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  1. Wado walba oo caqli ku fadhida ama sida aduunka laga isticmaalo oo xal lagu qaadho, Somaliland ayaa guushu raacaysa.
  2. According to Google Earth (which you can download and verify yourself), The total area of Togdheer, Sanaag and Sool is 126,872 sqkm. Of that, the Isaaq own: 67886 sqkm. The Harti own 58986 sqkm. In terms of population, Burco alone has more population than the whole of Harti inhabited area. In terms of land mass, Somaliland wins, in terms of population again Somaliland wins.
  3. By now you should know an exchange of small firearm here or there is not going to change anything on the ground.
  4. @maakhiri1 There are two forces that have equal and opposing views, very much like a coin with two faces. 1. Self-determination 2. Territorial Integrity. Both are equally regarded in Court of law when it comes to these sort of issues. And there are very good example of when the two views were applied to nation states or breakup of nation states. The following 3 factors give weight to which side of the coin face that lands. These include: 1. Fait Accompli - which means the facts on the ground support way too much one side of the coin-face. For example, in Somaliland's case, territorial integrity of Somalia doesn't apply. As the facts speak for itself that there is no territorial integrity for Somalia that exists. Lets face it, Somalia has completely failed as a state. Hence, self-determination face has too much weight. The coin lands on that face. 2. Historic events/issues; i.e. Attempted genocide, uprooting of civilians, Government Pogroms designed to target a specific ethnic group, race, clan or religious sect. And the very likely hood of such historic events to happen again, and There is a clear historic accounts that support why Somaliland wishes to terminate the Union of the 1960. 3. The overwhelming support of local people for such cause. Having said the above, with regards to Sool, Sanaag and Togdheer (Buuhoodle being a distrcit of Togdheer). If a vote were to be held today in those 3 regions, the overwhelming majority will choose to remain with Somaliland. There is no one that will come here and tell us to break up Sool/Sanaag/Togdheer into clan borders. That doesn't work in International court of law. The legal boundary of region/subregions must remain. If you go through the legal way, Somaliland wins. If you see the fact on the ground, Somaliland wins.
  5. Faysal Falaalug oo mudo badan kaymaha ku jiray ayaa aakhir caawa la kulmay Wasiiradda Somaliland si uu isu soo dhiibo. Dawladda Somaliland waxay u balan qaaday in wixii kharash ka baxay dib loogu celin doono, lagana wareegi doono teknicals iyo ciidankiisa. Wararku waxay sheegayan inu aad uga xanaaqay maamulka Garowe oo ku balan furay.
  6. 6 Wasiir oo Magaaladda Laascaanood shirar kula leh madaxda gobolka iyo madax dhaqameedka.
  7. It is possible that HSM understands the tactics employed by those waving the 'Somali Flag' was the same tactics employed by the deposed leader in Mogadishu, i.e. Farmaajo. Everyone can see the ugly clannism under the waving of flag antics.
  8. In other words, bothsidism. True. But like Farmaajo, in the end, when push comes to shove, he has nothing for Khaatumo folks. No leader in Mogadishu can interfere in the Internal affairs of Somaliland, that is just given. The International Community which is contributing not only funds for AMISom but also 70% of Villa Somalia's Budget, will not support anything that will have negative impact on their plans for Somalia & Somaliland to end their dispute in talks. The reason why Khaatumo is just not feasible is due to the fact that there is no such thing called SSC. Both Sool & Sanaag are shared territories. Who is going to create a clan border? what is a clan border anyway? B/c my clan's camels go as far as they want in any direction. The natural home of Khaatumo is Somaliland. That is where it has always been and the majority of the Sool/Sanaag land mass also comes under. So this "Bothsidism" is really not based on honesty. It is dishonesty. The honest position was Farmaajo's "I don't have a answer".
  9. Sxb, cabaad iyo baroorta, bal ficil ku dara! kkk That is all I am saying. The great Poet from Caynaba Salaan Carabay when talking to Buuhoodle's Cali Dhuux Adan, he said: Caliyow Geel laguma helo, sidaad ku hamiyayso. Awoowe, dhul laguma helo Baroor iyo cataw.
  10. The 15 minutes of Fake news is over. It is now back to reality. The reality on the ground will always win.
  11. Col. Mahad Cambaashe sets the record straight. Reminds reer Laascaanood the sorry state that Laascaanood was in 2007 where chaos and lack of authority reigned. And compared to the law and order that has benefited Laascaanood to grow 3 times the size of what it was in 2007. Mahad reminds those who are falling for fake news to open their eyes and smell the coffee.
  12. Somaliland Ministers arrive in Laascaanood, hold talks with local leaders.
  13. It is no longer a fringe thing, it is becoming mainstream theme where even the Nabadoon (Can you imagine) is spewing pure hate. I mean, even if you have to go down that road, you put it in a sophisticated way, but this is pure hate, to the extent of even shedding crocodile tears on Camera. I didn't include womenfolk, because crying is expected from a females. @Samafal Sxb, wax iskula hadha. I don't mind if you guys come on Camera and declare war on us. But crying and talking the lowest form of hate, that was not expected. Gabayo soo tiriya, soo baana, ciidamo keena. That is ok, in my books.
  14. Can we name this current conflict the "Baroortii D-block" - is that a fitting name for it?
  15. Just posting in this thread some of the bizarre hysteria from a certain clan. Waaa nin hada!
  16. I wonder what you will be saying when President Muse is welcome to Laascaanood with all the whisles and bells? I would suggest for you to prepare for that day.
  17. LOL caqli caruur. There is obviously a huge difference between what I regard as victory and you call victory. Lets leave at that. However, the issue with Laascaanood is one that will be resolved, either by the local leaders as they asked for the Gov't to let them have a shot, or by the Gov't by any means necessary.
  18. Kismaayo nin Kikuuyo ilaaliyo oo soo dhaaranaya. Cajiib. KDF distributes chicken-Aid LOL
  19. These people win an Oscar for Niic and caac cuuc, hands down. Cowards have a lot of time for talk, for sure. Waar hadii aad wax isla hayso, you know where you can find us.
  20. My time line is full of people crying from Garowe, to Gedo to Galkacyo and anything in between.