollywood.
  18. Folks, there won't be any interest from outsiders in the Laascaanood issue, whether it is humanrights or anything. Because no body in the IC wants to open the can of warms that is the Somali civil-war and all its related issues. So don't waste your time on this.
  19. I was sceptical about the fake news. As my sources confirmed, it was just another day. But for how long will the Army give politics a chance? Head of the Army Operations faced the press today to calm the people's frustrations with the Army's defensive strategy.
  20. The most important peace conferences were the once held between Feb 1991 and Mar 1991. The SNM went to every corner of Somaliland and convinced the local leaders to come to the Burco Meeting. SNM sent delegations to East Sanaag, Laascaanood and Buuhoodle, Awdal and Zeilac. The Laascaanood delegation was headed by Col. Ina Kaahin. Borama was headed by Ibrahim Maygaag Samatar. East Sanaag was headed by Col. Ahmed Mire. The momentous effort to bring Peace to Somaliland by the SNM cannot be underestimated. Specially at a time of great suffering and destruction, the majority of common people were thinking about revenge and blood.
  21. I will ignore the cantara-baqash of glorifying the failed genocidal regime of Afwayne. The question tha you have asked really shows what kind of person you are. You are too removed from reality. You should stop following Somali politics if you have no idea about. To briefly answer your question about Laascaanood between the years 1991-2007? The answer goes back to Afwayne. Afwayne didn't leave anything for anyone after him to build on. No maamul, no infrastructure, nothing. What Afwayne left behind was f*ckfest and warring clans who are at each other's throats withe zero trust. Case in point, just to move Food from one village to the next village was herculean task and coordinated effort. The SNM was the first armed group that actually brought all the clans in the North and the Agenda was "Lets all make Peace". The First time in over a 10 years, that the clans declared peace between their communities. To enforce that peace and demobilise the armed clans is a whole different story. If Somaliland was bombing Laascaanood, no building would be standing by now. The folks who murdered their own sons in order to start civil upraising will not stop at bombing a building themselves. Go Figure.
  22. Here is my response to that. First of all, Afwayne's regime was the sole Gov't in the country, and had access to the full gamut of all that entail to. So if the Gov't at the time had any intention to settle the issue in the North peacefully, it could have spared the North and Somalia of what happened next. So to answer you question, the Gov't of Siyad Barre already had blood on its hands, the bombing of Hargeisa/Burco was the next stage and progression of the "Scorched Earth Policy" that the regime unveiled in 1985. When you have killed, raped and burned alive people, what do you do next? You obviously want to leave no trace of that and destroy everything as well. It is like serial killer, was he right to use the bomb or the machine gun? The question or right or wrong just doesn't make sense. It is not a question of right or wrong. It was bound to happened because of the regime's history.