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  1. After they were defeated in the battle fields and pushed out of their lands, one famous Buuhoodle poet said to his defeated people: Gunbaan ahay ganbo-cad baygu xidhan, iyo gar naagoode Gaashaantimaha sidoodoo kalaan, guur u sugayaaye Aniga iyo hablaha loo galmoodo, waan gudboonahaye Jeer oon ganboolka iska rido, guudka iga saaran Ogaadeenka noo soo gabyoow, waa gar xaajaduye These days, we have men crying like babies on TV. Here is one of Puntland traditional leaders crying:
  2. LOL, the local police is still there and the local council is still operating, the city is still under the control of Somaliland. Just the heavy weapons and military were withdrawn as to give the residents a breathing space and for the local leaders to take charge of situation. If the local leaders do not succeed, of course the heavy weapons will roll in again.
  3. Nothing is said without approval from the Hargeisa and the Garaad's words and his actions will speak sooner.
  4. LOL celebrating for nothing. Dadka shacabka yaan looga darin. Ileen waad ogtahay, ana waan ogahay in meesha wax awood ah oo taal jirin. Qof dumar ah oo barakacday wax lagu degdego maha.
  5. The withdrawal of the Forces is due to a request made by Speaker of Parliament and the Garaad Jamac of the JS clan. These two leaders who are currently in Laascaanood asked for the military to give them the opportunity to return the city to back to calm.
  6. He ran away from facing justice. There is no benefit of doubt that can be given to a fugitive.
  7. Imam wanted in U.S. on sex assault charges was granted refugee status here | CBC News WWW.CBC.CA CBC News has learned that a prominent voice in Calgary's Somali community is wanted in the United States on sexual assault charges.
  8. President Biihi did not throw Professor Galaydh under the bus, his own clan did. Professor Galaydh found himself at loggerhead with the prominent clan members who are in Somaliland Government such as Dr. Faratoon etc. Also Prof. Galaydh had a frosty relationship with the majority of Sool clan Garaads. President Biihi simply said to Prof. Galaydh, you are a lone wolf with no support.
  9. @maakhiri1that was my bad, you are correct, the picture is Garad Abdiqani Garad Jama. I always thought that was his Dad. Anyway, Garaad Abdiqani held the same title as this Garaad, when he joined the Bali Gubadleh SNM Grand Conference.
  10. Famous last words. Like his old man (pictured below), when he sees the writing on the wall after exhausting everything and this last stint comes to an end. He will come back to reality. His old man, after many years of being Afwayne's shoe shiner, when he saw the Afwayne boat was sinking, he jumped and made himself come to the Bali-Gubadleh SNM Grand Conference which was chaired by non other than Muj. Muse Biixi Ahmed. He was one of the many traditional leaders who prayed & recited du'a for the newly elected Chairman Muj. Cabdirahman Tuur to deliver the final blow to Afwayne - his former boss. Here again, Grand Garaad of Sool clan in Bali Gubadleh talking with Hamesh Andy - Welsh SNM member and video journalist.
  11. You are missing the whole point. Why was this history omitted and never studied in school?
  12. Dad awoowgood madaxa lagaga wada joogsaday ayaan la hadlayna.
  13. So from this historic recollection we understand the horrific slavery which took place in South Somalia under the Italian colonialists. For instant 30,000 people died in a single canal which is named Asayleh. The name Asayleh which means "The Widow maker" due to the high number of women that became widowed after their enslaved husbands never returned home. When the Italian farmer returns home, if he sees mud on the ground, he would call his slaves and ask them lay down on the floor one after another like a pavers until he reaches the door to his house. This is the real history that should have been taught in Schools.
  14. I will neither admit nor deny that. But I will take it as whatever that rocks your boat.
  15. one thing I am very sure of is that, you will be saying the same thing about Sool in 5 years time. I will make the prediction myself here, that in 2023 Somaliland will reach Yoocada. And the constraints for this prediction is that, if Garowe does make the foolish decision to attack Somaliland positions. If Puntland does not attack first, there is high chance that Somaliland will do the necessary and eliminate the threat if such is deemed necessary.
  16. LOOL What you call dagaal culus, we call it just a mop up operation. Dagaal waxan u naqaan ka banaanka la isku haleelo, conventional warfare.
  17. Ex-SYL member recalls sad history of how the Italian colonialists used South Somalia people as physical human doormat.
  18. Japanese military helicopters flew from Djibouti and landed in Hargeisa today and held talks with Somaliland officials. The delegation visited Berbera. Somaliland Foreign Affairs ministry was in Japan earlier in the month of December.