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  1. Reer Puntland it is unethical to keep showing false hopes to Khaatumo folks. You should come clean and tell them that you cannot in any form or shape help them. It is all bluff. Kuwa Khaatumo, awood ay Somaliland ku wajahaan malaha. Yes, Women and Children throwing rocks at Somaliland Security forces makes a good Social Media post for few days. But that is about it. It is not going to change the facts on the ground.
  2. This comment from one person made me laugh out loud. It captures the ruwaayada Garowe la jilaayo.
  3. Already started the new musalsal on TV.
  4. This is Garowe. A lot of clan melitia are gathering there whose objective is to "liberate" Sool. I heard that before!! It is that time of the year again. Fataa-dhug and bararakh.
  5. Buuhoodle is a border town. The road that divides the town halves it between Somaliland side and Ethiopia side. As it is a border town, it is very hard to 100% provide security. The cross-national security issue that any operation would generate is not worth the benefits that capturing it provides Somaliland at this moment.
  6. Things are already coming back to normal, shops are opening and traffic is returning. Women and children at maximum can sustain an upraising for a week. After a week, the food on the table becomes a huge issue.
  7. And By the way, do not read too much into these women and children protesting. They have a lot of things to lose if they continue. The Somaliland Army whether they are on the street or whether they are in the Baracks, they have all the time in the world on their side. They will just sit it out. The children need to go schools, the mother need to earn some living. It will back to normal soon. If there is any clan melitia that tries to attack Somaliland Army, as usually is the case, we will break their back and send them to the cemetery.
  8. Very simplistic view. If that was that easy, Somaliland wouldn't have last 15 years. The fact is that the local subclans of the Dh*lhante are all at each other's throats. This even goes deeper in the Jufo level. And this local competition for resources and influence existed since yonks. Both Somaliland and Puntland play these local clan dynamics against each other. However, the reason why those who are allied with Somaliland always win are two things; 1. Somaliland's economy is much bigger and the Somaliland Army's budget is much much bigger than Puntland. 2. Somaliland Army is much stronger and much more professional than the adversaries. These two combined, makes any local clan who allies with Somaliland a winner. For example, the Jaamac Siyaad, is numerically very small clan when compared to others. However, since they allied themselves with Somaliland, they have become a very significant power broker in the region. Somaliland has also allied with other subclans, the latest which is the Hassan Ugaas in Boocame district who are facing land dispute with Ciise Maxamuud clan from Garowe. The interest is both ways. Those subclans that alley with Somaliland automatically become the winners. Those who ally with Puntland for example are the losers. These dynamics have existed since yonks and will continue to exist as resources are limited in this part of the world.
  9. I am also finding the booto-booto from the defeated lot from Puntland as equally amusing. Somaliland will not start new round of war, but we will certainly not only defend but also gain new grounds.
  10. I find it quiet hilarious that some folks here believe Women and Children sent to the streets will force Somaliland retreat. It will be a cold day in hell. Women and Children will be given time to vent. Some of their concerns are well founded but the fact that Anti-Somaliland elements want to take advantage of those concerns, will not be tolerated. The current plan is to make sure key gov't installations are safe and sound. However, the next few weeks, a lot of changes will take place including more police presence in the suburbs. Also manned checkpoints on key roads will be established.
  11. An old poet once said; Gacantii nin lihi goynaya way gumudan-taa (bonified). There is not much anyone can do about when the locals are at each other's throat. The Somaliland Gov't has put a lot of resources into this and has reduced the rate of assassinations from one per month to one per quarter. Further work needs to be done to get reduced further. The kids who are coming to the streets throwing rocks - don't destory your city. In the end, your city is that you've got. And Somaliland is not going anywhere because some rocks.
  12. Somalia's Ministry of Petroleum makes a total fool of itself. They are threatening Somaliland with "All Legal Means". Give me a break. Somaliland, of course, Genel and CPC Taiwan, will not bother with this Donkey speak. The answers will come in 12 months when the first Oil Well comes online and soon after Somaliland earns its first income from its Oil.
  13. The real face is ugly hateful one. The fake face is "Somalinimo, Midnimo, walaalnimo". That was busted long time ago, you won't see that anymore these days. As with regards to DP World Investment into Berbera, it is not only a winning ticket but also a golden goose that keeps on giving. Germans' DW TV has a new article about it. This runs in the face of Bosaso Port deal and Mogadishu Port deal which are both total sell out deal. A deal that is not delivering today let alone 20 or 30 years from today, that is how bad these deals are. And they had audacity to comment on Berbera Port deal. At Port of Berbera, Dubai invests in Horn of Africa shipping WWW.DW.COM Dubai-based DP World is expanding its operations in Somaliland as part of a plan to turn the breakaway region into a major trade hub. Though Somaliland has relinquished commercial power, it may gain political...
  14. Puntland's big wigs all have clan melitia that is loyal to them. This time round the Local Garowe clan are not buying Deni's democratisation process. They want their Hagbad on time. Wasiirkii hore ee maaliyadda Puntland oo maleyshiyaad kasoo horjeeda doorashada qof iyo cod ku abaabulay gobolka Nugaal WWW.HIIRAAN.COM Talaado, December, 27, 2022 (HOL) - Wasiirkii hore ee maaliyadda Puntland, Xasan Shire Abgaal, ayaa maleyshiyo beeleed ku arursaday deegaanka Karin-dhiig oo dhacda laamiga xiriira degmooyinka...
  15. Remember all the broahaha from certain folks who spent many hours debating about DP World's investments into Berbera Port. And seemingly silence on the Turkish firm Al-Bayrak's takeover of Mogadishu Port for what looks like pennies, a new Paint job and new fence? Our friends from southern Somalia and their concerns about DP World's investments into Berbera were surely well founded and had merit, Not! Give me a break. Here Somalia's Chairperson of Parliament reads An Act of Parliament banning DP World from investing into Somaliland. The clapping and ululating Somalia's MPs can be heard in the background as he reads the Bill that was just voted by the Parliament. What they didn't know is that, their Act and their ululating was akin to a Donkey farthing in a public place. It will certainly feature in many many documentaries and will go down into the shameful annuls of history.
  16. Genuine question, how many people vote SW's leadership s/elections? More or less than Puntland's 60 votes? For Lafta's survival depends on how much skin Addis Abeba puts into him. That is a tough ask, as Ethiopia no longer has the same clout as it once wielded. Other than that, Lafta seems toasted. He leads a very poor state with no much income and he is up against cashed up folks with backing from Villa Somalia.
  17. Not too sure how long can Lafta-Gareen weather this, sooner or later he will have to give up. The odds are stacked against him.
  18. It is now a law for the US to put aside politics and engage with Somaliland directly.
  19. After two visits, HSM couldn't make Afwerki release the Somalia Troops who were being held captive by Afwerki. Afwerki wanted 50 million dollars for his 3 or so years of training the 5,000 men Somalia troops. Finally it was President of Kenya William Ruto that convinced the dictator to release the troops.
  20. Waaheen Market, private land owners start building. All the plans have been approved by the Waaheen Construction Council which includes Hargeisa Local Gov't, Community Leaders and Central Government.
  21. I remember there was another gaffe before this, when head of Africom came to Hargeisa, a press release was published. But that too was immediately corrected. As this is a personal tweet, I don't expect an immediate correction. But I expect the subsequent tweets about this same topic will be different.